Published on Jul 10, 2014 by Vox
The federal government is crazy to classify pot worse than alcohol
Ezra Klein explains how drugs are bad, of course, but the drug war is even worse. It's possible, however, that legal pot could be a huge public-health win. Alcohol is a far, far more dangerous… Read full post »
AUGUST 26, 2014 8:02AM

Hazel Scott: Black & White

Holy cow. Who's that? Never heard of her, but man, what stride piano. And heavens, on two pianos! Look out Keith Emerson and every other rock keyboardist who split themselves between two or more instruments.

Hazel Dorothy Scott (1920–1981) was an internationally known, American jazz and… Read full post »

Published on Aug 21, 2014 by BuzzFeedYellow
If Guy Best Friends Acted Like Girl Best Friends
I'm obsessed with you.

WebMD - Sept 18/2006
Many Straight Men Have Gay Sex By Daniel J. DeNoon
Nearly one in 10 men who say they're straight have sex only with other men, a New York City survey finds.… Read full post »


Published on Aug 19, 2014 by Late Show with David Letterman

Wikipedia: Robin Williams
Robin McLaurin Williams (July 21, 1951 – August 11, 2014) was an American actor, comedian, film producer, and screenwriter. Starting as a stand-up comedian in San Francisco and Los A… Read full post »

Published on Jul 29, 2014 by Vocativ
Street Harassment: Sidewalk Sleazebags and Metro Molesters
Jen Corey was crowned Miss DC in 2009 and made it to the top 10 of the Miss America Pageant in 2010. A tall and striking blonde, Jen has battled with overzealous men approaching her since she was… Read full post »
AUGUST 22, 2014 7:37AM

Ima Robot: Greenback Boogie

See the money wanna stay, for your meal
Get another piece of pie, for your wife
Everybody wanna know, how it feel
Everybody wanna see, what it's like
Baby wanna be a queen, well alright
We all deserve the finer things, in this life

So working on a little job, in the night
It's forty dollars an

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AUGUST 21, 2014 8:24AM

Ronny Jordan: After Hours


Uploaded on Jan 30, 2010 by awolfusa

3. "After Hours (The Antidote)" Jordan 5:50

Wikipedia: The Antidote (Ronny Jordan album)
The Antidote is the debut album by English jazz guitarist Ronny Jordan, that was released by Island Records in 1992.

Allmusic awarded the album with 4.5… Read full post »
AUGUST 20, 2014 8:23AM

A Kiss Is Just A Kiss

You must remember this
A kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh.
The fundamental things apply
As time goes by.

And when two lovers woo
They still say, "I love you."
On that you can rely
No matter what the future brings
As time goes by.

Moonlight and love songs
Never out of date.
Hearts full of/…

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Well, take a little advice from me
Play around with TNT
But baby, don't fuck around with love

Well, mess around with a hungry bear
Grab a tiger by the hair
But baby, don't fuck around with love

Never toy with emotions
Unless you enjoy big explosions

Well, when you say the words "I love you"
Just be s

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AUGUST 18, 2014 4:37PM

Ain't Love Grand?

AUGUST 15, 2014 12:22PM

The Middle East 2014

The morning after September 11th, I sat at the kitchen table of my suburban home having a coffee and toasted bagel. In the newspaper, I read about the grievances of those who hated the West. I looked out the glass patio doors into my backyard and scanned the bushes, the flower/…

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AUGUST 14, 2014 7:57AM

Charli XCX: SuperLove

You're whisky-wasted and beautiful dancing through the fire
You're such a vision to see
I used to think that the power of love was just a song
But now it's got hold of me
S.O.S, is it me? or is this dangerous?
Kill me with your touch
You're smoking through my blood
R.I.P, set me free, yeah

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AUGUST 11, 2014 7:39AM

Ze Frank: Sad Dog Diary

Published on May 31, 2013 by zefrank1


Wikipedia: Ze Frank
Ze Frank (born Hosea Jan Frank on March 31, 1972) is an American online performance artist, composer, humorist and public speaker based in Los Angeles, California. He was a pioneer of the vlogging format and is conside… Read full post »
AUGUST 10, 2014 9:02AM

Ze Frank: Sad Cat Diary

Published on May 9, 2013 by zefrank1


Wikipedia: Ze Frank
Ze Frank (born Hosea Jan Frank on March 31, 1972) is an American online performance artist, composer, humorist and public speaker based in Los Angeles, California. He was a pioneer of the vlogging format and is consider… Read full post »
AUGUST 9, 2014 10:24AM

Saga: On The Loose

One day you feel quite stable
The next you're comin' off the wall
But I think that you should warn me
If you start heading for a fall
I see the problem start
I watch the tension grow
I see you keeping it to yourself
And then instead of reaching conclusions
I see you reaching for

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Published on Aug 7, 2014 by BuzzFeedYellow
What Men Are Really Saying When Catcalling Women
“I’m uncomfortable talking to women like actual people.”

Yes, this is funny, but it is also sad because it's true. What happens when a guy has never learned how to act around the other

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AUGUST 6, 2014 7:32AM

The Beatles: I'm Only Sleeping

When I wake up early in the morning
Lift my head, I'm still yawning
When I'm in the middle of a dream
Stay in bed, float up stream (Float up stream)

Please, don't wake me, no, don't shake me
Leave me where I am, I'm only sleeping

Everybody seems to think I'm lazy
I don't mind, I

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AUGUST 5, 2014 7:51AM

Apple Announces a New Product

Sorry. I just couldn't resist.


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AUGUST 4, 2014 9:55AM

Ingrid Michaelson: Wonderful Unknown

Oh, let me wear your overcoat, my bones are super chill and all the ponies have gone home
Oh, walking through Manhattan with the ache from last night’s smile still smarting up from my toes

Here we go, dancing on our own, inside this house that we have never known,
Here we go,

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Published on Jul 18, 2014 by BuzzFeedYellow
11 Sizzling Sex Toy Facts

The above video is apparently based on the following article. And much to my delight, the author has provided links to all of the source materials. Good research!

BuzzFeed - Jul 10/2014
33 Facts You Never Knew About Sex Toys… Read full post »

Published on Mar 18, 2014 by 3PercentConference
Louis CK "White Male Privilege"

"White people: we're going to pay hard for this shit. We're not going to just fall from number one to two; they're going to hold us down and fuck us in the ass forever. And we totally deserve it. But

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Published on Jun 24, 2014 by BuzzFeedYellow
13 Remarkable Sex Stats
Thanks to: Christian Rudder & OkTrends @christianrudder

OkCupid Trends - Apr 19/2011
10 Charts About Sex by Christian Rudder
This seems to be some of the original source information for the above v

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I was prompted to write after seeing this posted. I had seen it before and investigated the accuracy of the attribution, but thought now to talk about the bigger picture of how we collectively disseminate misinformation much in the same way our ancestors said the Earth was flat. It isn't, just/…

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JULY 27, 2014 11:38AM

Monty Python: The Cheese Shop

Uploaded on Jan 10, 2007 by sambomcl
The Cheese Shop sketch, Monty Python

There are forty-three cheeses mentioned in the sketch: Red Leicester, Tilsit, Caerphilly, Bel Paese, Red Windsor, Stilton, Emmenthal, Gruyère, Norwegian Jarlsburg, Liptauer, Lancashire, White Stilton, Danish Blue

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This all started back on April 2, 2014 when I posted "Phallic Symbolism: intentional or not". Being an equal opportunity type of guy, I couldn't leave the ladies out of the fun. But first, I had to find out the female equivalent of phallic.

Wikipedia: Yoni
Yoni (Sanskrit: यàRead full post »

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