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JUNE 1, 2012 9:18AM

Sushi Anyone?

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  The exclusive Sushi restaurant was filled with people and we got a window seat.  The platter of raw seafood arrived first for forty eight dollars.  It was an amazing assortment of things including salmon, clams, octopus, halibut, squid, himachi fish, sea urchin, scallops and tuna garnished with green gob of Wasabi horseradish on a bed of shredded Dicon radish.  I tried a little piece of raw salmon.  It wasn't bad.  Beautiful colors and very very fresh. A beautiful scallop shell was part of the presentation.


 Seaweed salad had four types of seaweed.  One was a little pink lacy thing that looked like an eclectic winter scarf crocheted by a crazy old lady.  The three bright green seaweeds were delicious and there was a peanut sauce to dribble over it all.  The king crab salad had a tangy mustard sauce dribbled on top and each leaf of lettuce seemed perfect.  The crab was slit carefully and ready to be pulled apart.  The asparagus was perfectly crisp and tender.


  This is one of the many brave things I have seen my daughter do that I could never even imagine being brave enough to try.  She ate this piece of sea urchin in one big bite.  She said it was salty tasting like the ocean.  She wished the bite hadn't been so big but seems with Sushi the goal is to eat the whole item in one mouthful.  Very very brave.

   This was a family event so that is why no expense was spared.  We were meeting each other for the first time and it all went smoothly.  We laughed about using chopsticks and we looked at all the odd things together.  The second course was really delicious and I knew I would like the teriyaki chicken. 


    The  shrimp tails sticking out of the middle sushi pieces were to be eaten in one bite but I took three.  It was quite an experience to eat the whole crunchy tail.  I had some of that white sticky rice and more asparagus.  Then came the final glory.   Mochi!


Mochi is creamy, creamy ice cream that you eat with a tiny stick with a slit in it.  Garnished with one mint leaf and wrapped in a sticky rice cocoon it was delicious.  Again you need to eat each ball in one bite but I trailed it out  in three, poking and proding the fancy things and savoring the three distinct flavors.  Incredible.



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Great photographs of all dishes, they´re all very well prepared, crab salad sounds great.
It looks great, but I just can't eat raw seafood or seaweed. I eat anything cooked, but I wouldn't eat the seafood on a bet.
Looks terrific, but any time I pay $48 for "raw seafood", it had better contain a mermaid!
Yes please! I haven't eaten much sushi but liked what I tried including the different raw fish. What was enjoyable was that the look, taste and feel of the food was stimulating. The photos and how you described it are also very stimulating and I wish I could taste everything. The photo of your lovely daughter with her eyes closed makes that sea urchin appealing but I tried it in Alexandria, Egypt. They eat it raw fresh out of the Mediterranean and I didn't care for it at all.
How can you not love Teriyaki chicken?! Great restaurant review. Photos are very nice. /R
This makes me hungry for sushi! My favorite, unagi (eel) isn't there though!
The salad looks amazing absolutely yummylicious! My children all swear by sushi except my youngest son who thinks onions are gross much less real food :)
I am so happy to see you enjoying your family!