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May 10
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JULY 3, 2009 10:07PM

American Standards Music....More, more, more!

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Inspired by Monte Canfield:


Would you believe Amy Winehouse?



Okay...then you need to have the real deal, Dinah Washington:
And some Ella, and then I'm going to just stop.
I'm going to stop because I could go on and on and on....

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Who woulda thunk it - she was really channeling Dinah Washington with this performance. Thanks for posting!
Amy Winehouse---teach me tonight...see the irony?
thanks for posting this. you ought to hear her version of Round Midnight. Amy's got issues, but she's got the goods. I am a sold out fan. I have been posting on her web forum and asking them to let the powers that be know that a standards or jazz project would show every frickin' scoffer that she's the REAL deal, not a flash in the pan. Singers like Adele or Duffy, or any of them, are ok, but Amy is a one in a million. You should her hear scat, OMG!!! A lot of really gifted singers deal with demons. I hope she can find peace and create some beautiful music. I feel she is a once in generation talent.
Thank you for this
Amy Winehouse is uncanny.....Marvelous post!!!!