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MAY 11, 2012 11:18AM

Orange Stucco Butterfly Full of Energy

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       I felt the energy of this butterfly as I was painting it.  Usually I get a little tired at some point and I see the quality go down on what I am doing.  I get a little careless and fuzzy.  But with this guy I was zooming.

      What a great treat it has been to hang out in my backyard this week and bring these butterflies to life. Scroll back to see the other posts about four other butterflies.   This one just about jumped off the workbench.  Like a Frankenstein Butterfly lumbering up into the sky with joy and energy.


     I didn't have time to hoist him until this morning and he was so happy to get up in the trees and moving around.   I took the yellow butterfly over to my Mom's yesterday and told her that is all I was doing lately.  Just sitting in the backyard making butterflies.  She made a little crazy circle around her head.  But she laughed.  She always told me artists are crazy.  But she liked the butterfly.  I think she is getting the idea that crazy isn't always bad.  I'm off to work today.  Maybe I'll take a butterfly for show and tell.

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Wow, now that is deep orange... will we see a Monarch?
artists are crazy... thankfully.
I am showing my age here but...COOL! Good job.
Thanks for the video! It's beautiful.
So what's next? Cactus, Butterflies??:)
Good job my friend
That is marvelous. Your paint bill must be in the thousands of dollars!:-)
I love this. Thank you!/r
Brave and crazy zanelle.
I love them all.
This one is my favorite!
Flutter by, orange butterfly.
Catch the sunlight in your lacy wings,
Put a smile on an old lady's face,
Then be on your way.

I am catching up on my reading, and I see several of your art posts that have escaped me... These are stunning.