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MAY 6, 2012 12:53PM

Wake up and smell the Koch Brothers, ALEC, and Astroturfing.

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We do not know what is best for our personal, religious and political interests.  We should believe everything that the right wing tells us. We should help them to merge church, corporation and state together.

Ultimately, we should let the Koch Brother's determine the course that America will take, even if that course is the most Anti-American and self destructive course in this nation's history.

Or, we can get to the truth of the matter: We cannot serve two masters. We cannot serve our apathy and serve our nation. 



Astroturfing, ALEC and the Bastardization  of America's Grassroots Political Traditions:

 The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC ) has formed the legislation that we have suffere under for a long time.

This article, "Inside the ALEC Dating Service"  describes how the right wing has courted and scored with many politicians.

Astroturfing, or creating fake grassroots organizations with Koch Brothers and other 1 percent money is nothing new. Americans for Prosperity, ALEC, and a slew of other groups are  not real grassroots organizations. These organizations are tools used to  convince tens of millions of Americans to take extremist right wing positions on hundreds of issues. The Koch Brothers could not care less about the right wing or the religions; they want us to reshape our own government, our markets and our lives to serve their will.


The Major Players: The Koch Brothers and Tim Phillips.

 We cannot serve the Koch Brothers and serve the best interests and will of the American people.  

The Koch Brothers own a comprehensive program for changing American government, politics, markets and society to suit their purposes. They have a vast fortune to distribute to extremist right wing political and religious causes. The Supreme court gave the Koch Brothers two priceless gifts, corporate personhood and political action committees through which untold wealth could be passed on to extort, bribe and control our local state and Federal lawmakers.



The Koch Brothers Exposed is a film that will be released by streaming video on May 8. There will be screenings all over the United States, and the website has the locations. Also DVDs are for sale. Everyone should know about this film and about these men.

Tim Phillips is the Koch Brother's most powerful"Astroturfing" operative in the United States.  "Astroturfing" means to build a huge structure of fake grassroots groups. Phillips  is responsible for building the central astroturf organization,  "Americans For Prosperity".

Governor Scott Walker's function was to remake the state of Wisconsin into the Koch Brothers own political and social laboratory. It has been well discussed how, if things go over in Wisconsin, then the same moves will happen in other states of the union.

In robotic fashion, he has added the War On Women to his long list of groundbreaking and anti-American nonsense.

Add the War On Women to his voter disenfranchisement, his deliberate and willful refusal to create jobs, the takeover of cities where  Brown gives his political cronies dictatorial powers, and his mounting legal and criminal problems, and Scott Brown takes the prize for being the biggest Koch Brothers tool in history.

Americans for Prosperity (AFP)  pushes Koch Brother's money out to a huge number of fake grassroots organizations. According to ThinkProgress Health,

"...a familiar pattern AFP has used for their other front groups: create a new stand alone website, fill it with lines like “We are people just like you” to give the site a grassroots feel, and then use the new group to recruit supporters and run deceptive advertisements attacking reform. This “astroturfing” model has been used by AFP to launch groups pushing distortions against other progressive priorities,"


The Deviant and Extremist Religious Right.

 We cannot serve the religious right and serve God.

Look for religious groups like the the Freedom Federation, the American Family Association, the Family Research Council, and Concerned Women for America. Such groups as Generals International and Morningstar Ministries are part of the coalition of deviant religious groups.

All of them are linked in some way to Tim Phillips, the Koch Brothers, astroturfing, and Americans for Prosperity. 

Tim Wildmon is a religious and political opportunist who ties into the Koch Brother's agenda for America. When he brings the president into his diatribes, he insinuates that the president has a legal obligation to be a religious leader. Our government is founded on separation of church and state.

Right Wing Watch has this to say about Tim Wildmon:  

"According to the AFA’s Tim Wildmon, the nation’s problems, including “the Obama administration’s blatant attempt to destroy religious freedom in this country” are evidence of what’s wrong with our nation: “As a people, we have divorced ourselves from God.” 

Tony Perkins is the  Family Research Council president and is another blatant religious and political opportunist. He is the Greenwell Springs Baptist Church pastor and is a former Republican Louisiana assemblyman. He is attacking the President on religious terms. He signs letters like this one from the Family Research Council. 

Dennis Terry wants us to go with his deviant, radical and extremist religious and political positions or "get out of the country". 

James Dobson founded the Family Research Council and used a wide to round  up charismatic opportunists who are ready to keep the religious war at a peak. They must, because they have become wealthy and politically powerful through the only way they know: by preying on those who are weak minded and susceptible to the works of  religious predators.


Gays and Lesbians are a major target of escalating calls for violence, uttering false biblical references, and suspiciously obsessive personal interest by male religious zealots.

 We cannot serve as Jesus did and serve as the religious right dictates.

Dominic Dieter is an Ohio disc jockey who thought that he knows what is best for his listeners. He gave counsel to a listener who was whining that his daughter was gay. Dieter advised the listener to have a friend "get one of your friends to screw your daughter straight".

Dr. Patrick Wooden is the Religious Right's newest star. He appears to get pleasure from focusing on the anal problems that he claims to have heard from gay men. According to Daily Kos,

"He claims that the medical community is suppressing the truth about the medical problems of homosexuals as it would make people “gag and no one would want to be in a lifestyle like that,” arguing that by the time gay mean reach their middle ages they “have to wear a diaper or a butt plug just to be able to contain their bowels” because of “what happens to the male anus.” 


Race plays a big part of the Koch Brother's and the racist right Republican agenda. 

 We people of color cannot serve God and serve a nation of  deadly, racist laws. 

The astroturf is full of  racism, race baiting opportunism, and white supremacy.  When has an American presidental candidate lost because he resorted to a racist campaign?

 Here is a survey of the deviant religious right's money-fueled agenda from Alter Net. It is a must-read item titled "Exposing The Christian Right's New Racial Playbook".

Two racist and deadly programs are in action right now. First is the ongoing spate of outright "Murders by cop". There is no excuse for the recent cop killings of innocent black, poor white, mentally ill, and other Americans. Those cops simply continue to terrorize the streets without any sanctions or punishments.

The second murderous plot came in the form of boilerplate "Stand Your Ground" laws. These laws were intended to be enforced with bias toward the whitest killers or victims. They are being enforced with bias against the darkest skinned people involved.

A combination of ALEC boilerplate laws,  lobbying, political action committee extortion,  and campaign donation bribery has intimidated even those  who oppose ALEC boilerplate.

ALEC has ensured that the weakest states in the union pass these laws often without reading them or paying attention to the opposition. The Koch Brothers are behind this plot because ALEC is a Koch Brothers tool.


The War on Women has been declared and the battle is on.

Women cannot serve deviant male supremacy and serve anything or anyone else. 

The Koch Brothers have opened Pandora's box and Pandora is not happy.  DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz has been calling out Republicans who barge forward with laws that seek to limit women’s access to health and reproductive services, to legalize discrimination in pay and work rules,  and to otherwise create as many negative impacts for women as possible.

This  nation's fake Republican party is pushing a White and male supremacist agenda in intent and action.

In state after State, ALEC is opening new fronts in the war on women. Most Americans have heard of extremist anti abortion, anti planned parenting, anti birth control, anti health care and anti welfare laws. All are aware of aggressive and unconstitutional intrusions into women's private affairs and bodies by government and corporate interests.


Summary: We cannot serve two masters: We will  start to love one and hate the other.

All of the above means that America is being taken over by the most evil social, corporate, religious and political cabal in American history. The extreme right and  religious  conservatives had better get themselves real about serving two masters.

Those people have become full of themselves. They have lost sight of the truth: They cannot serve God and the Koch Brothers. They cannot serve God and white or male supremacy. They cannot serve God and their rabid radio DJ's. They cannot serve God and the Republican party as it stands. They cannot serve God and the charismatic, powerful or wealthy creeps who tell them what to do.

It is a responsibility and a service for all voting Americans  to read and understand what is going on in America. In November, we must stop them before a minority of wrong turns our nation into the most powerful rogue nation in the world. 

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Gotta hope all this right wing bullshit comes crashing down in November. It seems to me that declaring war on women in this country is as stupid as Hitler and Napoleon were invading the Russia.
Oops, started to write "the Soviet Union," but changed it when I remembered there was no SU in Napoleon's day.
I am worried that it won't come crashing down. With the recent voter ID and other disenfranchisement moves, goose stepping Republicans, and apathetic non voters, I fear that the right wing will trounce us at the polls.
I think this whole right wing juggernaut is a case of a bridge too far. So much of the right wing agenda has already been enacted in this country, and now they're going for the most extreme and unpalatable parts of their program. The war against women will bite them in the ass, big time -- as it virtually guarantees that a majority of voters will be primed and activated against their programs and their elected finger puppets.

Yes, we should rightly fear the power of megamoney in American politics when it's being manipulated by the K*chs. However, California politics proves that even when some ballot initiatives are outspent 100 to 1 by the bad guys, the voters can still see through the crap and vote correctly.
I wonder why so many people keep silent. Surely they can't be in agreement with these yahoos.
I'm feeling pretty sure that come November, the women who vote in 2012 are gonna serve up the balls of Republican "conservatives" deep fried on a platter of their own overpriced BS. Hope I'm right.
Fantastic bendover post. I agree that people make a choice to remain apathetic - Marxist psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich said the same thing in the Mass Psychology of Fascism. People who choose to remain apathetic may as well bend over and let the forces of the extreme right continue to f*** them over.
The Koch brothers are criminals, for years they have been raping the environment, butt fucking politicians, and buying a name for themselves. Now their going to rape the women of the US.....good luck. They will fall like Catholic priests in disgrace. This here 1% percent thing I don't know who thought that up (Democrats) but to lump all the bad things on rich people is ludicrous, not all of them are Republicans and not all of them are idiots trying to ruin the US. Not that I know any of these people, I'm just saying.....o/e
All the voters in the US should not vote these bastards into office and vote the one's out that have been continually fucking this country dry for years. I say charge the entire US Congress for treason against the American public.
Thanks for reading all! I'm working on my first ebook right now and will be in and out, but appreciate your passionate and detailed expressions.

It ain't a good post without great comments!
You HAVE to re-post this under a new title.
Please consider doing it soon.
Keep re-posting under s different title until it gets enough attention.
We need this kind of heads-up. Often.