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OCTOBER 14, 2010 10:08AM

Looking for happy people

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These days it is hard for me to see happy people around. I guess they are only on billboards and magazines. If I can get out of my deep thoughts and look up, I can see these happy faces. The problem I can't get out of my stressful thoughts.  
Last couple of weeks have been very dark for me. It was mostly work stuff. I feel like those miners. I have been stuck in a cave and waiting someone to get out of my darkness. I have been feeling helpless, naive and weak.  Do I need someone or should I push myself to get out of misery? I guess I should stay positive and take more control over my life. Hoping my dark days will over soon and I will see he the light at the end.
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I'll drink to that . . . here's to better days.
I wrote on the same subject...maybe it's something in the air or water.

This too shall pass they say.