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MARCH 31, 2012 6:22PM

War On Black America Has Been Declared: Seven Cases Of Wrong

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I will not relent. I will not fail. I will not stop until justice is done. I am Troy Davis. I am Trayvon Martin. I am Reika Boyd. I am Kendric McDade.

The Trayvon Martin murder is not the only case where police operatives, wanna be police operatives, and municipal governments had exercised hatred, incompetence, psychopathy, racism violence, criminality and injustice in killing Black people with depraved indifference.

Depraved indifference to the lives of Black Americans  is being manifested across the nation on a daily basis now. No one needs to waste their time with whining about "fearing blacks" or "finding the truth" any more.

We know what it is: race hate and race opportunism. 

Here it is:  Black people have been murdered, innocents are dead, police operatives lie and commit crimes to cover their misdeeds, and municipal governments resort to corrupted subjective processes that have no basis in the law. 

The oldest victim was a 96 year old woman named Kathryn Johnston. She was murdered in 2006. The youngest is 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  The latest shooting occurred on April 1 in Baltimore, MD.

The thread that runs throughout all of the murders is that police lie. The "logic" that replaces real evidence allows cops to convict and kill random Black people, even when witnesses do not support their claims.

Not only is there a callous disregard for the victims, the eyewitnesses are not regarded as human beings or enfranchised citizens, either.

The smirking and all knowing racists mutter "Yeah, they would say that!"  

Another thread that runs through all of the murders involves plots by municipal governments to track down and arrest random young Black males on faked up marijuana charges, while Whites go free.

The marijuana pogroms entitle operatives to use deadly force, to treat  a benign intoxicant with the violence and paranoia of hard core "narcotics" investigations.

Calling marijuana "narcotics" entitles screwed up and never ending line of pink cops to intrude into black communities and engage in any behavior that they choose to.

In New York, police operatives have ignored orders to cut back on the marijuana arrests.  According to the UK Guardian, nearly half of the people did not even have any marijuana in their possession when they are arrested!

That did not stop the first, horrific case from happening. It was all about rogue cops, a black kid and "drugs".



2 February 2012, Ramarley Graham 

Bronx, NY

Operative Richard Haste shot and killed Ramarley Graham in his bathroom after chasing him into his home. Haste and his supervisor then lied and claimed that Ramarley had fled and was armed.

When he bashed into the apartment, Haste yelled "gun" and shot the teenager in the chest, killing him in the presence of his 6 year old brother and grandmother.

The operatives did not back down on their claims until survelliance video found them to be lying. 

It gets worse. Haste was not qualified to be working in the unit that he was operating from. According the the Guardian,

"Haste didn't have the training required to work in the unit to which he was assigned. He and his supervisor, Sergeant Scott Morris, have been stripped of their guns and badges. The Bronx district attorney has convened a grand jury to determine whether officers should face criminal charges."




2006, Kathryn Johnston, 96 years old.

Atlanta, GA

Two months after nearly killing another elderly woman in the same neighborhood, Atlanta police operatives managed to kill someone.

They executed a no knock warrant on Mrs Kathryn Johnston's home. The 96 year ols woman was falsely acused of being armed and threatening the operatives, but was shot and killed without any evidence to support the operative's claims.

The operatives had hit the wrong home, so they planted drugs to cover up for their crime. Three of them, all white males, were caught, and have been sentenced to short jail terms for their crimes. 

Their names are Jason Smith, who was sentenced to 10 years. Greg Junnier and Arthur Tesler were sentenced to 5 to 6 years.

Source:  CNN Justice





2011, Kenneth Chamberlain, Sr.,  68-year-old  Marine veteran and retired corrections officer.

White Plains, NY

Kenneth Chamberlain had accidentally set off his life alert system. His children confirmed that the life assistance company had cancelled the alert.

But White Plains operatives stormed his house, broke down his door, shot him with tasers, shot him with bean bags, and eventually killed him with a handgun.

The operatives even mocked Mr Chamberlain's Marine Corps experience and called him a nigger. His life alert system recorded the entire event on audio.

Four months later, the operatives are still being "investigated" The incredibly slow moving mayor finally offered condolences to the Chamberlain family.  A lawyer for the family made the following statement,

“The Chamberlain family is troubled by the fact that there has been four months of silence from the Mayor’s office, but accepts the statement of condolences.”

Source: Lohud.com

Huffington Post


March 22, 2012,  Rekia Boyd, 22  years old

Chicago, IL

About 60 to 70  people were at Douglas Park when an off duty operative approached in his car and barked out orders for the people to be quiet.

A young man approached, talking on a cell phone. The operative shot him through the hand and shot Rekia Boyd, an innocent bystander, in the head.

Ms Boyd died the following day. No guns were found among the entire group of 60 to 70  people or anywhere at the scene

The only gun was the one used by the operative to shoot one person and kill another.

The young man was arrested on misdemeanor charges of "aggravated assault". This also need to be investigated since the shooter is the only one claiming that the young man approached brandishing a weapon.

This case is too new for the truth to be dragged out of it.

Sources: Clutch

ABC News Local



28 March 2012, Seron Jackson 21 year old mentally disabled man

Baltimore, MD

Seron Jackson was shot based on operative claims that first referred to "a knife" and later claimed "a knife-like" object.  Seron Jackson had called the police himself in the middle of a dispute with his mother. Another 911 caller referred to him as "crazy".  

The mother told Seron to open the door for the operatives. He was shot several times in the torso. His mother stated repeatedly that Seron was unarmed.






30 March, 2012, Kendrec McDade, 19 years old.

Pasadena, CA

Police shot and killed an unarmed teenager after another man, Oscar Carrillo, made a false 911 call. Carrillo lied and said that his laptop was stolen at gunpoint.

Kendrec was a student at Citrus College and was simply walking along when operatives responded to the fake 911 call. Police searched the area for two armed men and came upon Kendrec McDade and another suspect.

 McDade was shot and killed on sight. The killer claims that Carrillo is at fault for identifying people as robbers with guns.

McDade was unarmed and had no stolen items in his possession.

Carrillo is being blamed for the operative's decision to shoot without thinking, and has been arrested under suspicion of involuntary manslaughter.

He lied and embellished throughout his call, later saying that he thought the lies would get the police to respond faster.

The operatives were suspended, and it will take more time to find out why Kendrec was shot and killed on sight without any effort on the part of the killer to determine whether Carrillo's claims were true.

Source: EUR ThisN That



Today, Unknown person, 21 years old

Baltimore, MD

Operatives shot a 21 year old man several times.

Source: WBAL Radio

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Today I brought this topic front and center on my HS Fan page too on FB too. Thank you for the research. Shame!
ok, this makes the third time I'm rating this- hopefully this one will stick
Don't have any words Zuma, but am listening.
The "righteous" shoot is common to every police department... LAPD LA Sheriffs have had more than their share and I won't bother to go into the San Bernardino or Riverside law enforcement.
...and the young mother who was arrested for trespassing after the emergency room refused to treat her and died in a holding cell a few hours later because of blood clots in her legs had reached her lungs. She was a black mother who had fallen on hard times and was indigent. St Louis Mo.......March 2012
and the story remains the same, very sad. My best Zuma.....o/e
I just had to do this one. The latest in Pasadena is breaking my heart. Black kids go to jail because even Mexican kids can send them there with a word.

This is dividing people who had better stick together.
Sad stories. Why do humans spend so much time finding ways to create "the other" and then being afraid of it?
This just pisses me off and makes me so sad.
Zuma, you can add to this the "slow" killing of African Americans, through siting toxic waste dumps in their community and systematically denying them access to healthy food (via food ghettos in inner city communities, where due to lack of transport, many families can only access fast food and junk food) and health care. The majority of African Americans don't have GP or access to preventive care. They can access ER care, but only when their illnesses are too far advanced for effective treatment. Life expectancy for an African American male is 70.2 years, compared to a national average of 76.5.
Thanks for reading, all. The kid in Pasadena just did it for me. There is a nationwide something going on here. They're doing the same things in every state.
Thanks for highlighting these zuma. Obviously some cops need to have the shoot-first mentality trained out of them. At least some are being prosecuted, though that must be scant relief to the families of the murdered ones.
It is time - and past time - to get the psychopaths out of police departments in the US. Are these nuts the only people who go into the law enforcement profession these days?

This sort of thing indicates a level of illness in the whole society that just cannot be ignored any longer!

In the Rekia Boyd/Douglas Park incident (which happened across the street from the home of friends), this large group of people was loitering and being loud on a residential street around 1 a.m. The officer, who lives on the block, was coming home and asked the people to quiet down. One of the people who ended up getting shot walked up to the officer and pointed a gun at him. Even after the officer identified himself, the guy kept pointing a gun at him.

If you had a gun pointed at you, in spite of identifying yourself as police, wouldn't you defend yourself? My friends know this guy and they describe him as a decent, no-BS neighbor, not an "unjustified violence" type. He is also African American.

My friends have some good neighbors and some who refuse to be good neighbors. It sounds like the large group of people loitering on the street were in the latter category. With that many people on the street, that gun could have gone anywhere. All the facts are not in on this case. From what I know about the block and the neighborhood, I hesitate to pass judgment on the officer without knowing more.
Evil. Killing innocent old ladies, children, young people and a retired Marine. I felt enraged as I read through the stories. What kind of law enforcement or prosecutors aren't outraged at such evil? Are they all bad in those cities? It's incomprehensible, are only evil people protecting us?

Those who think they're safe because they're not black should think again. Evil people will destroy anyone if they think they need to and can get away with it. Bad people always start with the target least able to defend itself. We all know this to be so.

I had no idea, much as I hated to read these stories they have to be told. My heart goes out to the families, horror made more painful because of the lack of concern about justice.
Bike, you are a case in point. The rogue cop had no business interfering with people at a public park. He could have easily called for ON DUTY police to respond to a noise complaint.

No one has identified him and even though I do not believe a word you say, I just don't care what his race is. He put a bullet in the head of an innocent young woman after involving himself in something that was not illegal!

Worse for your allegedly "black" friend of a friend: no guns were found at the scene or on anyone in the park. Someone lied to you.

I wish you luck in moving out of your problematic, overtly black neighborhoods, because with your attitude and your past attitudes, you do not belong there or have anything to contribute of any merit.
What about Anna Brown, zumalicious? Is she really dragged by policemen out of hospital and into a cell?

I saw a video of Kate Becker, president of the hospital. It sounds all clean. But she didn't explain why the police was involved, she didn't give a thought to that.

All these acts mentioned here are cruel, but putting a sick woman into cell ...
What does "War on Black American Has Been Declared" mean?
Yeah, what does this 'war declared' mean? (Like, it's always been going on. Hundreds of years now.) (Mish being disingenuous. Me being sarcastic.)

From Inverted Interrobang's comment on http://open.salon.com/blog/inverted_interrobang/2012/03/30/keka_interview_democracy_now_-_30032012: "So I guess the overarching opinion I would offer, is what Alice Walker seem to be saying (in the same interview); that it's about a sickness, systemic, not being addressed by the/a collective of/in society (if it even can be said, that there exists such "a/the collective"). "
"War On Black America Has Been Declared"? Oh pulease. Watch out for flying hyperbole.
mishima666 / Myriad

from the other side of that big pound: my attitude to the heading was a different one

If I read, because of budget problems (NYT): it is now war between the White House and Congress - then I know: they are a bit quarreling, suggestions and hidden things at once.
If I read, because of pre-election time: it is now war between Gingrich and Romney - then I know: some rehash for the public to suggest that they're talking business, that these things are really serious.

So there's metaphor and hyperbole.

Although I don't like exaggeration either, I think the words of zumalicious deserve our benevolence, because the signal seems to me very important!
Living in a chronic state of anger is not going well for anybody. We are due for some sort of revolution.
Zuma - I'm sorry you feel that way. The incident started on a residential street where the loiterers were disturbing the peace.
Eljekar: Anna Brown and hundreds more like her makes a whole 'nother story! Regardless of race or gender, physically and mentally ill children, men and women are being stuffed into cells, denied treatment or medications and are otherwise being horribly abused. All the police have to say is that "they are criminals" and society buys it.

I have said it before that there has been more national outrage over terrorist's treatment than over the abuse of our own people.

Mishima: sarcasm is the only response you get.

Myriad: Thanks!

Francios: I don't take shallow dives like you do. I don't want to break my neck. If it floats your boat to hit the thesaurus, go for it.

Eljekar: Exaggeration? First of all PROVE the exaggeration or admit that you think these murders are justified. That word is your weapon in the hyperbole wars against Black people who speak up. Pick a side, you can't be on both in this war.

bike: get real. People enjoyed the park and surrounding street as a public recreational area. How you define them as "loiterers" to justify cold blooded homicide, let alone pulling a gun and shooting at people bothers me. I have had the same kind of neighbors and they were Hispanics with loud Mexican music at all hours. No one barged up and shot at them. Get real.

greenheron: Then the government can declare martial law (in non white and not so rich areas) and we're done.

We need to force police departments to look at their problems and to fix them. The first message that needs to be sent is fewer pink cops in non white communities. The maladjusted idiots in uniform are too stupid to handle a situation and are becoming far too trigger happy.

Remember I'm with you. I hope in your anger you can discern. I do not want war with black people, and I certainly do not look for weapons against black people.

1. It was I who said that if one wants to use the word "war" I rather prefer it used for the struggle between the lower-class black and the cops than between White House and Congress or other nonsense struggles.

2. If you want to use big words it's you who has the burden of proving. Yes, war is by definition exaggeration.
Well, I grant you the use of "war" as metaphor.
But don't push me.

3. Murders are never justified. The question remains: murder or not? I'm not in the position to speak the verdict. I'm not the authority.

4. I don't like killing or weapons at all. I prefer to walk away. I do not see the reason for stand your ground: I never think of ground as being my ground, certainly not when there are bloodstains on earth.
The earth is owned by everyone.
And there's enough earth for everyone.

5. I have "studied" the case Trayvon Martin, and the only thing I can say is: it stinks to heaven.
Someone told me: "I say it's murder. If, after trial, it appears not to be murder, I'll do a self-criticism."
I think such people have a real problem. Because, being convinced now of murder leaves no room for self-criticism afterwards: most of the time it leads to frustration and lamentation of a "higher" level.
I prefer to follow the process, to support those who cry for justice and to amplify the really important questions. That eems to me the right way to pick a side.

I sincerely hope there will come a day that you will have a bit more peace around you brother.
Elkajar: You and me are fine. I just took exception to the word "exaggeration" which negates the point of my whole bit of work here!

People have done incredible work at OS on the pre Trayvon Martin cases, but they have often been discounted and ignored. That cannot be the case any more.

That this is an epidemic of violence against black people is no exaggeration.

Frankly, I expected the trolls to show up and not one person has been a troll. Everyone has expressed themselves as they please and I haven't had to delete one comment! Well done all!
I think the context for all these events is provided by Michelle Alexander in "The New Jim Crow." The criminal justice system is the largest, deadliest form of social control and it operates to segment and destroy working people, especially people of color. The poorest areas of American cities are already more like occupied camps than neighborhoods, thanks to police that cozy up to criminals and criminals (operatives) that act for the police.

BOKO: You hit home with your comment. The only way to get anything done is to identify the problems and to work on them until they are fixed.

The operatives take on a mentality that turns the citizens of certain areas into some form of "enemy". There is far too much militarization of our police forces and far too little community policing.

Handing these guys better weapons without handing them better community policing techniques is tantamount to declaring certain communities to be "war zones".

Look at the UC Davis pepper spray incident: That cop clearly had a militaristic mentality that the students were "enemies" who needed to be suppressed by any means available. The problem was that someone gave that psycho a militaristic tool when he did not have the mental restraint to use the tool only when appropriate.
more like the continuing war on America with the African Americans, much like the Native Americans and then Crispus Atticus being the first targets.
Good point, Kenneth. It's been easy to ignore what has been going on. Now it all is not so easy to ignore. But it has been happening without a break.
Who is the lying sos who said that the cop was black? Don't ever show up at a post of mine to push racist enabling lies like that again!


The cop is said to have been drunk that night and, in fact, most of the time.

"Although police refuse to release the name of the officer, after speaking with neighbors, Sutton and Boyd have identified him as Dante Servin. According to Sutton, "He's Latino, but looks white."