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MAY 23, 2012 7:52AM

Only White Purses in Summertime?

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  My mom is mortified that I bought a black summer purse.  I needed a bigger size purse to carry all the stuff that is extra in the sunny time of the year.  I found one at goodwill that was a former diaper bag but very sheekly black.  It was only three dollars and I was happy.

  When I showed  it to my mom she said, "But it is black..."

   I had forgotten the unwritten rule in the fifties that summer colors were worn after a certain time of the year.  Being caught in black shoes in May would have been scandalous.    I remember her making a big deal to put all the winter clothes away and bring out the summer ones and get them all ready.

  It is a natural idea.  Seems right to dress for the seasons but taken to a ridiculous point it is so Odd.  We live in California for heavens sake.  It is always sunny.  Sigh.  I am lucky to have any clothes on at all.

   So today I had my sundress on.  But I was carrying my black bag and I had my ratty black sandals on again.  We went to the movies and out to lunch.  It was like a time warp.  My mom was all dressed in pale yellow and white sandals.  She made a big deal of transfering all her stuff from her black purse to her white purse.   

   Was she trying to teach me how to make the switch?

I mentioned I thought it was interesting that in the fifties people thought that white was for summer and black was for winter.

"They still do."  That was all she said but I got the message.

  Am I going to go out and buy a new handbag?  Hell no.  I got my fake diaper bag stuffed full of summer stuff and I am almost happy that it is black.  Sick.  

     I have often said that every sentence out of my mother's mouth is something that I disagree with.  Every sentence.  Of course I have to admit that it is not one hundred percent.  No one agrees or disagrees with another person that much. 

   So I look for the imperfections to enjoy the rules.  I look for people wearing black in the summer around here.  There are lots of them.

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The reason you never see black purses in the summer is the goth girls stay inside.
Your mom gave you the memo and you ignored it but all the other blacksters must have missed it! Comfort is all, physical and preference. Summertime skinny dipping in the creek as kids... now that was a fashion statement! R Duke
I really like this. Reminds me of the olden days. Change the whole wardrobe after Memorial Day. Today...I tend to wear the same colors all year. I use a small knapsack instead of a purse. Easier that way. Figured I could live in black and white..with one nice pair of jeans.
Fashion is the best part about being a man... most of us could give a flip and we dress for summer the same as we did when we were 10 years old: shorts or cut off jeans and a t-shirt... no fuss, no muss.
Did you ever see the movie Serial Mom??
It says it all about that subject :)
How funny. I always wear black (everything) but sometimes I look longingly at the lighter shoes and purses and wonder if I could do it just for the summer...I never can. I did go grey last summer but will be black again this year.
I have hated that fashion thing all my life. At 65, I am reverting to my tomboy stage. Never got into makeup and such as a teenager and never carried anything over my shoulder until I became a mother. Then everything went into a diaper bag. Later it was a briefcase. Now, whenever possible, it's cellphone, cash, and a credit card in left jean's pocket and car keys in right. Back to simpler times and NEVER WEARING PANTIHOSE AGAIN!!!
Black knows no season!
It's comfortable and you like it. Nuff said. My Grandma dressed like your Mom, but she never told me what to wear unless she had invited me someplace special.
LOL! Diaper Bag from Goodwill turned into your new summer purse?! I love goodwill, but the words purchased from goodwill and diaper, no I would never use. But glad you found a good deal.

I wear black shoes year round and just bought a little black purse at a consignment shop near my house and black strappy heels to wear with my sundress, which was also black. Don't tell your mother, I don't want to be blamed for setting a bad example for her daughter.
Haha, funny post! I'm the one who wears too much black in my family. The movie Serial Mom comes to mind!