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NOVEMBER 9, 2010 6:26PM

Blind with Pain.

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The fog of Pain clouds my  perspective as if I had stared at the sun until its image imprinted on my retinas.

While it fills my vision it is impossible to remember or believe in a time before the pain was all encompassing.

It is the stuff of legends and myth…

Tick, and  Pain ratchets up another notch, running down my arm and climbing into my spine like a spiny, tenacious vine.

Tick again and Pain screams down the back of my leg and burrows into my bones.

It ratchets higher each moment until the ebb and flow never sinks below the threshold that might allow sleep.

This Pain doesn’t abide sleeping or walking.

One false move and grinding pain convinces my mind that my bones have been torn away from their sockets.

Incandescent pain  lights up the night when  a slight movement ripcords me out of dreaming freefall.

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I hope this piece is autobiographical!
Yikes, Zul.! This was painful to read. I hope you're on the mend and feeling well soon.
I hoped it was fiction and then I figured out it was not.
Feel better and rated with HUGE hugs
Safe_Bet's Amy- I hope you left out the word "not" ;-)
Cartouche- the fog is beginning to lift
Linda- I've missed you and everyone
Wow--hard to read. I hope you are starting to feel better. Glad to see you back here.
Man, this was excellent. Be it a poem or just writing the truth, you explains pain like not many people can. Great Stuff and I hope it gets better!

Stupid pain!! PfffffT!!!!
I had so hoped your pain was lessening. Difficult to read such strength of pain as you describe here. Hope some of its grip is loosening now.
Amazing to me that you could write these words in so much pain.
I wish there was something I could do to help.
rated with love
I am so sorry to hear this, Zul
Beautifully written! Sorrowfully real. Hope this is not your first hand experience. Sounds all too familiar. It has no calling card. It just arrives at will. So sorry!
A fine, tight, true, horribly sad description of such pain. For me it was three days of opiates, dope and scotch to put the beast back into it's cage.
Grand to read you again, though I wish the circumstances were not thus.
Your descriptions are beyond compare, Zul. For sure, I get that you are suffering tremendously and for that I am so sorry.
Sent too soon. I am rooting for you.

Wow! This was painful to read. Hope you're feeling better.