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OCTOBER 7, 2010 10:14AM

It was a story of two kids who loved each other so much.

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Our story was about a friendship of two kids. We clicked at the first sight. It was the summer of 1984. We both were fourteen years old. That summer you and I had so much fun. It was like a movie.... Honestly!...

I got your email this morning. It had been very long time I had not heard from you. First! I was worried. I thought it was a bad news. Not at all! It was a good news. in fact it was a great one!
After reading your email all sort of memories popped up in my head.
Remember! We were two little naive kids. Instantly we became best friends, even though we were toatlly different two persons. Everything about us was different. You were taller and stronger than me. I was very skinny and flamboyant. That summer we never separeted. You tired to teach me to play football. I clearly wasn't good at it. I played just to make you happy. Hhmm! That summer was like a movie...

Those guys bullied at me. They called me little faggot. You defended me. You were strong, confident and very handsome. I depended on you. I was proud.

 You sneaked out your father's beer and I took my mother's half open pack of cigarette. Tee hee hee!-- Funny! One bottle beer made us drunk. I put my head on your shoulder. We looked up to stars. Moon was bright that night. We lit our cigarettes. Mine made me cough, but you were like a  strong man. You showed me how to inhale the cigarette even if it was your first time... We laughed, laughed and laughed... It was like a novel...

I have never forget when you got cold. I stayed in your room all night. We talked very long time. You asked me what you were wearing when we met. I said I didn't remember. You got little mad. I lied to you that night. I remembered! 
I still remember. You were wearing a navy t-shirt and white and red pin stripe. I just didn't want to tell. Please! Don't ask why!... Uugghh! That summer was like a movie.... Seriously...

That night I played with tarot cards. I wanted to know if our friendship was forever. You gave a little kiss on my cheek and said "Don't be silly! Of corse it is forever"... Aahh! The things we lived together were beautiful. They are special...

Last time I saw you was four years ago. Most of your hair was gone. There were wrinkles on your forehead, but your eyes were the same. Big black, bright and joyful!!! Still! you were very handsome! We talked, talked and talked...

Yes! I thought about us after reading your email. I was happy for you. You became father second time. You said you gave my name to your newborn boy. I filled with a sudden joy. Thank you!!! 
One thing made me very sad. You asked me on your email when I would have a family and become father. I wanted to write to you that I had already family. I had my husband. I froze!

 Ugggh! I just cried, cried and cried. I didn't want to tell you. I was afraid you wouldn't understand. It would ruin our friendship. I just wanted to keep the way it was.

I miss our friendship. It was naive, vulnerable and pure. I miss everything. I miss you...

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story, summer, friendship

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Aww, dude. Did you tell him about your life? If he's a good guy, he'll be as happy for you as you are for him. Best wishes on this, Z . . . I really loved the structure and rhythm of this piece.
Z....this is so raw and so vulnerable and beautiful. And I understand the risk. So wonderful for you to be in touch, but the secret remains. The secret feels risky and I'm sure you must want to keep everything ok. As is. I hate this part. The part where the truth could change things. Maybe it wouldn't at all. But you also know through experience that maybe it would. I love your writing and your beautiful heart.
Great piece my friend. **hug** And heck, you can become a father, I see on E! where plenty of gay men in Hollywood are becoming fathers.

No, I'm not sure how, maybe Owl knows!! ;)