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APRIL 18, 2012 3:49PM

Intemperate Language Watch 2012: Gaming The Elections

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 Note: This post is not about listening to the news. It is about America's maturity level as we go toward the most important election in the  nation's history. That is, this election is important if we do not  want the Republicans to finish what they started under Bush.



I have the news on while I'm writing in case something real happens. MSNBC and CNN are my two usual spots. I tune it all out until something catches my ear. Then I pay attention to get the gist of the breaking news.

The current judge in the Trayvon Martin case has recused herself, for example. 

Dick Clark has died at age 81. 

I do not pay attention to Chris Matthews on MSNBC. He is the kind of person who talks so compulsively that it is impossible to listen to him. 

He brings up past Presidents like Harding and Hoover. Yes, yes, those two relevant men would definitely be able to fix everything that is going wrong right now, you betcha!

But Matthews was so over the top in high pitched shrillness yesterday that I had to find out what he was so worked up about.

He was doing his normal schtick:  tossing out so many sports analogies that I finally understood his condition.

Chris Matthews views the world through the brain of a child who only understands mid century political history, Blue Dog Democratic party values, the Clinton era, and sports.

This made me wonder. Has our concept of the national interest become a matter of who can slam the showiest dunk?

Do Americans actually reduce the most pivotal election in our nation's history to little more than a series of  "Hail Marys", "Ninth Inning Stretches" or " Slam Dunks"?

I had to look at Matthews' face. Yes. There it was: a certain wild gleam in his eye that meant he was having an episode of narcissistic internal fantasy trip sans connection to reality.

Here was a compulsive talker, an emotionally and intellectually arrested,  attention deficit, closeted Blue Dogger who lost the ability to restrain his internal dialogue.

"You're on TV, my man. People are watching! Snap out of it!" I thought.

This made me wonder. Does this nation need an intellectual hail Mary, full of grace?

Is there a mental and emotional state of grace for the mass of American voters? How does the average to below average intellect parse out the facts these days?

Has our political system become too much for us to handle? Is it true that the charismatic creeps of the world can exploit so many that a majority o voters will consciously decide to hand him or her the power to rule? To write legislaton? To exercise power?

Was Sarah Palin the last charismatic creep to fail at such ambitions? Will any more of her ilk be able to claw and lie until they have grabbed all of the power over our affairs of government, law and state?

That makes me wonder. How will life be when we are judged by the league that we play in and not by the truth of a matter.

Chris Matthews, a pink man who served in the Peace Corps, worked as a cop, then a Senate climber and go between, once said,

 "I'm more conservative than people think I am. ... I voted for George W. in 2000."

Yeah, and there are a lot more like you, Chris. Closeted Blue dogs posing as something else. You really didn't want a Black president, did you? 

Blue Dog Chris is a true hawk of war who once wore a police badge and a Peace Corps "Hi! My Name is Chris" name tag.  All with the mentality of a kid at a high school football game.

Matthews is a man who wants both Romney and Obama to each grow a dozen pair of balls and really duke it out like Men!

Men! Warriors who know real battle the way that only the Michigan Wolverines could know real battle. I mean when Michigan trounced Notre Dame for  8 games between 1887 and 1909!

This makes me wonder. Is Matthews calling for blood to entertain his inner child until someone runs out the clock?

Has this never ending stream of wild eyed cheerleaders and nasty "birthday gifts" started our election season on the way toward bloody demonstrations of "Fight Club"  style nihilism and mock-existentialism ?

 It makes me wonder. Have our nation's split personalities finally driven us to the very split-ends as a nation? 

There's a war on women. Matthews is not telling us how we fit on the playing field.  We are ready. We are about to let men know what a "blitz" is truly all about. 

Has the pivotal and fateful election in American history become a game for women to watch from the sidelines, gazing idiotic and Nancy Reagan-like? Did Nancy Reagan not gaze like that when her husband told America to "Give a big welcome to my good friend, crack cocaine!"?

Who believes that we will  sit, silent and submissive, gracefully dodging the blood droplets that fly from minor field injuries?

Who, for a minute believes that we will wave our scarves while heads are chopped off?

Chris Matthews does not know that we are the greatest of chop blockers when we want to be?

Hail Mary, full of grace. It makes me wonder. 


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Chris Matthews is a egomaniac loud mouth washed out political hack who doesn't know how to let his guests finish a sentence. He's more irritating than informative I much prefer Rachel Maddow...
You are so right. I was concerned about how many more Americans think like him.

I like Reverend Al most of all. He and Don Lemon speak to things that I care about. Rachel is a fantastic lecturer who can break a complicated concept down and communicate it. She's a bit biased toward titled academic elites, though.

Amazingly Jon Stewart is just as sharp as she is at breaking down a complicated story.

I just like Ed Shultz. He focuses on the core issues of labor and working people. Dylan Ratigan does fine, too.
See, what I do, I watch Foxnews then MSNBC and switch over every so often, if you take the two channels biases and mix them, you get the pitch of the stories!!!

I have not listened to much news in a long time. I like to read it, then I can avoid at least some of the personality, at least that is what I tell myself....
I'm going to have to edit this.
I truly doubt that in the last fifty years - perhaps ever - any politrickian or politrickial party anywhere has been elected on the basis of the voters knowing a damn thing about the real issues that are at stake.

Heck, if the voters had a clue, the "corporate persons" wouldn't bother to donate such huge sums to ad campaigns. Those advertising campaigns and the clap-trap spouted by all the politrickians on the hustings are what gets individuals and parties into office.

An informed and conscious population would reject that nonsense and vote in their own interests. The fact that they don't is proof enough that such ad campaigns win elections.

Nobody even considers the concept that, "if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself," so they'll hand over huge amounts of authority to those who have the best ad campaigns. Is it any wonder that after every election they find themselves bent over, with their pants around their ankles, and politrickians approaching from behind with full bottles of viagra?

Even if elections worked as they ought to, we'd STILL only end up with those politrickians who did the best job of getting our vote. Vote getting is a talent. Running a nation is another talent. I've never seen any evidence that the ability to do one of those things translates into the ability to do the other.

Someone who disagrees with me on this and thinks those elected representatives CAN run the country, pointed out that, "if they couldn't run the country, it would be in a hell of a mess."

All I can say to that is, "Duh!"
Personally, I think what this country needs is a "dippsy doodle" or a "purple passion" both technically referred to as a double reverse. Or maybe a "do over" and reset the nation back to 1900. But that's just me. R
I don't watch any of the news and prefer reading it on the net choosing whatever source I think will give the closest to the truth.
Elections season reminds me of the southern Bar-be-que dinners.
You really just want to enjoy the meal and not get into the details of how the sauce was made...
It's all dissemination of misinformation. The government will provide bit's and pieces and the talking heads then package it as news although they put there own spin and thoughts into it and it all comes out heeby jeeby and confusion sets in or most people turn the TV off. Jon Stewart is pretty straightforward he tells you how those making the news are genuine idiots and most politicians are from Pluto or some other fucked up place. news you can use...o/e
Women -- real women, anyway -- will roar at the tops of their lungs, that's what I believe. It takes two sides to fight a war. We'll do our fighting at the ballot booth.

Sports metaphors are just another code language for conservatives. You seem to have the hang of it, thank you very much. :D

The America's Maturity Level?

C. Maybe D-!



(I'm still sticking with my original comments, who wants ice cream?)
The problem is that Americans are afraid to think for themselves. They want TV commentators to do their thinking for them. We used to live in neighborhoods and communities where we decided how we felt about politics by talking to neighbors who stopped in for a cocktail (or cup of tea) after work. For the most part, Americans who still have jobs work so damned hard that TV has replaced their social life.