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MAY 6, 2012 9:49AM

The Super Moon Hit Here Hard

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   Some force made me grab the phone and call my old boyfriend in Arizona Saturday night.  He went out on his porch to report that the MOON was rising there in Phoenix and I started to look for it here.

   I had to go outside with the phone and peek thru the trees.  Sure enough I could see the glow between the branches.  It was intense.  This is almost high desert here so the sky can be very clear.  I walked on down the street to get a better view.  I could see it in all its glory just over the roof tops.

    Suddenly the lady next door who had been arrested last week appeared next to me and she was walking fast along the path.  I told her about the moon but she couldn't see it because she was shorter than I was.  She also seemed distracted and I could see three guys in the darkness coming along behind her.  

    I didn't say much to her but encouraged her to keep looking.  She finally saw it but wasn't that thrilled.  They all looked like moon zombies to me and I skuttled back in to my little house and continued talking to my friend.  

    Pretty soon I heard the slamming of car doors that is so familar around here and with my friend still on the phone I watched out the bedroom window as the police cars pulled up and I saw lots of people milling around her house next door.  I'm assuming it is the old boyfriend who is back and causing trouble.  The moonlight made it all seem surreal.

   Pretty soon a helicopter circled overhead and the cops were combing the neighborhood with flashlights.  This has gone on over there many times but with the SUPER MOON for a backdrop and my  sexy friend on the line it was quite a power evening.

     This morning I woke up dreaming that I was still talking to my friend on the phone.  I looked behind the house and sure enough the moon was just going down.  It was eery yellow.  I tugged on some clothes and zoomed out for a walk.  I walked right by the wild turkeys who were just waking up too.  I got up the hill just in time to see the moon slip away in all its glory and then I turned around to watch the sun come up. Amazing universe we live in and it makes me appreciate this place to live.





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Wow, love the turkeys too.:D
the turkeys are back!!!!
WHAT night Zanelle.
What a lovely night and to be able to enjoy so many different views of that spectacular moon; pure magic.
Zanelle--I love it. The physical beauty of "east county", the wild turkeys and the "quirky" neighbors. Yep, that's San Diego County--east county/back country style! Thanks. This was a delightful and well told tale on multiple levels.
It is quite a place, Walter, so is where you live. No wonder there are so many people here. It is amazing but CRAZY!
Spectacular this...
All of it....
crazy is word...,
Sounds like there was a bunch of turkeys in your 'hood last night, Z. :D Those are great shots. And, yes, I did feel the energy of the moon. I always do, when it is full.

You had a super full moon kind of night! Glad all is well for you and you took time to appreciate it all.
Beautiful! glad you had a great night, the moon brings out all sorts of things doesn't it?
Great pics, hope the neighborhood settles down so you can enjoy living there.
That is an impressive turkey- it's nice to see someone shoot them with a camera as a weapon. I almost feel sorry for your neighbor. Too bad she can't disappear and "forget" to tell those men where she's going.
I'd love to have seen that! r.
So is this like "when the cows come home?" When the turkeys trot down the street? That's pretty cool.
Great shots! Turkeys and the moon. Where else but OS, hah~
Cool shot of the big birds walking back from a night of revelling at the moon. I wonder were they drinking Wild Turkey?
Entertaining, Zanelle. Glad there was no mayhem with the mystery. Love the photos.
The moon brings out everything hidden in the shadows. ~r
I like your juxtaposing the moon set with the sun rise.
The turkeys are a hit with me, too.
Very cool. Couldn't see the super moon at all here last night as it rained and was very cloudy. Heavy sigh.
The full moon was spectacular here too. I think I'll do a post about it. Your turkeys-and-moon shot was wonderful!