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JUNE 15, 2011 4:07PM

ANAL SEX!!!! --SEE! Everyone does it!!

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It was another depressing Monday morning!! OH GOD! Again! I was F-ing hungover. I would kill a cow to stay in bed and call in sick.

I looked through window, weather was disgusting. It was dark, muddy and humid.

It felt like it was about to rain.

It was one of those days. Weather looked so constipated. You would think it would drop explosive diarrhea on us. On the contrary No! It wouldn’t rain whole day. I would carry my umbrella for nothing!!


As usual I picked up double shot cappuccino on my way to work and walking slowly than normal as if I wish they would fire me. ‘FUCK THAT! Monday was Moan-day!!—DEJA VU!’


I was two blocks away from my office. Another annoying red light made me stop. UUuuggh!!! “Those red lights are so demanding and bossy”


I realized a fat chick was listening music. She blocked her ears with huge her headphones. She was shaking her body like Taco Bell! As usual she was wearing tight clothes revealing her extremely curvy body. (I always wonder why only fat ones wear these stuff—Hhhmm!!)


I was minding my own business. Suddenly I heard a black man was screaming his lungs out on the phone.


“WOMAN! WOMAN! We are safe! Do you understand that?!!”


Weird! I didn’t want to listen to his phone call but he was loud as elephant. I quickly looked around. Two Hasidic Jew and another skinny black lady were literally ear dropping.


What the hell! It was Monday! I got closer to shouting black dude!


“Woman! Stop talking! I told we were safe! We are both HIV negative. We should NOT use condom anymore!!!”


Silence! Two Jew were as red as tomatoes! Me and skinny black girl were having FUN. Don’t ask about at chick!! She was still shaking her enormous booty.


“WOMAN! WOMAN! Stop it! I should do you without anything! Why are you afraid of? We are safe!!”

“Listen! If you are not letting me use your front door without cover, at LEAST! Let me use your back door! OH MAN!!!”—Oooppsiie!!




Meantime! Green light allowed us to walk! Me, two Jew and skinny black girl were stunned and could not move. Fat chick was in her world.


Shouting Black man suddenly started walking. Me, two Jews and skinny black girl rushed to follow him. Clearly! Nobody didn’t want to miss any detail!



Anyway it got so crowded. I lost the track with that man. I was still shaken.


SEE! Everyone was doing bunny style!!! Not only US!


How come those conservative Republicans were complaining about gay man!! Everyone does tushie-sex! It is NORMAL!!


P.S. If any Republican is reading this, I would be screwed. Although who reads my blog unless they are gay…. I’m just saying….



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Hey wait, I read your blog!! And according to my ID card, I'm Hetero!! :D

(Well, according to this Ranting Religious Nut I might be gay --- but I don't feel happy!! ;D)

RATED WITH LAUGHTER....too funny!! Always fun to eavesdrop isn't it? :D
Naughty naughty, with this title your blog will go viral, but you knew that, you fame seeker. You're a naughty Turkish Delite you are.
Good blog. Nice story right before I go to bed.