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JULY 28, 2011 9:00AM

I Don't Do Much

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 I just got an email to join a political movement..... All I can think of is it might be a good place to meet guys or that maybe they will have free donuts.  But I just can't imagine walking into someone's home for a rally about the American Dream.  

     I am not a politically active person.  I am not a professional anything.  I have low self esteem and I just barely make it through each day.

   I do take care of lots of people.  Keep my house clean and pay my bills.  I keep stress at a minimum and I try to stay out of trouble.  I obey the traffic laws and I like to stay home.  Sometimes I make things to hang on the walls and from trees in my garden.  I don't like to share them.

   I do eat things I shouldn't sometimes.  I just can't seem to care about big corporations taking over or the climate going to hell.  I just wonder if I am going to be ok.  I think about myself most of the time.

   I like pretty things and I don't like violence or brutality.  I like to read and write.  But I don't have any big ambitions.  I just like to sit sometimes and do nothing.  I like to look at the clouds when they appear in the sky.  I like taking photographs of interesting things I see on short walks.

   I don't like to take long hikes up hills and down into valleys.  I don't like to exercise and increase my heart rate.  I would rather make love for exercise.  I don't know if that counts.  I am not big on ceremonies and rituals.  I like to put myself in other people's shoes and help them on their journeys.

    I like to think about how things are connected and I wish I could see past the veil to what is really reality.  I do try to think about what the truth is.  I like to uplift the people around me and I am sad when I hear about someone not getting along with the world.  It isn't that hard to just be.  But telling the truth is usually the way to heartache and rudeness so most of the time I try to just be quiet.

   So Im just taking it easy.  I like to take naps.  Im not angry at anyone and there are a few people who don't like me but no one really hates me.  I have fun with my computer but I don't use it to try and change the world.  I like to play.  

   Maybe Im a little spoiled.  Maybe I think the world is just out of my control.  I admire people who do important things.  Im not one of them.

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sigh I agree... they would be better to offer me a good bowel movement..:)
A very lighthearted and honest view Zanelle. You just summed up the meaning of life from your perspective. I think you have greatly under sold yourself though.
BTW sex is great exercise!
What's wrong with enjoying a little serenity and creativity in this crazy world? Nothing.
You do important things just doing what you're doing. How much damage (I won't go into the increase in suicides in her district) has Michele Bachmann done just by telling untruths and downright lies. It's better to be quite and thought a fool, than speak up........,
Exactly. I knew you would all understand. I just am. Getting by the best I can.
I like naps too!
There's a lot to be said for inactivity
I'm not sure yours is a case of someone taking "the path less traveled." I think most of us, if honest, could sum up their being with the same words.
For today's activities, may I suggest a walk in your garden, sex and then a good nap.
Laughing out loud at some of the comments. I think our daily activities say so much about who we are. What do you do every day? Not much. ha
I think sitting and reading all day is an excellent thing to do dear.....
I agree whats wrong with R and R as a career..with what you choose to do with your life.I love this post .You are always so honest and true to yourself. You should market that I don't do much as a tee shirt. xoxo
I agree with most of this Zanelle. Doesn't mean your not important! This would be a good Open Call.
I figured as long as I was in the neighborhood I'd check this rating button too, and am delighted to report that it also works. A slight delay, of course, so while I waited for the number to advance I read this post, too, several times, and I must say you sound pretty fine to me. Cockadoodledooooo....
I know we would get along so well, I feel this same way, only blame mine on just being too lazy, when I am not working, to really care about much else. I get it, I get it really well!
We all do important things; we often just don't know it. A fine piece!
And you also are refreshingly unique. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this honest, clear-eyed, humorous assessment of yourself. The world needs more people like you.