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DECEMBER 18, 2011 7:36PM

I Recommend the Movie "Hugo"

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 "Hugo" a movie by Martin Scorcese captured my heart.  It is a little dark in the beginning but the middle has some old movie footage and the storyline really picks up.   Plus there is a happy ending which is something I like to know.  

     I took my mother.  She said. "I didn't really understand it but I liked it."  That says it all.  As an artist it was just right for me and that the two of us both enjoyed it is a miracle.   The visual effects are dazzling with or without the 3D glasses.  

      It is the story of creation and loss.   It tells the destruction of war and yet the triumph of the human spirit especially through the next generation.  There is such hope in the darkness that we need to remember the world belongs to the children.  Our time is not forgotten but it moves into history so quickly.      

    The movie was about love and being creative.  It is about overcoming your fears and never giving up.  And it is about transformation.  No wonder my mom didn't have a clue about what was going on. 

       The panoramas of Paris are wonderful, the period costumes endearing and the crowd scenes are original and entertaining.  Well done.  Uplifting.  Sweet.

Martin Scorcese in Hugo

Martin Scorcese makes a cameo appearance in Hugo.



 Jude Law wasn't in the movie quite long enough.  What a fellow!


I loved this scene where the drawings fly all over the room. Magical.



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Thanks for the recommendation and photos.
The power of the written word is a theme in this movie that OS members could relate to. So very creative.
Great review, I am going to see it based solely on your post.
rated with love
Thanks for this, Zanelle. I've heard a bit about Hugo but nothing substantive. I figured anything Scorcese does is worth checking out.
That sounds right up my alley I like happy endings thank you for the recommendation.
I loved it to. It's one that I will see over and over. I loved your writing and pictures on it. You captured it beautifully. Thank You!
Thanks I didn't want to give away too much but it is such a rich, unique film that I could watch it again right now. A classic.
I rarely go to movies because I get bored easily but Jeff suggested seeing this and now you have too. Thanks for telling us it's about creativity and has a happy ending, if we get the chance I'll take him up on his offer. I'm glad you and your mom both liked it, it's good to have shared experiences where both people are happy.
We were hoping to see it over the holidays, maybe even on the super large screen at the Cine Capri. Good to know it is a delight!
My friend liked it also.. Nice to see you do this Zanelle.. HUGGG
It's on my list, Z. Thanks for the recommendation.