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MAY 3, 2012 7:59AM

Back Stabbing

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      I asked my friend if he worked with a good team of people and he said, "No, there is lots of back stabbing."  I knew exactly what he meant.  Is it in every work place?  The place I work with now doesn't stab with knives but there is lots of poking with forks. 

  I had a new job about eight years ago and I was so happy to work with a team of people who had been there a long time.  "How bad could it be if these people have hung in there for so many years?" I thought.  I mentioned this to my new boss.  

 "There is lots of back stabbing around here." he said.  Those words were so true and after the two years I worked for that place I knew exactly what he meant.  Back scratching and stabbing were rampant.  The ones who survived knew how to scratch each other's back and if you weren't a back scratcher you got stabbed.  I got stabbed.

 It is very subtle the way people jockey for position in a job situation.  I did not like the controling nature of the big boss and she did not appreciate the work I did for her.  So she proceeded to weed me out.  I saw that the back scratchers looked the other way while she and a few others waited for any opportunity to stab me.  They got me good at  the end but I quit before they could fire me.  I think that is what the back stabbers ultimately want.  

  Brutal.  It is a shark infested world out there and I pity people who have to go swim amongst them every day.  I think most people find a quiet little pool where they can float out of sight from the back stabbers.  But everyone at a job knows they are there and they know their power.  If you don't watch out you can become one of them before you know it.

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Toxic and rampant. And for sensitive, perceptive people, the environment can tear at their very souls. R
It is subtle but very real. I try to take the high ground no matter what the circumstances (read: rumors, allegations). The backlash was interesting once when I refused to pass a virulent rumor along...It is a shark lagoon out there. You only account for your own actions.
We have two new bosses coming in next year I can already see the brown nosers and the give me give me folks lining up to get what they makes me sad and mad too. I'm glad my job is in the back and my office hidden :)
I am beginning to believe some will rip out eyeballs if they think it will make that paycheck keep coming in.
It drains the soul severely...
Tell me about it! (Taking off shirt.) See those scars between my shoulder blades?
Wow, so true, so true. Are you sure you didn't work for the same office I was at? And it's even worse when they bully you - it doesn't stop with high school. They'll get you so you don't even know if you're right anymore. Once you leave a toxic environment it can be years before you can see clearly what really happened, and it does leave permanent scars on your soul.
Large amount of competiton + desperation = lowering of moral standards in personal conduct. An empty belly has always been a breeding ground for evil.
Oh, man, is this the truth.
It is the main reason why I dread going to work every day.
...and yet we shed tears for these others? I do like the phrase "back scratchers and back stabbers". How can I steal THIS from you?
no matter where you go they will be there..
It's hard to believe people are vicious like that. It makes me glad I was sheltered from it by not having to be a career woman.
I'm in agreement with Michelle.
It’s been my experience when one mixes ego, hate or envy, and greed it always equals toxic.
I went to a retirement once where a speaker said (not in good humor) the following "Working with you has been like playing leap frog with a unicorn." - Where there are humans there is conflict. There are times when I am by myself and I still get hell! LOL - Duke
Worked in places like that but never for very long... always quit, only got set up and fired once and six months later they were begging me to come back. I asked about the backstabbers and said I would never work with them again... six months later the company went out of business. Now my clients are great to work with, but if I run into that kind of mess, I have the luxury of dropping the client - such is the life of a consultant.
You remind me of a particular back stabber where I work. Wants to be your friend on Facebook, always writes right back when you E-mail her, and then you accidentally get the full E-mail trail from someone she writes to who replies all and you get the full view. Nasty stuff. R
Nasty stuff indeed!!
Vicious sharks that leave blood and torn flesh in their wake. It seems they're everywhere now and out of control. I can't stand people who stab you in the back.