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MAY 20, 2012 8:13AM

Good News Sunday Extraordinary Desserts

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   There is a place we go that has the most incredible desserts in town.  It is a popular place for lovers and family, birthdays and anniversaries.  You have to wait in line but that is the case with most places in a big city that have a reputation for quality.  The line wasn't too long friday evening.

   The anticipation builds as you get thru the courtyard and into the door.  The row of tea is there to sniff and there are chocolate bars and bon bons for sale.  The real attraction is just ahead in the glass cases. 


   People crowd in and point at what they want.  A six inch cake to take out is $42 and an 8 inch diameter cake is $48.  Each slice of the cakes in the cases is from six to eight dollars each.  It is worth every penny.

       Karen has a new cookbook out about her amazing cakes.



  Never mind the distractions however.  As you get deeper into the store and up to the cash register it will be time to decide and oh it is not easy.

Not easy at all....







    The final cake display is just beyond the cash register.  People actually push and crowd to get a glimpse of the choices and you don't have much time to make up your mind.  You know there are probably fifty people behind you waiting for their moment.  







   Creme Brulee.   Oh no.  I had already decided on the Chocolate Streusel


  No not this chocolate cake.  I had that last time. See the real gold?!


    Yes you can eat rose petals....



   In the end Iris got Passion Fruit Cake and I got my chocolate streusel which I had to take home and eat in three different sessions including breakfast the next day.  

   We talked about everything at that little table.  There is something about that place....something very special that brings people together.



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Oh. My.


(Of course, no sugar here.) r.
I'm very very very jealous.
With my luck poison ivy would adorn my plate, and on the way to the hospital, they would ask me what I ate! R Duke
Glad there's no place like that around here! (Enjoy.)
Gluten free??? :)
Looks yummy.. yum

Look beautiful and sounds quite tasty but it's all a bit pricey for my budget. I have to settle for a good cup of coffee and some warm baguette, with butter and good orange marmalade. A shot of sambuca and I could imagine myself in Tuscany.
It looks delightful, but the pushing and shoving sound awful. So all of those flowers are edible? So much still to learn...
Too many flowers for my taste, eventhough some are edible, Zanelle. A bit of an overkill both for the price and decoration, mais, chacun à son gout. Glad you enjoyed every bite.
So utterly delicious looking! What an experience. Almost worth going to San Diego to get in the line!!!!
Decadence has its place, and I am all for chocolate at least twice a year.
Looks divine! Sounds scrumptious!
Honestly, I don't know if I would be able to desecrate these woks of art by eating them. I just don't know. . .
Honestly, I don't know if I would be able to desecrate these woks of art by eating them. I just don't know. . .
I am glad that place isn't near me! I have to lose fifty pounds by the end of August. Right.
drool...I want a bite of each
Cake, did someone say there is cake? No Jali, there are pictures of cake. I am putting on the coffee anyways. Thanks for sharing these delights. Rated with a Jali smile with no icing of course. :-)