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APRIL 19, 2011 12:39AM

We did it. We recalled our WI state Senator.

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Senator Sheila Harsdorf


When I took our newest batch of signatures into the office in Hudson last week, I was given some surprising news.  “You weren’t even on their radar,” the field manager explained.


“What do you mean?” I wondered.


“Your district.  District 10 wasn’t expected to have a successful recall.  Not even close.”   (The Democratic Party went for all eight republican senators who were eligible for recall, but Harsdorf was seen as unattainable.)  “I can tell you this now because we have enough” (signatures to submit) “but they apologized to me for sending me your district.  I am in awe of you guys.  This is an incredible thing to be a part of.”


April 201119 

a trailor parked at today's rally


April 20116 

speakers at the rally


We needed 15,744 signatures for the entire district for a successful recall of Senator Sheila Harsdorf.  Madison has 22, 350 (not counting the stacks many of us handed in today).  We were told that the republicans will not even waste time contesting this many – 142% of the required amount.  My husband was asked to announce the news at a special rally in Hudson, WI today.  It was a thrilling moment for our boys and me as we cheered him on from the front row. 


 No matter what pitfalls lay ahead for us – today we celebrate.  The people in our district stood against corruption.  We stood against a state government that has become “of the corporations, by the corporations, and for the corporations.”  Today, the voices of 22,350 have been recorded loud and clear…1625 from our own community.


I have not only collected people’s signatures these last few months; I have also collected their stories.  Let me tell you a few of them now.  


“Wanda” is a woman in her late 80’s who lives in an assisted living facility in our town.  My 3-woman canvassing group was inadvertently let into a secure facility when a grocery delivery man walked out.  We began collecting signatures before a few residents became angry calling us “crooks” and yelling “get out of here!” We apologized and left immediately.  But before that, we “rescued” 5 signatures from home bound folks residing there.  When I knocked on Wanda’s door, she yelled, “come on in!” I cracked the door a few inches and quickly gave her my spiel.  I wanted to give her a chance to ask me to leave.


“Hi there.  I’m with the committee to recall Senator Harsdorf for her tax cuts to major corporations while cutting funding for the most vulnerable – like Senior Care.”




“I’ve noticed that.  Come in.”


I immediately noticed the stack of dishes covering every inch of counter space.  Women in my generation would’ve quickly made apologies for the “mess.”  I admire that women of hers are more concerned about being friendly to the guest than wasting time worrying about appearances.  She reminded me of my grandmother.  Then I noticed the piece of steak on her otherwise empty plate.  Her pill bottles, labeled for every day of the week, were resting beside her meat.  I gently moved the empty chair so that it didn’t interfere with her pair of breathing tubes.  She had a tube in each nostril and they both hooked up to a sizable oxygen machine nearby. 


When I sat down she began to tell me that she is on Senior Care and worries about how she will afford to live.  She also was complaining that she wasn’t able to vote in the state Supreme Court race the week before because she was in the hospital. 


“And now that I’m home, I can’t leave my room.”


“If I hadn’t come here today, would you have had access to this recall petition?”


“No.  But the thing is, I can’t even sign it.  My cataracts is so bad that –“


“Oh that’s not a problem.  I can fill in everything that you dictate to me.  You just have to sign your own signature.”

“Really? “


“Yeah.  Seriously.  We’ve had to do it before for elderly or disabled folks.  It is ok.”


“No one told me that.”


After we finished with the petition, we talked for twenty minutes.  I sensed that she didn’t receive many visitors.  She explained that she was a widow and that her husband would’ve been appalled at what was happening in our state.  She told a moving story about how peaceful his death was because the spirit of her granddaughter had made it easier for him by “tickling his feet” like he used to do for her before she passed away.  It was a beautiful moment for me.  One that made my eyes twinge.   I felt deep peace and resolve for my role in this struggle…fighting for people like Wanda who just claim the right to live out their final years with their memories and without struggling to survive.  They deserve that.


That same day my tiny crew gathered signatures in the low income apartment buildings in our town.  I change my “pitch” depending upon the quick glance of the person answering the door.  One apartment I remember well.  A boy who appeared to be about 8-years-old answered the door.  I asked him if a parent was home.


“MAAAAAAAH!” he yelled as he galloped inside.


The tired looking young woman came to the door.  She rubbed the sleep from her eyes.


“Hi there.  I’m with the committee for the recall of Senator Harsdorf for her support of major tax cuts to corporations and the wealthiest while removing the poorest citizens from Badger Care insurance and eliminating $550/student in our district –“


She put her hand up, nodding.


“Oh, so you know all of this.”


“Yeah, already signed.  I’m getting hit on two fronts.  Lost my job last year - went back to school at the tech and now tuition’s goin up.”


“Yeah I heard about that, too.  Isn’t Walker recommending a 30% tuition increase?”


“Somethin like that – yeah.  Plus, me and him got Badger Care.  I think he gets to keep his.”


“What does that mean for him if you get sick though?”



But I am not convinced that this mother or Wanda will actually vote in a recall election.   The next step is voter education and ensuring access for elderly and the poor.  We are far from finished.  


The last few months we had been fortunate to be part of a movement that few people in this country are able to experience any longer - the power of common people.  We are common people.  We aren’t funded by anyone.  Hell, my husband and I still refuse to become registered democrats.  We simply want to be moved by the spirit within us.  And the last three months we have been moved – with a sense of right and wrong about our governor and our senator. 


You see, I refuse to allow my grandmother’s Senior Care to become depleted without a fight.  I refuse to watch my father struggle to pay medical bills when Badger Care insurance is ripped from him.  Our district is the birthplace of Senator Gaylord Nelson – “Father of earth day” and modern recycling. I refuse to watch the landfills pile high with garbage when our Governor removes the mandate and subsidy for recycling.   I refuse to back away from the obligation to care for our veterans who have risked their lives only to come home and have their senators and governor balance the budget upon their backs.  I refuse to allow worker’s voices to be silenced in the workplace.  I refuse to watch our children lose the quality of their education through the Walker/Harsdorf plan.  


But modern society compels us to stay in our homes and the “god of comfort” beckons us to feel indifferent.  Fighting the lies within oneself is the toughest battle.  Once you awaken - hit the streets with us and you’ll find that you’ve already won.  Welcome to the fight my friends.   And as we say in Wisconsin – “Solidarity!”




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You are living proof that one person can make a difference. Inspiring post.
God bless you! The people in Wisconsin now have possession of the ball, and the wind is at their back. You're going to slowly grind out the yardage until every last $$(#*)!?> Republi* is ground into the dirt.

The victory that Badgers will achieve when they eventually recall Scooter Walker will resonate through history. You and everyone else working for justice is a game changer, not only for Wisconsin, but for America!
Solidarity indeed!! When is the election? Can these people get absentee ballots?
Oh, but first things first. I raise my glass to you!! I heard today that three senators have been recalled so far--or I guess that the signatures are in. I am SO thrilled..for you, for Wisconsin. Now to keep the rest of the states from going the way of Kentucky and making even registering to vote a near impossibility!!! My hat is off to you. And I expect to see you on the cover in the morning!! Good work!
Democracy ROCKS! And so do you. And thank you for the stories of real people without voices who are at the mercy of these vultures. It really underscores the good work you and others are putting your hearts and souls into doing.

Congratulations to you and your husband on a job well done! You have definitely served justice, and your sense of decency and refusing to be trodden on by the greedy and powerful is an inspiration to us all.=o) You've achieved the supposedly unachievable through refusing to give up or back down. The power of common people is a force to be reckoned with. I'm guessing the GOP especially the GOP in Wisconsin is about to learn a painful lesson about that.

Nobody deserves to celebrate more than you and your husband and those who followed your example.
Congratulations, I'm so proud of you and the efforts of your countrymen.
I am both proud and jealous right now. Proud to know people like you and your family and the thousands of others who worked so hard to get done and jealous I wasn't there to help. I am so glad that apathy hasn't completely taken over this country. That was what Walker and co. were counting on. Great Job and I hope everything else falls into place!
Now THIS is what I am talkin' about! Your state was a test case to see how much the American people would tolerate, and you have to bring a victory, or it will spread.

The Koch Bros are planning to bring facism to the whole country.

I just heard about your governor's martial law plan...scary.

Golden Zuma for political reporting.
Awesome. Hearty congrats, and all prays to have the road keep unfolding before us, unfettered by the boulders being bulldozed into our paths. Great work, and thanks!
Solidarity now...and forever.
Wearing my little Wisconsin pin makes me feel proud and noble to recognize your fight for justice. Your fight is truly ours...sooner or later we stand bloodied but unbowed. THAT is what makes us Americans. Thanks so very very much, YHeron.
You have saved the whole country.
i do believe that your efforts for fairness and equity within the political and economic Wisconsin landscape will come to pass. I read an interesting article on what's transcended in Wisconsin in the latest edition of Harper's Magazine. You and your husband are making a difference.
Congratulations, Badgers! What's the next step, if any? Is Harsdorf now out of a job, or does this go to court as it would in Virginia? Anyway, it's time to stand and sing:

On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Stand up, Badgers, sing!
"Forward" is our driving spirit,
Loyal voices ring.
On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
Raise her glowing flame
Stand, Fellows, let us now
Salute her name!
A tip of the hat and a round of applause for your selfless endeavor.
It sd seems that politics is also 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. It's a lesson that we all need to learn. Thanks Herron!
Congratulations from North Carolina! We are proud of you all!
What good news to read this morning!!
You and yours over there in Wisconsin are excellent role-models for the rest of us, I'm very proud of your efforts, and so inspired by all of the protesting, recall efforts, time and energy spent...
Congratulations, Y Heron!!
If only all states had the "recall" option.

BTW: I love that afghan blanket behind you. Very retro, very cool. Had one myself just like that back in the 1970s. Is it handmade? Crochet or knit?

Extreme kudos! A question -- isn''t there supposed to be a special election now, or is Sen. Harsdorf no longer in the WI State Senate?
On Wisconsin! Maybe you could help the old lady and the young mother with absentee ballots?

As a Minnesotan, I was sad to see how WI has gone politically, shocked at Feingold's defeat. You all have so heartened and inspired me.

(Hey - our legislature went to hell but we at least elected the former "most liberal US Senator" as governor and we still have Klobuchar, Franken & Ellison out there! So we're a little schizophrenic as a state ...)
Hello everybody! I have been relaxing and playing with my little guy this morning…so glad for a bit of a break before the ‘get out the vote’ campaign. Thanks so very much everybody – for stopping by! This is an exciting time - Let me answer a few general questions about what is next:

1) Today the rest of the signatures are being hand delivered by volunteers to the Government Accountability Board (8 hour drive was not exciting to me or my 3-yr-old right now)…
2) 31 day verification process ensues…Repubs will try to throw out a bunch…the GAB will trigger a recall election
3) 6 weeks after verification period is Election Day (July sometime) between incumbent Harsdorf and a democratic candidate yet to be announced.


Some good points some of you mentioned - we have 4 university or technical colleges in our district – so yes, absentee ballots will be a HUGE priority. We will also be attempting to get volunteers to drive people to the polls and actually take absentee ballots to nursing homes/assisted living, etc…lots to do…any tips/reminders are most welcome. I plan on stopping back here to address each of you individually. Thanks so very much for all of the support. It truly means so much.
If I lived in WI, I'd be right there with you. Congratulations and keep up the hard work.
Pool money and rent a multi passenger van on election day to pick people up.? I have spread this all over Rachel Maddow's site..maybe you'll get a call! On her show yesterday the Martial Law signed by Michigan 's governor declared it's first kill..Benton Harbor. They dissolved it's local government. This CAN"T be allowed to go to other states. Jeez this is scary!!!
ZZZ...what a waste of time. Now we'll just have both sides recalling each other's representatives and find ourselves locked in recall gridlock too. All for what? You aren't going to change anything and even if you put in a democrat you simply shift from no longer enduring one thing you hate and then having to endure something else you hate. None of these people care about you or your interests, and none of you can ever figure that out. Come back to this in a year, 2 years, etc...what will be the legacy...nothing, but at least it made you feel good to waste some time and create a whole new way to gridlock the system. Congrats. Just what other pressing legislation that would actually go into effect was going to happen before you'd be able to remove these individuals normally? Next to nothing if anything at all. Now you can solve even less of your mess because you'll bog people down going through these issues. Yes, exactly where time and money needs to be spent. You play right into their hands and don't even know it.
Y I love hearing about all your adventures. It's funny that all the people you talk to get some sort of government assistant. Doesn't anyone take care of them self anymore. I love how you pray on them loosing their gifts from the taxpayers. You never talk about all the people trying to make a living paying through the nose to provide all these benefits. Wisconsin is already one of the highest taxed states. Knock on the door of some of the small businesses in town and see what kind of response you get. It is pitiful to see the begging going on. Unfortunately it is going to get alot worse. Pretty soon their will be no money for any of these programs. Good luck with the recalls. Just remember the people you put in will have to come up with a solution. It will just be your Democrat politicians telling you that the money is gone so we have to cut. If you heard Obama speak today he just told everyone he is cutting things. He will be praised though for his compassion. It's all ridiculous. We are Broke, Broke, Broke. I admire you for what you do, but your heart gets in the way of seeing the future. How things will get much worse.
On Wisconsin.

This is what democracy looks like. If those who worship authority over democracy don't like seeing it, let them continue to wear their blinders.
The options seem to be total recall of the republicans at least; or corporate plutocracy masquerading as democracy.

I suspect it may be necessary to recall or reform most Democrats as well; but first things first.

Good luck
Rated for hard work and diligence! Keep up the good fight! Down with the corporate pimps!
The everyone whom you proved wrong included me. Congratulations.
Congratulations, and thank you for your considerable efforts on behalf of all ordinary Americans.

I remind you, Wisconsin was also the home of Fightin' Bob LaFollette, a member of that now extinct species Progressive Republicans. They were displaced by Moderate Republicans, who were displaced by Lunatic Republicans. That's why I am troubled by this statement in your post:

"Hell, my husband and I still refuse to become registered democrats. "

I confess I am a registered Independent, but I freely confess as well I can no longer in good conscience vote for ANY Republican, not as long as that Party continues to follow the racist Southern Strategy that has turned it into the rebirth of the American Independent Party; not since that Party sold its soul, first to the Rabid Religious Right, and now to the Masters of Greed.

The Democratic Party may be as beholden to corporate interests as the Republican Party, but there is a vast difference between how the two parties fulfill that obligation. Democrats do as little as they can to keep their corporate masters happy, while Republicans do everything they can to keep their corporate masters happy -- and more.

Until the Republican Party grows up -- and I don't see that happening in my lifetime -- no Republican will get my vote.
We only need to have 3 successful recall elections of Dems senators to take back Wisconsin. The people, rather than outside interests groups, could be back in charge by mid July. Talk about a 4th of July celebration – hey??

For the folks who think that this will just happen every time we have disgruntled constituents – that is pure ignorance. Anyone who makes that ludicrous argument obviously has precious little experience in such things. Because even getting our OWN public workers to mobilize has been an extreme challenge. Hell, if every public worker and their spouse had voted in the Supreme Court race – Kloppenburg would’ve won. They didn’t. Thousands who have sacrificed time, energy, money to a sudden cause...there is no possible way that this can happen often.

Besides, if you claim it is so easy – then why haven’t the recalls against the 8 Democratic senators in our state been successful? You might squeak one out – the deadline is in two days for Dem recalls. Good luck. In addition, every single recall attempt against a Dem is funded by an OUTSIDE interest group out of Utah and funded by corporations.

Repub recall attempts are home grown… grass roots baby…doesn’t get any better than that…
Our Senator is the 4th Republican to reach the required number for recalls. The other three are in the verification process right now(Olson, Hopper, and Kapanke). We expect another 1-2 to be able to make it.

Gracinaz – thanks so much for your support

Lefty – I knew you’d be so proud…great hearing from you my friend!

Satori – Harsdorf makes 4 sets of sigs in…yes, the Repubs are trying to change voting requirements right now…maybe even before the recall election is able to take place…just when you thought corruption couldn’t run any deeper

Margaret – we’ve been humbled by the work of so many great people who inspire us and so many of you great folks who support the cause how ever you can too

Shiral – YEAH, thanks for coming by…you’ve been checking in every damn time…you are the rare type that would show up here every day too…rare indeed my friend…rare indeed

Hayley – thanks so much…it is great to see you hear

Seer – “The doing, it's all in the *doing*, scrapping the easy way apathy.” I just might have to steal that one…
Citizen Justice:

Way to go. It seems you've successfully created a safe philosophy that excuses the worst kind of apathy. No you won't really have to care about anything or anybody but yourself. And if that's not bad enough, you'd criticize and judge those who would care and choose not to be powerless to people who want us to be. Cynicism is not a philosophy, and apathy is not an answer.


What's your answer then? Since WAY before this recession, the top corporations have seen their profits skyrocket and their taxes plummet. How long do you suggest we keep going in that direction to see if it works? There are other very valid economic philosophies out there besides trickle down. How many times does that have to fail before people will get it...it doesn't work? I know you want it to...I know it just seems logical to all of you...but I'm sorry, history speaks for itself. You can create a healthy, balanced economy by injecting wealth into the middle class, not cutting the taxes of the wealthiest. Can't we just go back to the tax rates under Reagan? He's the Republican God, and even he had higher tax rates.

Do you really think by cutting all safety nets that the poor will stop being poor?...that all of a sudden jobs will flood the market and they'll all pay a decent standard of living? C'mon.
Scanner – you did this in your day too – I can just tell – and you inspired those like me to follow after…so my hat goes off to you sir.

Xenonlit – I just heard about that marital law thing too…just when I thought this was it…how jaded and conspiratorial I’ve become…I barely recognize myself any longer, much less my beloved state

Songbird – “road keep unfolding before us, unfettered by the boulders being bulldozed into our paths.” That was a wonderful visual right now…I will hold onto that one

Persistant Muse – how about a WI bracelet with “solidarity” to go with it? That is one of my husband’s fundraising ideas…what’ya think?

Kathy – that gave me chills…we’ll do our small part and all the small parts will create an avalanche!

Chuck – one of my oldest OS friends…thanks for sticking w/ me when I did a 180 segway from my old stuff and have become completely mobilized…I shan’t go back, so you have a soft spot in my heart. Hey – can you send me a link to that article in Harpers? I would love to read about “us” – we only read local lately…

Matt!! YES!! I was singing along…awesome thanks man! Maybe you read my answer to you specifically above in my 3 – point thingee – great question that others may have wondered too

Alsoknownas – thanks so much, but I am being selfish. This started b/c my husband lost his bargaining rights as a public teacher and we were losing $500/month in contractual income as a result. Then when I discovered that my grandmother, father, uncles, cousins, etc…earth! Were all affected too, I couldn’t dismiss. I am like most people, or worse, I imagine. I only gave a damn when I couldn’t look anywhere and see a future.

Ardee – it is true – you are so right. You don’t really have to have a lot, just be willing to be “out there.” That’s it. Do the work.

Pat – thanks for checking in from NC!!
you. rock. as well as the peeps of WI. Yay. YAY! YAAAAYYY! Yay.
Obama just screwed the poor. This is how.

"The Obamas paid 453,770 dollars in federal taxes, for an effective tax rate of just over 26 percent, the top individual tax rate is 35 percent, The New York Times reports."

So instead of paying 35% of his income which would have been $604,833. By using his accountants and taking evil deductions, screwed the poor out of $151,000 dollars. If he really believe he should pay more why did he take the deductions. He said he could afford to pay so why didn't he. Plus what stopped him from paying 50% or whatever he wants everyone else to pay. Joe Bidden screwed people too. These are the evil rich you are talking about. They will never pay what they tell everyone else to pay. Hippocrates!!!!

Please defend this.
Noahvost - I can tell you have never ran your own business. Profits for big businesses have come from cutting to weather the recession. As we come out, they will have extra money. They are already starting to hire more people and spend that money. If they don't spend it, they give it to shareholders like us in dividends. A corporation is not an individual. They distribute capital gains to employees or stockholders. Companies do not sit on cash long. They use it to make more money. This is how they grow. When the environment is hostile they take cover and raise cash to get through. If they don't they might go out of business. This does not make them evil but smart. The big corporate jobs are the best jobs in America. They pay the best and have the best benefits. The heads of these companies will always get paid alot so get use to it. To think that taking money away from the business would increase the productivity of that business is foolish. The heads of the companies will still get their share and they will cut the weakest in the company, which is who you defend. WE WANT BUSINESSES TO BE HEALTHY SO THEY CREATE JOBS. THEY NEED TO MAKE MONEY AND LOTS OF IT. IF THEY DON'T OR YOU TAKE IT, THERE WILL BE NO JOBS ANYWHERE. YOUR THOUGHTS ARE PUTTING PEOPLE IN THE POORHOUSE. Is there greed in the system, hell yeah. That is what makes people be productive. I'm sure you think you should be paid more making you greedy as well. Don't blame businesses for doing things to survive and thrive. There is always other places for them to go if it gets to hostile and you can not stop them. Encourage their growth and you will have even more money to help the poor people. That is what Reagan did. He cut taxes and doubled revenue to the government. How is that possible. It's called having a money making environment, not like today which is just the opposite.
Ernesto – I didn’t understand until recently that only some states can use the recall. I feel so fortunate! Thanks for asking about my blanket. It was knit by my great-grandmother for me when I was born in ’74. You have a great eye for type and year! Wow…

John! - great question which I address for everyone in the 3 point reply – thanks for asking that!

Nerd – maybe you’ve heard that Kloppenburg has hired Franken’s crew for the election recount…worked out for him. I’m so glad that we have you in MN as neighbors…Minnesotans have been so supportive coming to rallies and standing up strong for us…we need to stick together

Myriad – back atcha!

Razzle Dazzle – one of the coolest names on OS …I know you would be, thanks so much

Citizen – “ZZZ” – great, move along then…move along.

Rush – “but your heart gets in the way” – no argument here. This is who I am. Let the chips fall where they may…

Another Steve – your name always cracks me up…love that self depricating humor. “If those who worship authority over democracy don't like seeing it, let them continue to wear their blinders.” Perfectly said.

Zackery – I see flaws on both sides, to be sure, but as you said – “first things first.” Yes.

Sparking – Ha! Thanks!!

Redmond – thanks a lot – I rarely hear that. When folks are “wrong” they often find ways that they are “right” anyway, so your commment is not only very unique but inspiring for all of us. I was wrong when I though Kloppenburg would win in a landslide….it is humbling. Hand shake for you sir.

Tom – Yes! There is a huge “Fighting Bob” rally coming up this summer. I've been given a pamplet at nearly every rally we attend. We plan to go and camp out there. They have one every year but this one proves to be huge….

I know that I will make few friends anywhere when I refuse to register as a Democrat – but I don’t want to have any entity dictate to me, my obligations. I'll determine those for myself. We’ve taken a lot of crap here on the ground about that too. I'm always asked to register when I go to dem meetings, etc...While I agree with you that I’ll never vote Republican, EVER EVER, I may vote independent again, as was my usual tendency before Walker mobilzed me to pick any side that he WASN”T on. Repubs attack my idealism as naïve and dems attack it on the grounds of “helping the other side win.” Both may have some merits of truth. But I prayerfully follow my heart. And right now it tells me to pick a side and fight.
Noahvose - you are a renaissance man, so few of you left in the world...work, inspire, lead away....

Smokeysmom - Smokey is lucky to have you...thanks so much!

When is the election?

Who will be the opposing candidate(s)?

What will be the proposed solutions?
A huge victory for the "little guy". Now keep the momentum going because the "fight" is just beginning. It's all but impossible to do this in California because of the money involved--and here it's all about money. But you've proven that people who are willing to get out, knock on doors and be passionate can succeed. Keep doing it and "throw the rascals out!" You are making the "system" work the way that it's supposed to.
Congratulations! You deserve some celebrating! R
I thought the Supreme Court election was going to be a slaughter. Listening to the Libs, there was no one that didn't think like them and the election was going to be a route. Same with these recalls. I guess if you find some of the Democrats and students and nursing home patients you could probably get enough signatures, but to actually win an election. You haven't proven it yet. Most people hate what is going on in our state. Not for what is being cut, but for the crappy product the government promises. We are tired of being swindled and we ALL VOTE. Like in the Prosser win, we will vote and we will win again. We are the silent majority that shows it's teeth in the elections. We don't have time to walk around town all day gathering signatures because we work all day. You will be proven wrong again. Most Wisconsin people hate government, hate moochers (corporate and individual) and hate socialism. Socialism is evil and is destroying families by making them dependent. The gravy train is over, even Obama said it today.
Thrilling...I am so happy. This post was so inspiring and thank you for sharing the stories of those who are most impacted by this but who don't often have a voice of their own. Brought tears to my eyes. I hope you got to go down with the caravan...if so , please tell about it!
UncleChri – all of those are TBI…will give details as I get them!

Walter – again, I am just learning that recalls are not common in other states. WI has had 4 successful recalls with 2 of them resulting in throwing out the incumbent. So from here on out – looks like it is a 50/50 deal…thanks so much for stopping by!

Sheba – thanks so much!

Rush – You claim to speak for the majority, while I claim to speak for myself.

Sao Kay – thanks for coming here! I’m so glad that you liked it…no, I skipped the caravan. I’ll probably regret it in the future but my current self took a long nap and played w/ my little man…much better time spent…
Need I say it? Well Done. You are an inspiration.

I don't have to defend Obama. I'm not a registered Democrat. Wrong is wrong, regardless from where it comes.

I've read all of your rants, and I'm sorry that you're so angry. More than that, though, I'm sorry that your anger has been so easily directed at other who bust their ass in this state serving others. You defend so well corporations, but it's like you've completely forgotten what got us here...and it wasn't us. I know...they're not readily available to hear how shitty they are to tank our economy and then actually demand bailouts because we NEED THEM. How long are we going to be blackmailed and falling for the same tired argument...their greed, unscrupulousness, and lack of patriotism (yeah..that's right) gets us into trouble and then we're all supposed to give them MORE LOOPHOLES and tighten our own belts...bullshit. I'm not falling for it anymore, but you go right ahead. You make their argument so well.

And finally, you make one important mistake, Rush. You seem to think being in the majority makes you right. It usually doesn't. If we lose, that's OK. Sometimes you have to fight not because you're going to win, but because it's right. I can live with that.
Congratulations to you and to the people of WI and the people everywhere. This is wonderful. To a severe cynic like me, this gives me something I gave up on: hope. Good for you and good for us. R
Sweetfeet - I appreciate you coming by :)

Thoth - I am already preparing my heart for how I will deal if we lose this election...it helps me know it is not in vain if even one person had rediscovered "hope" along the way. Hope is something so rare these days, and comments like your keep me plotting along...many thanks to you today.
Rush-d-man (translation- I believe what Rush says, as I have no ability to think),

The government didn't force banks to make bad loans. Deregulated investment banks created and/or fed the private mortgage brokers/ banks who wrote the toxic subprime trash loans. In 2004, the Bush SEC allowing ever-diminishing capital requirements was the straw that broke the system, allowing trash to be sold as treasure in great volume.
Of the top 25 subprime lenders, only 1 qualified as a community bank, under CRA guidelines (which never forced any bank to make a bad loan). This mess was caused by deregulation, not regulation. Of course, the "conservative" media fills you guys with garbage for 2 reasons:
1. They can't admit their ideas were wrong, and in this case, wrong in a nationally destructive way.
2. You guys will believe anything they say.

You should quit thinking you can educate people. You aren't educated, you're indoctrinated. However, I'm sure you don't see it that way, as history teaches us the believers that are created by propaganda never realize their true dysfunction function. If this was religion instead of politics, you'd be wearing a robe and selling flowers at the airport by now.

You should try to shorten up your comments -- condense your density into a more dense display.
Noahvose - "Sometimes you have to fight not because you're going to win, but because it's right. I can live with that."

It is so hard for competitive folks to lose...but when we remind ourselves that we fight for truth (not for ourselves) and the most vulnerable among us - we've already won.

I loved this.
Paul - Stop by any time. With so much to say, you somehow said it all.
Well Paul it seems like every time we are having a good conversation you come in with your pompous elitist attitude. You rarely have any facts and claim to be the smartest guy in the room. You did have one fact this time which is nice but your liberal talking point only gives you like 1/100 of the actual cause of this mess. The government has had it's hands in this mess all the way. Since the time of Carter they have been passing laws and repealing laws to make this happen. To simply say it was one thing is naive at best. Just to list some of the things; you have greed everywhere, lack of enforcement of regulations, Fannie and Freddie, deregulation, inept politicians and much more. They had the chance to regulate Fannie and Freddie in 2005 that probably would have stopped the collapse and it was killed by Obama, Frank, Hillary and Dodd. All received large amounts of money to kill the bill. Fannie was the biggest enabler to the crisis. Forced by the government to buy a percentage of sub-prime debt and helping to package the bad loans. The banks saw a great way to make money and exploited it knowing that the government had their back. This was all caused by trying to get people in homes that didn't belong in homes. It just morphed into what you see happened. Great government oversight. There is so much to this I could write a book. Can't wait to hear your factual rebuttal Paul.
Well Paul it seems like every time we are having a good conversation you come in with your pompous elitist attitude. You rarely have any facts and claim to be the smartest guy in the room. You did have one fact this time which is nice but your liberal talking point only gives you like 1/100 of the actual cause of this mess. The government has had it's hands in this mess all the way. Since the time of Carter they have been passing laws and repealing laws to make this happen. To simply say it was one thing is naive at best. Just to list some of the things; you have greed everywhere, lack of enforcement of regulations, Fannie and Freddie, deregulation, inept politicians and much more. They had the chance to regulate Fannie and Freddie in 2005 that probably would have stopped the collapse and it was killed by Obama, Frank, Hillary and Dodd. All received large amounts of money to kill the bill. Fannie was the biggest enabler to the crisis. Forced by the government to buy a percentage of sub-prime debt and helping to package the bad loans. The banks saw a great way to make money and exploited it knowing that the government had their back. This was all caused by trying to get people in homes that didn't belong in homes. It just morphed into what you see happened. Great government oversight. There is so much to this I could write a book. Can't wait to hear your factual rebuttal Paul.
Noah I just love giving you guys a ribbin. All the libs on here are always having a love fest and rarely address the issues that got us to where we are at. The government has plenty of money to provide all the essential services of government. The problem is they keep adding to what the government should provide. People get use to it and don't want to give it up. ANY cuts will be seen as terrible and hurting someone. It's a joke. If a Democat could actually make things work, I would vote for them. The problem, just like Obama is they never do anything about the problems. I think you would agree there is a problem. I really don't care how we get there, they need to fix it without destroying the economy. If they don't fix it, it will fix itself by defaulting. Just like the housing crisis fixed itself. You can't give everyone everything and expect things to work out. Something has to give. You all seem like nice people, I just give you a little balance. Take what I say to challage yourself. If i'm wrong about something point it out. Just be prepared to defend what you say.
Noah one more thing. Isn't the biggest corporation screwing the american people the "Government" They take more money from you than anyone, spend it to buy things you don't want, give your money away to people you don't want, take more money and give us less services, and can't balance a budget. This year alone spent 1.5 trillion dollors they don't have and jeopordize the total collapse of the country. Sounds like they are the biggest crooks to me. Even the Koch brothers can't touch that.


p.s. Maybe you all can draft up something like a pledge that calls upon Walker and the rest of the Republicans to Pledge that they will not go to work and/or accept money from ANY entity that receives support from the Koch brothers. That might bring attention to why they feel so confident in pursuing their extremist agenda - they know they'll be taken care of by the Kochs. It might also keep the spotlight on the Kochs and the influence of their money not only on Walker's agenda but also on the recall campaigns against the Dems.

No one would say there isn't a problem. If they did, they're blind. I don't even think most people would say that it's just one side that created it. As you say...there's greed everywhere. What I ask for is simple...consistency in our philopsophy. If we must tighten the belt...then WE ALL DO IT. If we all got us to where we are, entitlements programs to the poor as well as tax incentives and loopholes to the wealthy, then WE ALL SACRIFICE TO FIX IT.

That, to me, is the balance you're referring to. Either we're in this together or we're not. If we're not, then I choose the people over the corporations and will every time. It wasn't the poor who crippled the world's economy. Even though there is laziness and corruption in every class, those who take advantage of the system on the bottom AND the top, my faith will always force me to stand with the poor.

Like I've said before. We need leaders who will look at saving our budget AND our soul. We can't just pick one. There's your balance.
You are seeing the fine line they are walking right now. Business is still fragile, even though they are making money. I am not sure the logic of the left though. If you look at the Obama administration, they have just continued what Bush was doing. They haven't changed a thing. They have not prosecuted Wall St., they have not raised taxes on the rich, they have not closed the loopholes that saved Obama $150,000 this year, and they have cut programs to people. The only things they have done was pass a 700 billion stimulus which did nothing other than help state governments pay state workers. The economy is still in the tank. Unemployment is still at 9%. The other thing they did was implement health care. If you look at Medicare and how much money it looses, can you imagine what a nationalized health plan would suck out of the government. Let me propose a solution and see what you think. We first implement a flat tax with no loopholes, somewhere around 25%. Anyone making less than$30,000 as an individual and $50,000 as a couple would pay no tax. We then fix social security by locking all money for this program to take care of the program and also raising the age by a year or two. This would fix this. On Medicare we continue to provide the same service but up the deductibles on services. We also up the premiums so the program cash flows. We require people to prove poorness to receive reduced premiums. This problem would be solved. We get rid of all corporate welfare, we also get rid of farm subsidies. We also get rid of the EPA, the department of education and transportation and send some of that money to the states to pay teachers and state workers. We already have laws on the books for everything the EPA does. We get rid of all green energy programs. We drill everywhere and become energy independent. We also switch all big trucks to Natural Gas and save a ton on transportation of products. I can go on and on but I think this is pretty bi-partisan. Unfortunately we have nothing like this in Washington. Even Ryan's plan does little to help this disaster. You see all the things you guys want, you will never get unless you fix everything else that is getting in the way.
Hey Ron,
I totally agree that the Kocks are a huge problem and an indicator about how corrupt a system like ours can truly become...Walker is fearless b/c he will always be taken care of - he has more power than our system can provide b/c he really works for a more powerful one - corporate billionaires w/o souls. Kinda makes us feel like David and Goliath, but since I know the ending to that one, I think I'll keep pitching my pebbles...

btw - I tried your link and couldn't get it to work? maybe it is my computer...thanks for stopping by!! always good to see you...
solidarity :)
I think it is time for you to write your own blog on your own page. That is what OS is all about...good luck to you.
Just cut and paste the link. Here it is again:

I'm gonna start calling people who get their funding and/or support from the Koch's - "KOCH FIENDS" (since Koch is pronounced Coke)
hey Ron,
the link worked this time...I feel sick to my stomach...they are smiling so charmingly, just shells of men. Sometimes it seems easier NOT to look the enemy in the eye, but just "stay the course." Did I actually quote Bush Sr? wow...he even seems tame now.

I'd love it if we all started really shining the light on "Koch Fiends" too (I'm going to have to steal that) - I think you are absolutely correct about this being the only unifying tactic out there - highlighting the mockery these ass hats are making of the American people...either we need big money on our side too or 10 times the number of boots on the ground...something's gotta give...