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MAY 4, 2012 7:03AM

Too Busy

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   Busy!   Too busy doing important things.   Too stretched out to be able to add one more thing to my twenty four hours a day.  CAN'T talk now.  Too busy.  So MANY important things to do. 

   People need me.  I have to save them.  I can see them all drowning and reaching out to me with their problems.   I have answers.  I can help and there is so much to do.  So I am too busy to stop and give you a kiss.

   Demands are overwhelming me.  Everyone wants a piece of me and I cannot add just one more thing or I will surely die.  My body can only take so much giving and I am OVER EXTENDED.   Too busy saving souls to pause for you.

  I have to be so many places at so many times.  I am running ragged and people are depending on me to do one hundred percent and HELP people.  I have to get to them all before the end of the day and so I don't have any energy left for you.

  I would like to pause.  Taking care of myself seems like a terrible luxury however.  If I pause to sit an hour with you I might not be able to stop.  I would want more of you.  I would have to spend two hours and then I would be looking forward to two more hours the next day.  

  You see I can't change my life for anyone.  I have committments and responsibilities.  You have the time but I do not.  I have to be vigilant that I do not shirk my duties.  There are people to help.  It is my addiction.   

  I am guided by divine presences.  I am only doing what my religion tells me is important.  I give lots of time to my church and to my job and to my children and to my dog.   But I don't have time for you.  You are addicting.  

  If you were here right now we would be snuggled up listening to the Blues but I would be asleep.   I am exhausted from my three jobs.   This has been a problem all my life.  I have to give until I almost faint.  I am really not allowed to take time for myself.  I am too tired.  Exhausted.

  They have drained me.  The world has my energy and it is in direct conflict to you.  It is my life and I can only hope in my retirement I will have a little more time.  However I heard about a man  who died two years after he retired.  Oh well...I am still too busy for you and too busy to smell the flowers.


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Go smell that flower.

A Rabbi, a Sage, 300 yrs back said: A Person Without at least an Hour of His or Her Own Each Day Becomes Less Human.

Be. Rest. Say No.

Great piece and great image. For some reason, the combination of the words and the photo made me think of how, when irises begin breaking down, their petals melt like cotton candy. And it seemingly doesn't take long for that to happen. R with admiration.
I feel like you do and sometimes you just have to put the headphones on and listen to some music to realize there is a world for you out there.
I will tell you what people tell me.
Stop for a second.
Not that I do hahah
Sigh, I had this boyfriend a few years back. He was very important with a top dog career, church & volunteer work, impressively busy children and a re-married ex-wife who needed constant help. It's amazing that he found time to devote to a dating site after we broke up.

Lovely iris, I go gaze at mine often while I can, they don't bloom for long. Wise post, thank you.
If you don't take care of yourself, you can't take care of anyone else. I try take time to indulge myself in some small way at least once each day... a nap if nothing else.
You caught that really well, Zanelle. I can hear that person's voice right now in my head. Being too busy is really a form of vanity. Juxtaposing the iris, which is gorgeous, and short-lived, is apropos. There is only the now, unfolding and changing.
zanelle-pick up the May 3rd Reader, turn to the cover story, pg 22, 100 Reasons to Love SD, skim to page 24: Picnic Above Your Pay Grade-I’m going to take the hard way, (I’m destined to get there the hard way) but directions for the easy way are also included. Treat yourself to this treat zanelle and as many of the 99 other things as you can squeeze in. There’s quite the summer to be had here. I’m making my list now.

Tomorrow night we get “The Super Moon.” Junior’s going to rest under The Super Moon…
I wish I did not identify...However, you explorations are very invigorating to me (like the cloud one). Maybe another trip will help.