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FEBRUARY 8, 2012 9:14AM

Resisting Arrest

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   The rain clouds let loose with a downpour and I poked my head out to see the wonder of it all.  Rain is so rare here.  I wasn't surprised to see two cop cars hastily pulled up in the road and people milling about in the house next door.  They were searching the son's pockets and then had him sit down on the back porch. 

   His mom went out in the street with one of the cops for a chat.  Then both cops tried to cuff the teenager and haul him into the cop car.  He was resisting and trying to dig in his heels but he was no match for them.  The rain came down harder on all of them and the cops had no coats and hats.  No one did.  

    There were two ladies in a separate car in the driveway.  They stayed close to their car and were on their cell phones.  The one cop car sped off with the kid inside and the cops and mother talked to another man by the porch under the roof of the carport for a long time.  It is so sad.

   The new neighbor with the four kids pulled up just as the last cop car was leaving.  I guess he knows what happens in this neighborhood now.  They seem to be such a cute family and get the kids to and from the bus stop on time everyday.  I know they are like any parents and want to avoid trouble at any cost for their little sweeties.  But the world has so many tricks and turns.  Kids need to be smart and educated about the ways of the world and not sheltered too much.  They will learn alot here in their new house.

    There are good teens and ones who get in trouble constantly.  I hear the rain beating down on our little houses and relish the quiet and privacy of my own little place.  Trouble.  We don't want any trouble.  That is what my mother always says.  I gave her lots of trouble in my life and I still do.  I just told her that she can't tell me what to do anymore as I am sixty five years old!   She didn't like that.  She knows I am not afraid of trouble and I know she is.  That gives me an advantage as far as I can see.   I like peace but I'm not afraid of taking chances to make life interesting.  

    Crack cocaine is so powerful that after one hit you spend the rest of your life wanting it again.  Pleasure.  I know the cops are trying to help.  I know that resisting arrest is futile.  I hope the kid will be ok and the mom too.   My mother does know how lucky she is.  I told her so and we agreed that we are going to be ok. 

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I'm glad you and your mom worked it out. I've lived in those neighborhoods, where the blue lights stayed on all night and people walked the streets all night, looking for a hit or to sell their ass for one. I am glad to be back in the country. If someone walks by here at night, they had a flat tire!
This is a nice little neighborhood and the four kids who just moved across the street can have fun here in the country fields. It looks like their parents keep a close eye on them. I am thinking about that teen in jail tonight. They system will gobble him up. Trouble. That is trouble.
Sounds like my hometown now. Or like most of the towns in the Midwest. When I remember my childhood, I can't help but think if we offered the young hope for the future, or maybe even a job, this would not be as big a problem.
As long as you feel safe. I had some similar neighbors in an apt. complex I lived in. I eventually moved . . .
Funny how people, esp. kids it seems, want to Alter Their Minds. It may be worse due to economic conditions, but it has been ever thus...I know of young people with decent jobs in danger of losing them because they can't stay clean...
safety is all, i think, at times terrific piece r.
The drugs now seem so powerful. I know the mother does drugs too. I have written about this house frequently because it is my own little police drama. I can't hear what people are saying over there. I am amazed at all the people who come and go over there. Of course it takes a village to raise a child.
Rick Santorum says it just takes a family to raise one and he wrote a book to take down Hilary's book. Bull! I want to see Rick get the nomination and be humbled a bit. He thinks his right wing way is so perfect. Baloney. The village has mind altering substances that can take even a goodie good down in a nanosecond. We all need to realize that. Rick, wake up!
I am glad you are safely in your home watching this kinda from afar.
Who needs reality TV? You could run your own show out your window! That poor family. I do hope your neighbors get the help they need.
What a shame. My brother had a similar situation on his street in Elmira, NY. I hope things are okay. Glad you and your mom are working things out.
I see this every day and I live it with in reality also.
I hope he gets his head straight one day.
Your mother is lucky to have such a wonderful daughter.
I think good thoughts can help too. I find myself keeping a wide distance from this house. When I posted about this last time the mom had come over and visited with me across the fence. She was really out of it, clutching a bowl of bright red spaghetti sauce, a coat and some papers all at once. Her son stood behind her smiling. Nice smile. I was very nice to them. When they first moved in I even gave them a snowflake and I talked to the grandma when all hell broke loose once. But really good thoughts are all I have for them. It is all I can afford.
You know what bothers me...somebody had to sell/give the drug to him ruining yet another family. I know firsthand, and my son gets out in less than a month. Let's hope it was cocaine and not Meth. Neither is good but one seems to be way worse.
It seems that no matter the neighborhood there are always little hiccups like this. We live in a very nice neighborhood out the middle of the nowhere with no crime, and yet on Halloween, all the parents out with their dolled up children say cop cars pull up and address a situation in a nearby home. It definitely changes how parents view the neighborhood having to explain to the kiddies that this is the reason drugs/alcohol/etc aren't as fabulous as they may seem.
I like how you intertwine the rain, peace, the arrest, along with you and your mother. Wonderful writing.
How are we ever going to get a grip on the spreading problem of addiction? It boggles my mind.

If I was the family with the children I would be worried. At least you haven't told us about any weapons yet. Life sure can get screwy.
Oh yes, a few weeks back I posted about the cops out there with their guns drawn. What a mess. All quiet over there now.
Sad that you have to be concerned about this sort of thing, Zanelle, when you are at a time in your life when you hope to be able to lead a more relaxed, reflective life--which you seem able to do in spite of what goes on around you. pax
They say that older people benefit from a view where there is lots of human interaction going on instead of just staring out at the rolling waves. Not sure about that tho. The waves sound pretty good. I always said I would like to live on a hill with a pack of dogs. hmmm. Better be careful what I say I want.
You sure live in a very interesting neighborhood. I sure hope you're safe.