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MAY 1, 2012 10:32AM

Happy May Day?

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    Happy?   Kind of gloomy here. This area is know for May Gray and June Gloom.  Peaceful and quiet. The Iris blooming in my yard are a very odd color.  Grey.



      Flowers I gave to my friend for the curry dinner she fixed me yesterday.   Friends seem so important in life.  Yet I find myself alone most of the time.



        I'm not too happy lately even tho I got a little bit of land in Second Life to cheer me up.  I love planting flowers there as well as in Real Life. 

   Well, hope there is a ray of sunshine in your heart for May today.  I am looking hard for a bit of hope to plant and watch it grow into happiness.




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zanelle, if anyone deserves happiness, you do. Happy May Day, to you, too.
I think it is said that February is the cruelest month, but maybe it is May. When I was a little kid we would make May baskets from colorful construction paper, fill them with flowers and hang them on our neighbors' doorknobs. I am hanging a virtual May basket on your doorknob today, filled with beautiful blossoms! Happy May Day!
We sow what we seed. Plant some hope today and harvest some happiness tomorrow...
Your good, this was really fun! Thanks so much!
Happy May Day to you as well, Zanelle. Have yourself a glass of May wine.
Thanks Phyllis, I needed to hear that I deserve happiness. We all do.

CCdarling. I remember May baskets on doorknobs. So fun. So hopeful.

Belinda...That is what I read today from the medium Veronica in her email newsletter. You just need a tiny tiny seed. Always hope.

Algis, it means so much to me that you drop by here. Thank you!
Sweet and melancholy, zanelle. I hope you feel better, but I understand the gloom. -E
Thanks Erica, the sun broke thru now and five cop cars pulled up next door. My little problems seem very very small and I am counting my blessings. Also going back to bed helped and having a phone call from a young man of 53 who might prove interesting. Little seeds that grow into interesting plants. Never dull.
gorgeous. are those irises? happy may day to you ;-)
Nothing wrong with alone - don't let anyone tell you otherwise.
Yes E Sanders, Very Odd Colored Iris. I think I need to take more photos.

Nilesite...You are right. Nothing wrong with being alone. Very productive time and very peaceful. No trouble here. hmmmm Can I say that I miss a little trouble? Ha
friends are important, as are flowers, but alone time is
time to grow and be fulla wine
and self reflecting to the point
of emergence into satori,
is what those Zen guys

the cruelest month, by the way, is october.
the slide into wintry hell...punctuated by greedy children
threatening you for candy.
No I think February is the worst. However I can't complain. It is a truly beautiful afternoon now. The little spring chill in the air is just right, the birds are singing and the flowers are blooming. There is always hope even if it is just a tiny seed.
Happy May Day to you!
I like BT’s comment; let’s all plant a little hope
Great pics as always... Happy May Day!