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OCTOBER 24, 2010 11:28PM

When I was a kid, nobody told me "It gets better"!

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 Last Monday morning was very usual morning for me. I got insomnia like every Monday. I woke up at 5 am and put the coffee on. I turned on my computer and slowly started reading my emails. Suddenly I saw an email from my friend Bart Williams.  I clicked on the email.  I was very anxious, because I was supposed to call him to get together, but I didn't. Don't judge me!!! I was too busy at work.

His email exactly was this."Hey, will you post a link to the music video I just shot and edited this week? It's a song written and composed by Jay Kuo and Blair Shepard called "It Gets Better." The song will be available on iTunes this Tuesday, October 19th and all proceeds go to The Trevor Project. We are trying to make the video go viral."

Unintentionally I clicked on the link. I started listening the song. The more I listened the more I got emotional. I couldn't believe how much lyrics touched my soft spot. When it ended, I was frozen. My entire body was ice cold. I played the song again and again. I was supposed to go to gym, but I couldn't. So many memories popped up in my head. 


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 Yes! All my school life I got bullied, called names and even victimized once. Those years I thought the way it was supposed to be. I thought it was my fault. I was the freak of nature. I had nobody to tell me "NO! All these happening is wrong! You deserve to live your life the way you want to" Nobody hugged me and said "It gets better! Kid!"Lyrics were brilliantly written.  Video was amazingly well done. Here! I was on Monday morning crying my lungs out. Not to mention my husband was on a business trip I was alone in my apartment just like my old days. The song was like a sharp knife and tore apart my pink envelop where I hid my old my bad memories in. 

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I was still amazed I passed those years and kept my sanity. Even my own twin brother didn't want to hang out with me at school. He told me  I was acting very girly--- I survived!!! I learned to fight. I learned to find my way. And seriously it got better day by day!!  

My favorite part of the song was when Orfeh sang solo. 

"There are friends yet to meet There are songs to be sung...."

"Don't give up! Your life just has begun! It gets better better better,.."

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 Her "velvet like" voice touched my wounds. I can't enough appreciate these young Broadway stars' efforts towards to this good cause. If one gay kid hears this song and keep going despite all obstacle of his life, it is so worth to all the trouble. YES! It got better for my generation. Is it enough? NO! Now this magical song is on iTunes. All proceeds got Trevor Project.

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I urge you to buy this song. I bought not one or two. I bought SEVEN. So what!! It was still less than glass of vodka soda at local gay bar Bartini. Here is the link for iTunes. Please share this lick with all your friends, relatives and who ever you know. It is up to us to make our lives better.P.S. Special thanks for my friend Bart! Thank you for this video and Thank for making my miserable Monday morning special! :):)


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Haven't listened to the song yet, but loved your post!!!!!
OK, I just listened to it and watched the video. Gave me goose bumps. Sadly, sometimes it takes a tragedy (or several) for people to really listen and for anything to happen.

I'm sorry you had to experience what you have...
Rated! Tink Picked as well.