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FEBRUARY 6, 2012 7:27AM

The Other Side of Up

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  Any creative endeavor has a down side.

  You put up your creations, give your all, try.


   Then the self incriminations appear.

   Dirty and shakey.  You aren't good enough.


   What you make falls apart and stains your hands.

    Why waste your time doing anything.  Be better.


    Or don't be at all.  My arms and legs are falling off.

    Maybe if I did my best I'd be a millionaire.


    Instead I lie here in the dust. broken

     Just barely off the ground while others seem to fly.


     But there it is.  We are all on a spiral journey.

    One minute we are on top and then we make a mistake and swerve.


    It only takes one.   To think that you aren't enough.

    But don't be hard on yourself.  You are ok.  They are not.


     Forgiveness, praise,  adoration, and fame

     Balance with pride, humbleness, pity and infamy.


     My hands are rough from cement.  Holes.

     The toxicity  of  Art and Life grinding at my bones.


    Wearing me away.


  Then in the scraps I found renewal.




       In a fit I put together a slit with an opening filled. Twice.

       Then I stuccoed them.


 What will become of all of us?  What will be left?


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Don't allow that "one" to be you. Your art is fantastic and what I love the most about it is that you are so resourceful with unusual materials.
I take lots of chances and I don't read the directions first. lol. I am such a silly rebel but I think that is what I want to be. I risk failure because I try things that are a little different and so I do get failure. It is a journey. Some failures and some successes. Thanks for your support.
Ahh, the other side of up... keeps pushing you forward. An affirming post this morning, just what we all can use. -V
Sweet piece. As Dori says in "Finding Nemo," well, we all must just keep swimming. Stay strong.
You create things.. and you do create yourself. Taking directions is falling into the pack. We are not pack people.
Your scraps make a beautiful, complete whole.
When we fall and break apart, we find new life in picking up the pieces and recreating a life of beauty with them.
over and over again
I love "stains your hands"...feels so right when uncertain of one's artistic value RATED.
zanelle- I love it when you post your work. I feel the same way about mine...pleasure in it, then insecurity, then joy again. It's a difficult road, and we have to be so brave. But here we are. The scultpture is awesome.
"Why waste your time doing anything. Be better. / Or don't be at all"

How did that evil voice in my head get into yours? :)

What a wonderful post, and beautiful pieces of art to gaze at while reading, too--what more can a guy ask for?
I love this...words and tiles and chaos becoming beautiful...
One person's scrap is Zanelle's medium of expression. Imagine that. You do it regularly, and we are the better for it.

Life seems to ebb and flow like that.
Your work is amazing!
Your creativity endless!