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JUNE 11, 2012 9:05AM

Eat Live Things

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   Isn't that a rule?  You should eat things that have as much life in them as possible.  I saw these sweet potatoes sprouting and realized they want to live!


  So I will skin them and boil them as soon as possible so they won't have died in vain? What? I have lots of questions.  Is the purpose of life to be consumed?  Isn't everything alive?  Why can't we eat rocks?  Does eating salt count as eating a rock?  Is salt alive?

  Now I am eating a bowl of green beans lightly steamed in the microwave and still crunchy.  They make me feel healthy.  I am taking their energy and fiber and running it thru my old body to steal their power.  I can hear them crying.


These blueberries practically scream nutritious.  One of the best ten foods in the world and this bowl cost me four dollars.  I feel good just looking at them. Their young lives will be cut short in my oatmeal tomorrow morning.


  014Coconut! Cracked Skull

   Fruit!          012

   I don't trust fruit.  It rots and it is sweet.  It is alive tho and wants to reproduce.  It has seeds.  The flesh was created to nourish those seeds as they struggle to survive when  the fruit falls off the tree and lays on the ground.   I am eating that little protective womb.  No wonder it is powerful.  


    It is well known that processed food is barely alive. Is Spam alive?  It has been sanitized and preserved, sifted and stored until it barely resembles real alive food.  However.  I find these Mother's Cookies a wonderful substitute for a Mother's Love.   Is that crazy?  It is emotionally alive.


   Here is my biggest question.  Is this Weight Loss Shake alive?  My mother put it in with the grapes, banannas, peach and napkins she gave me today.  When I lifted the bag it was extra heavy and yet I didn't look into it.  I could see her eyes watching me take the bag and I now know she was fearful that I would open it and see this can in there.

    She probably had visions of me throwing the can at her head and stomping out of the house.  She must have known that I would find this can offensive and yet at the same time interesting.  Sure I have thought of doing a liquid diet at times and getting control of my ballooning body.  But I will revert to Mother's cookies instead of buying more of these cans.  I will make smoothies in my blender instead of buying more of these cans.  I will drink muddy water out of a puddle instead of buying more of these cans.  But I will try it and maybe it would make a good lunch tomorrow at work.  Maybe my mother loves me and really wants me to be alive and well.  Maybe it isn't all about looks and snagging a rich husband so she doesnt suffer in her old age.  Maybe what is in this can is alive.

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Stick to the blueberries, that's my vote!
Makes one think. The potato will sprout but green beans won't. So green beans are dead. Potatoes live? Spam will kill you and you'll be dead.r
Zannelle, I eat olives, tomatoes, fruits ...And when I once did that my health was so great. I lost weight and to be honest restraining my self from eating animals made my soul feel better. I didn't even feel hungry. For some reason, lately, my ρsychology is connected with eating, although not hungry. I enjoyed your work but the thinking that fruit is alive having seeds and all minimizes the things you can eat..Rated.
The screams of the yogurt cultures are still in my head.
The little couscous sprouts got me. Little tiny seeds with so much potential all giving their lives so that I may live.
ahhhh.. that can would have become very alive if I had found it..:)
You crack me up, questions for a physicist and funny answers, below it all deep wisdom. Yes, your mom loves you, to her money and appearances mean someone will protect you. I think our mom's got stuck in pure survival mode.

I've noticed that when my diet got worse I started to feel worse, I started buying easy junk after the funeral and I need to return to eating beautifully. Those Taffy cookies are my absolute favorites, I can't have them in the house. Too bad cookies are so much cheaper than fresh fruit.
I lived off the chocolate diet drinks for awhile one time. I lost about 15 lbs. But, they got expensive and I wanted a steak!
Fruits and vegetables are the way to go. Phooey to the diet shake.
Just looking at the contrast between the beautiful vegetables and fruits and the dead packaging of the cookies and shake make me want the living healthy choices...
My diet is primarily coffee and cigarettes, very lo-cal.
I have decided if you think about this too much you will go crazy because if everything is alive what could you eat? They live yet they are not alive....or not :)
No diet shakes. That's my advice. It's summer, and that means time for gorgeous, nourishing, fresh food! ~r
I saw a documentary a few weeks ago and it discussed live foods. I have been trying to incorporate more into our diet. I will tell you that I lived on weight loss shakes/ Atkins bars for many months and lost weight but felt achy. I now feel much better.
I looked up the ingredients- the diet shake probably tastes good but I wouldn't try to live on it. Not very nutritious.

Of course, this from the person who bought three cans of chef boyardee today and had a package of donettes after lunch.
My understanding of diet drinks is they succeed, but only for a short while. They lack several essential nutrients.
A dear friend's Greek salad recipe would do you better. Fresh and tasty, with a light vinaigrette. A few kalamata olives, a sprinkling of goat cheese crumbles, fresh romaine or leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, the works. Yum! The fresher the green beans, the more alive they are for your body. I suggest a farmer's Market this summer. Just shoot me if I'm getting on your nerves here.