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APRIL 22, 2012 9:21AM

Women Sing the Blues (Plus 'Black Keys')

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  I love to listen to women sing the Blues.  A lady in Second Life is a Blues DJ and every wednesday evening she plays women singing the blues from her house in New York to a Blues Club online.  Here are some of the ones I am listening to right now.  Blue Blue Blue
  Just saw The Black Keys on tv and they are so great.  Here is the video they made that made me love them.  Down to earth and very smart and creative. Just had to include it here.

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The title, Bad Love is Good Enough, got me listening to the first one. Good song. I'll leaf through the rest now.
Turns out Bad Love ISNT good enough. lol
I recently started listening to Eva Cassidy. She's not strictly blues, but very nice and well worth a listen.
Love women singing the blues, perhaps the biggest section on my iPod,
Rory Block is amazing and Shemekia Copeland I have seen live she is incredible. Try this one Z, You Were Never Mine, my current number one.
Technically not a true blues woman but I do love Billie Holiday:
I rarely listen to the blues anymore. Everyone else in family takes precedence with their music now.You are reminding me that I should.
Zanelle, true, dat! LOL
I love the blues too; great selection you’ve posted
I really like Irma Thomas and Koko Tayler
Thanks, for this, Zanelle. I listened to this this morning before I had my coffee ... These will stay with me all day now. :)
Have always loved the blues.
My two favorite female artists are KoKo Taylor and Etta James. Listen to them both perform "Come to Mama". Etta, the seductress vs. KoKo the in your face force. Love it, and thanks for these!
GREAT surprise to see BETH HART posted on your blog! What a beautiful person she is! Met her when I was the casting director for Star Search and instantly became very close friends. Would LOVE to see her perform more in the U.S., and I know she's performing in Fullerton, CA tonight. She's actually immortalized in my novel Falling for Kelli. Ah! Fun memories! Thanks for helping to promoter her! :-)
You Should See My Smile. :) r.
I'll have to listen to these when I get home. I am at work right now. I LOVE A Woman Left Lonely by Janis Joplin!
There is nothing quite like a sad and sorry love song.
I am addicted to the women on "A Women's Heart"
glad I put it on my Ipod, the disc was wearing thin.
Great post and videos.
rated with love
Must confess that I don't know too much about the blues. However I'll try to write to type a verse:

Once I was young...
But now I'm not...
I looked like Zola Moon
with the' girls' nice and taut.

And thinking about that
just gave me the bluuues.....
Oh Yea...
Yep You got it Ande...that's the Blues!!!
I love the blues! My favorite went something like "I had to tell my boyfriend's wife that this other woman was moving in, so we had to go and deal with her.."

The sister singing it had us dying from laughter, but she was so straight faced. Thanks for the boost!
Zanelle, so soul arresting. There is nothing like the Blues, when the mood is there, the time ripe -- and you need your heart filled with what logic, cool means, can not give. It delivers.
Thanks for sharing this really strong post that is one that is a keeper.