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MAY 5, 2012 1:12PM

I'm Not the One Who is Too Busy!

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 I posted about a friend of mine being too busy and it seems some people thought it was me who is too busy.

  Ha.  I am not too busy.  I take my time in life and I have arranged my schedule so that I do not get that horrid stressed out feeling of being over extended.  

   I do it at a cost to friends, family and my Art work.  I keep it simple which limits the amount of money I make and the options I have for filling my day.  No rushing to do too many things at once.  I take my time and I do smell the roses because I arrive early for work and use that time to enjoy the walk there and take a million photos of what I see and feel.

  I have been stressed and busy many times in my life especially when I had little kids or tried to do an Art show.  I do not like the person I become when I have too many things to do.  I made a choice not to be busy.

  That means I cannot help as many people as I could.  However I do help some people as I don't want to be a selfish narcissist.  I realized awhile ago that I could not save everyone.  I cannot help anyone if I don't take care of myself first.

   And I am a little lonely.  A simple, non busy life involves just sitting alone for long periods of time and thinking.  That is not a bad thing.  I look at the beautiful Art, stunning movies and medical breakthroughs and I know I could do better.  I have always been "Not Good Enough"....but I really don't care.


   Below is the post I wrote about my friend who is extremely over extended and it was intended to be in his voice.  I miss him.  Another friend was an alcoholic and as many terrible things there are about that  he was a great person to just hang out with and sip a rum drink on a sunny afternoon and shoot the breeze.  He read alot and enjoyed the birds and nature.  I am trying to be as mellow as an alcoholic or a pot head without abusing those substances.  


 " Busy!   Too busy doing important things.   Too stretched out to be able to add one more thing to my twenty four hours a day.  CAN'T talk now.  Too busy.  So MANY important things to do. 

   People need me.  I have to save them.  I can see them all drowning and reaching out to me with their problems.   I have answers.  I can help and there is so much to do.  So I am too busy to stop and give you a kiss.

   Demands are overwhelming me.  Everyone wants a piece of me and I cannot add just one more thing or I will surely die.  My body can only take so much giving and I am OVER EXTENDED.   Too busy saving souls to pause for you.

  I have to be so many places at so many times.  I am running ragged and people are depending on me to do one hundred percent and HELP people.  I have to get to them all before the end of the day and so I don't have any energy left for you.

  I would like to pause.  Taking care of myself seems like a terrible luxury however.  If I pause to sit an hour with you I might not be able to stop.  I would want more of you.  I would have to spend two hours and then I would be looking forward to two more hours the next day.  

  You see I can't change my life for anyone.  I have committments and responsibilities.  You have the time but I do not.  I have to be vigilant that I do not shirk my duties.  There are people to help.  It is my addiction.   

  I am guided by divine presences.  I am only doing what my religion tells me is important.  I give lots of time to my church and to my job and to my children and to my dog.   But I don't have time for you.  You are addicting.  

  If you were here right now we would be snuggled up listening to the Blues but I would be asleep.   I am exhausted from my three jobs.   This has been a problem all my life.  I have to give until I almost faint.  I am really not allowed to take time for myself.  I am too tired.  Exhausted.

  They have drained me.  The world has my energy and it is in direct conflict to you.  It is my life and I can only hope in my retirement I will have a little more time.  However I heard about a man  who died two years after he retired.  Oh well...I am still too busy for you and too busy to smell the flowers."

   Here are some more flowers to smell.....







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I only read the first part and I very much agree. I can't help anyone if the well is empty. There's a funny song about "important" busyness on the cd Philadelphia Chickens.
your flowers are e-fragrant. prettttty.
Glad to hear you're not too busy to smell the flowers! Sorry you've lost a friend who was.
Overextending ourselves can be back-handedly selfish, even crazy, which you have outlined here masterfully.
Gorgeous work.
I guess extremes of any kind can be dangerous. Too lazy is not good either. But stressed out is not fun. Balance. Is it all about balance?
I loved this post. I made a conscious decision and I can tell you the EXACT day that to the best of my ability I was going to stop being a crazy person who is too busy all the time. Everyone can take TEN seconds and take a deep breath. Surgeons do it and it slows everything down.
i love the flowers and the quote
'I would like to pause. Taking care of myself seems like a terrible luxury however.'

but they say we americans love our luxury items.
i sure do privacy and
pause and
finding one self.
all that.
should be way way more of that,
in our Constitution, i say?!
over- extension.. my life sad to say.
Nice photos Zanelle
After injuring my back, I've been taking it slowly. Although I've always been the "stop and smell the roses" type of person. Yours are just beautiful. ~r
Sadly over-extended is me these days.
I hate it.
Living like this stresses me out but it’s how it is when one works full time.
You’re wise to pace.
Love your roses.
I am glad you were not to busy to stop and photo the roses. Great pics~
Working full time always seems to me to be it. That is all I can do. When the kids were little I tried very hard to not go anywhere or do anything on school nights. We were all better off just staying home. Same with being laid up. That is it so make the best of it and enjoy your pillows. I know it is hard with all the world teeming outside your door but you cant do everything all the time. Sometimes you are limited so just make the best of it. When I work in nursing homes I see people who make the best of their little nook and others who hate it like a prison. Your choice.
I did wonder, so I'm glad it wasn't you who's too busy.