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APRIL 30, 2012 9:09AM

The Process of Art

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Stucco Cacti Trio

        Well, I am almost finished with the stucco cacti.  I have been working on them a long time and I have documented the process.  I am intrigued by recording every step of my artistic mind and this new path I have taken.  

       Andy Goldsworthy did a book called Enclosures.  It is full of dark photos and detailed explanations of how he accomplished his brilliant work.  It is boring!  I love his first books where he just puts out the results of his visions.  They are brilliant.  

      Too much  information.   But artists love the process and really the end result is not that important.  With these Cacti all I can see is what I want to do next to push the boundaries even more.

       I took photos of my new paint today and of the paint water.  I took note of how the brushes are worn to stubs painting stucco and I like that.  Stucco turns me on.  It is like working with the earth and watching it evolve. 

I have ideas to add flowers of glass shards glued on with silicone.   I want to add a few more lines and dots and triangles.  I want to make them a little less heavy next time.  I want to do so many things but life is short and I have so many ideas.  I hope I can die creating.

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There's a process??
Ha Yes. And it goes on and on and on and on.
You are reminding me about art book that I got for kids years ago. It is about process not the result. For the education of children this is also important. Love your cacti.
The finished pieces look amazing :)
Don’t you find its the on and on that’s the most fun?
I too like the process more than the product, usually it's more fun. But your products are nice too.