Occupy Sacramento, California, Protest
June 15
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MARCH 21, 2012 10:23PM

OS Million Hoodie March: Justice for Trayvon Martin

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Thursday, 22 March 2012 Upate!
Grab a hoodie.
Put it on.
Take a picture.
Make a post.
Tag it MillionHoodieMarch.
Join us in having our own contribution to the million hoodie march. 
We have as long as we want to take.
There is no deadline.
We are a leaderless movement.
We will show solidarity. 
 Here's my hoodie photo.


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man they have to arrest this man. There is no justice if they do not.
Going to find my hoodie pic
Great idea, but I don't have a hoodie. Will a watch cap do?
You are beautiful. Will do. Off I go to find a hoodie.
Hi guys and hugs. Anything will do! The funkier the better.
Is it ok if I just have a hoodie on. I don't want to have too much fun with these pictures because it is a very serious cause and yet I hope there are millions of people who get the idea that just because you wear a hoodie you are not a suspect. My daughters where their hoodies in Alaska because it is the best way to get thru the weather. Geez. I have my daughter's green hoodie here. It is an honor to make a post with this hoodie and you are wonderful to think of this. I hope it goes viral.
Yeah! Hoodies, ball caps, watch caps, cowboy hats, scarves, head wraps, you name it!

Gracious jane: You don't want to see the somber ones. The only thing that worked was to smile inappropriately.

zanelle: It's the spirit and the thoughts that count, and you have good in both.

toritto: A winter headscarf will work.

Seer: just our presence is needed. Just our volume and spirit.
What I find interesting is pretty much every surfer in Orange County, 99.999% of whom are white, wear hoodies all the time ... but are never profiled in 2012 (it was different in the 60s, but we didn't wear hoodies than, just huarachies, which the cops hated for being mexican). Oh, and nearly all those surfers listen to hip-hop at least some of the time, if not all of the time.

Instructive, n'est ce pas???
Slammin' idea, Zuma! I am already in bed, so I'll post mine in the morning. I happen to own at least six hoodies, but don't tell anybody, cuz I don't want them to be skeeert of me.

What a great idea zuma. And everyone carries skittles.
Oahu: We're Californians. Surfers are we. Didn't they invent hoodies?

L: we have all weekend I think. This is great.

Abrawang: I'll bring the iced tea!
Being the oblivious person I am, I didn't realize the march was last night. I will get a hoodie on here tonight.
wearing a hoodie right now and I look plenty scary. Will see if I can find the camera
Will post one tonight!

Yours in solidarity,
I just signed the petition to arrest and put this killer to trial.

"He took a class in criminal justice!" What the fuck?


:( Florida is one fucked up state that's for sure!! (Seriously, if I had done the same thing here, I'd be arrested!!!!! No matter the skin color of either party!!!! ~shaking head~ FREEZE! I'M A CITIZEN doesn't work in Normal Land!! But Florida, seemingly it does!!!)
I'm with you, Zum. Now to go do my post.
Phyllis and everyone! We can take as long as we like to! For those of us who cannot make it to a live march, we have it here.

Hyblaean: You will be the cutest "hood" ever!

Jeanette: solidarity!

Tinkertink: ONE CLASS? geez. Solidarity.

Matt: you make another great hoodie photo!
A lovely gesture. Thank you.
I'm in! Even managed a self-portrait in my one and only hoodie.
Great solidarity and hopefully mr zimmerman will get what he deserves - including the eternity sentence in hell.
rated with love
You look great in a hoodie, but I'm not doing this.
I'll sign a petition, but I draw the line at photos.
I'd rather just drive down there, find Zimmerman, claim he's threating me and blow his ass away with my Sig.
Then again that might look a bit like premeditation...not that it matters in flordia apparently.
Good on you though.
I spelled the name wrong! Sorry. There were multiple spellings and L in the Southeast hipped me to the correct one. Thanks, L!
this is a balm:
"We have as long as we want to take.
There is no deadline.
We are a leaderless movement.
We will show solidarity. "

no hurry. to overthrow their asses.
I'm marching in solidarity. But my daughter's not around to show me how to us my camera.
I'm in

I think a Happy Tails hoodie is about as un-badassed as it can get.

However I am a threat. I might ugly somebody to death.
James and Another Steve S: I have your links up at the new post! We have 14 so far!

jlsathre: You can be creative and symbolic!