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MAY 22, 2012 9:50AM

Sensual Pink Grapefruit

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grapefruit one

 Southern Californian grapefruit.  Two for a dollar.  Pink and luscious!

       grapefruit two 

grapefruit three

  The first spoonful starts with careful placement and a jiggling to go in deep. You can't penetrate the skin and you have to let up just in time.

grapefruit five 

   Successfully lifting the perfect piece out of the circle.  A sweet reward.

grapefruit six 

     A spoonful of juice seems so small.

          grapefruit seven 

      To really get all the juice out you have to do the squeeze.

            grapefruit eight

                                                 Oh my!  OOoooooo

    grapefruit eleven

                           More.  I want more Pink Grapefruits in my life.




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We always sprinkle the surface with a bit of sugar.
This post made me want a pink grapefruit, and I'm not even a fan! ~r
I think I'll have to go out and buy some now. Beautiful and delicious just like this post.
I think I like 50 Shades of Pink. ;-)
Actually, for eating if not photography, I prefer the yellow. But try to find them any more...

You have a knack for seeing the sensuous if not downright explicit in unlikely places...
I generally put just a sprinkle of powdered stevia on mine, then dive in and relish all the juicy wonder.
Ever noticed how you just can't get enough of that last bit of the juice?
Love this post! Mouthwateringly delicious!
Texas Ruby Reds are the best I ever ate, but all fresh grapefruit can be consumed with relish over ice with a touch of salt and jigger of vodka... it's called a Salty Dog or a Greyhound!
This post is analogical, i perceive, especially viewing
that sixth picture.
And then the seventh one!
I dont know how the "two for a dollar" thing fits into my
symbolic scheme, but it sure sounds nice.

I always encourage sweet juices flowing from lush fruits.
It is juicy and sugar does make it more so.
Im not a fan either but this was well done Zanelle. Yum.
I like the cropping and centering on photo #2 - it looks like a sun.
Love them. My mother told me to make sure the rind is smooth. More juice. My sister used to broil them with brown sugar and butter..maybe a dash of rum. Made for an excellent first course or dessert.
Sigh. I miss grapefruit. I'm not allowed it any more. It has enzymes that either block the breakdown of some medications, so worsening side effects (statins for instance), or stop some drugs from working at all (Prozac being one).
Luscious photos of one of my favorite fruits.

No one raises the mundane to an art form like you do.
No sugah for me. ;-)
Gorgeous photos of an every day routine. I love how you see them differently, then photo and write!
My 3x week breakfast-- grapefruit. I love that bittersweet taste...
I inherited a funny little serrated on both sides -- "grapefruit knife" Mom always called it. I pre-cut those sections, drizzle of honey...little cottage cheese on the side...
: )
We used to salt our grapefruit, but the ruby reds need no sugar or salt. They are perfect as is. Great photos.