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MAY 10, 2012 5:29PM

The Blue Butterfly of Peace and Healing

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   The Blue Butterfly from Costa Rica inspired my next Butterfly sculpture.
   My daughter saw them down there and said they are enormous!  I liked this video of the Blue Butterfly legend and a quick look at the movie called "The Blue Butterfly".
  I like that the Blue Butterfly represents Peace and Healing.  I could use some of that.  Peace of mind is something that I can feel creeping into my life as I give up some attachments to people.  All I need are a few good support people in my life and I let the rest go.  
  Doing Art requires some time alone and that has always stopped me before.  Having my part time active job with people helps and so does watching The View and The Talk on TV.   Now when I am in my backyard painting BLUE I can relax a little and let the peace seep in.  
   Healing from trauma and from physical pain is tricky.  If Blue Butterflies can help then more power to them.  I think it is more the focus on the color Blue that helps.  Blue is my favorite color.  

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Scroll back to see the Yellow Butterfly and the Odd Butterfly. Next is the Orange Butterfly of Energy. I am working on a special Stucco Website. Right now tho I am going to take a nap. Smiling here.
More very cool butterflies...
Butterfly's are free to fly, fly away. I think Elton John said that one time, but Bernie probably wrote it. Elton isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer.
Yet another reason I want to visit Costa Rica. You did a great job on those sculptures, Z!

I love the fact others can create -- it makes me feel better....and I'm a blue guy too (not that you're a guy) is soothing as is addition by subtraction....letting go of the right things really helps.
Isn't stucco heavy? Cool sculptures. I would love to try it myself, but I need to do other things first.
How absolutely beautiful! I watched the video and that legend would make a great children's story book with replicas of your blue butterfly photographed to illustrate it.