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San Francisco, California, USA
October 18
Teacher, writer, photographer, baby mama, mix CD maker--not necessarily in that order.

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 10, 2011 10:49PM

Quicksand Quitter

Every morning the drive to work was like a slow squeezing into someone else’s skin. I walked around in that skin all day, sometimes holding myself up on the wall when the dizziness and fatigue were at their worst and no one was looking. People who loved me told me toRead full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 16, 2010 10:27PM

I.I.I. : Infant Inflicted Injury

She's tiny, cute, soft, and pleasantly aromatic. Yet, sometimes I fear her. Baby is like a small Lennie from Of Mice and Men, blissfully unaware of her strength. I am George, futilely trying to rein it in. The inevitable end to my story, however, is that Baby will continue to inflict…

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