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MARCH 31, 2011 7:34AM

The Science and Emotion of My Art

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 First, get an idea.


Shape the cement board.


Choose a piece of mirror.


Glue on the mirror with special glue.


Smear Stucco all over the shapes and let dry three days.


Paint with outdoor paint.

    That is the simple version of how I created these eggs.  I gave one to my mother.

    "Oh my God, Suzanne,  that is gorgeous!" she gushed.  "You are so talented."  There is a catch in her throat as she realizes how successful I could have been and she wants to lament my lost life.  

    "Everyone is going to want one of these.  Nancy, will be pleading for one. You could really sell these."

     "Sorry, Mom, but I only made two and I have no desire to make more.  I'm not a factory. "

     "Well, I'll just have to be sure Nancy doesn't see this.  I guess I should thank you for giving me one.  They are really beautiful sparkling in the sunlight."

      "I know you like sparkles, Mom.  That's why I made one for you."

       Can  I explain how I am not a craft person?  I do art because it is alchemy - it is the act of creation itself that calls to me.  Finding the way to make an idea into something real that you can touch and see.  I like to share my Art with a capital A but I don't want to go into production mode.  I have tried that.  I have created many lines of items and just need to get a production line going and start cranking them out.  I did art shows, craft fairs and my environment is usually full of projects in progress.  I stop at becoming monetarily successful at what I do and that makes my mom crazy.  I like that.

    It struck me today that this is the same reason I do not want to lose weight.  It would be something that my mom would glow over.  Oh, I can just hear her going on and on about how good I looked.  That is something that makes me ill.  I have a thing about pleasing her.  It is a passive agressive behavior that is unseemly in an adult.  

    I am trying to be an Artist.  That would make me someone who explores the nature of reality and experiments with our perceptions. That is the reason I enjoy writing too.  Unfortunately I get ideas that are symbols like eggs.  This series started out as a seed concept, a call to Spring.  I try hard to go beyond this kind of cutsie art.  Art with a capital A makes you stop and think.  Craft is cutsie stuff that your mother wants you to make copies of and market to her friends.  

    We went to a cutsie farm today.  I could sell my eggs there.  Put them in cartons and hang them up with price tags dangling.  It was a beautiful spot.  If I was a good daughter I would mingle there and be part of the group.  Contribute to the good of the marketplace.Maybe I'm just lazy but the thought of making hundreds of eggs deadens me. Maybe I don't need the money bad enough.



  A fairy garden, coffee spot and lots of people milling around.  I skirted the farm and went thru the Sweet Pea Maze.  We loved the fountains and Wisteria Arbor.  It was a marketplace and we didn't spend a dime.  We probably won't go back.


   It made me think of the Monet gardens outside of Paris.  Giverny.  He painted the light and was a cantankerous old fellow with a house full of paintings.  He painted with flowers, putting them in long rows of color that defied the formal plan for a garden.  He transcended reality and in turn he gave us a fresh view of our world and explored in depth what this stuff that we see all around us is made of and what it can become. Artists still flock to this site because of the spirit he left there.  It was not a place for cutsie art.



      I guess what I am saying is that I may not be a success in the eyes of my mother and her inability to understand what being a real artist requires is something that has always held me back.  "Artists are crazy." was one of her frequent laments.  Yes, Mom, I am crazy.  I put my hands in boxes of cut mirrors and enjoy the reflection of my flesh in the shards.  I'm not afraid of a little blood on my Art.  In fact that makes it all that much richer. 


         I keep trying to go beyond craft to Art and it is a long journey. The eggs are pretty dam cute.  I do not mean to denigrate craft or my mother.  Good workmanship is a worthy goal.  But so is exploring the physics of our world and trying to transform this earthly existence into something that we have never thought of before.  Something original.  Beyond eggs.  Beyond Easter. Beyond Mother Earth.  To the eternal renewal of life itself in spite of all odds.


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Zanelle! This is spot on perfect reflection. Your take on the similarity to Giverney is so right-and I feel exactly as you do about the difference between art and commerce. I could sit in the middle of these photos and paint or draw for hours. Lovely. So many successful crafters I know crank out little 4x6 inch prints on their computers mat and shrink wrap those suckers...50 or more at a time. I dunno...every commission I've had that was uber specific was hell to breathing life into a cadaver...

I do like the eggs, though, sweetie. But I understand your mind and heart in this very well. Great post.EP? fingers crossed. xo R
and a second attempt at rating.
Thank you so much Muse. I am so glad you understand. It is an important distinction in my mind and something I struggle with daily.
Zanelle, it's can be a fine line to walk between "art" and "craft." I'm more interested in the former than the latter when I look back at things I've created, too.

Great looking pieces you created and presented here and the attractive farm you visited looks wonderful, also!
Zanelle: This was wonderful and to heck with what anyone thinks. You creat art every darn day with your words.
rated with hugs and congrats on the EP
Isn't there always "a little blood on my Art?" Any Art (with a capital A) worth doing has a little blood on it, or in it, usually metaphorically speaking. If it didn't, what would be the point? I've always seen a clear line between arts and crafts. Art is for its own sake, it feeds the soul and nourishes the spirit. Craft is just that: something for the masses, produced because there's a demand and you must supply it to contribute to the propagation of Commerce. Nothing wrong with either of those, but the aims and results are different. Excellent, heartfelt piece. Thanks for sharing.
Designator- It is a fine line and very confusing sometimes.

Linda - You are definitely an original!

Lizz - Yes, nothing wrong with commerce but it can take the soul right out of something. I'm glad you get the difference. Thanks
Fantastic post! I have had many similar conversations with my mom about art. "Why can't you just...." she says. "Because I can't," I say. I can't pump it out to sell it out because that would be boring. Making real art isn't about the egg, it's about showing the viewer how you felt when you created the egg. It's the quality of your consciousness when you create the thing that gives the thing its quality. That isn't something that can be replicated a thousand times.

Yes, I'm crazy too. But in the kindest possible way.
Thanks, Wolfman

Rei, the spirit you have while you make something is so important. On an assembly line that is gone. It would be possible to reproduce these eggs on into infinity and that would be ok. Andy Wharhol addressed this when he did the prints of the soup can. Anything can be Art. It is rallying the spirit that is the challenge.
"I know you like sparkles, Mom. That's why I made one for you." I'm so happy your mom clearly heard you and will hide her egg from Nancy. Now it's all the more precious to her and to you.

I'm sad for both our moms zanelle, they never got to sparkle things so they have to surround themselves with them. I'm happy you love her so much and keep on shining for her.

"I stop at becoming monetarily successful at what I do and that makes my mom crazy. I like that." Hahahaha, keep on defying convention, I bet she secretly lives vicariously through you. The post is gorgeous and so are you.
Zanelle, I get this.
I especially get this since you mention you've done craft fairs, can be a deadening thought to go into production. So much of art is the original transformation while so much of craft is the process of making items consistently similar...well, that's what my craft fairs' life was like.
I now prefer, like you, the one inspirational surge of
yes, thank you for your take on the esthetics of Art:

a new approach to a traditional form is 'renewal'.

best regards,
this was great. i totally get this. i have just started to sell my copper jewelry in china & when my china connection said "how many of these can you make?" it terrified me. in no way did i want to be any sort of factory (unlikely since i am lazy at heart) happily he meant different pieces... not mass production.

your post made me wonder. who decides if its art? the artist or the admirer?
Zanelle once again you have created a masterpiece!
Congratulations on the EP!
They are lovely and I am a sparkle girl too, not to wear mind you, but i love anything reflective, I am gonna try these, neat idea! Congrads for EP!!
Hey cover girl! I just love this expresses what so many of us desire and reach make something shape the world around us into something beautiful...xox
Lorianne - that is a good question. In my mom's eye it is Art. To her decoration is a fine example of art. The science of Art is irrelevant to her. Again I find myself judging people and putting them down for not thinking like I do. Art is a nebulous thing and I have seen some crafts that blow my mind. However as a person on the journey to get beyond symbols I find this a big stumbling block. I want to do Art and keep getting trapped in the symbol of the thing. It is a journey.
I can't stay in those craft stores very long. The mixed scent of the candles drives me out. Oh, try making eggs by the dozen - easier to sell that way.
I like the full circle of this piece. Well done and congrats on EP!