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FEBRUARY 4, 2012 1:05AM

Let's Stay Together

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Bravo Mayor Bloomberg!


Well done, well said and well timed! Let's all toss a little bit in the hat and show the Komen Foundation that what they have done is horribly, horribly wrong. 

Bit by bit as more information trickles out, it seems that the Komen Foundation is trying harder and harder to make this not seem like a political decision. Announcing that the Planned Parenthood funding will now continue is wonderful news. The only problem is, the more they try to hide the truth behind witholding the funding, the more we may learn about the Komen Foundation and it's agenda. I have a feeling when the truth finally comes to bear, women throughout the country will see the Komen Foundation in a new light. This is sad news. All of us wanted to believe that by purchasing that item with the pink label we were helping a cause focused on women's wellbeing. I'm afraid that we may learn that the Komen Foundation is not focused on the big picture. I'm afraid that we may find that they are only interested in helping certain women.

 Ask yourself, what do you really KNOW about the Komen Foundation? What do you know beyond the fact that they sell lots of pink stuff, host walks and raise money for cancer research? I asked myself these same questions. These are the answers I have found so far:

I have a lot of questions about the inner workings of the Komen Foundation. What percentage of their earnings actually go to research? What percentage goes to salaries? I don't know how they spend the bulk of their money, I'm assuming it's breast cancer research. They have some pretty big names running the show. I can't imagine these women are doing it all for free but maybe I'm wrong.  Let's give them the benfit of the doubt. There are financial statements on their website should you wish to research it further. Charity Navigator gives the foundation a score of 66.20 and a 4 star rating with 80.5% going to program expenses and 11.8% going to administration costs.  Not too shabby.  But there's more.

 I didn't know until this week that they had recently appointed Karen Handel, a staunch abortion opponent who had vowed to end Planned Parenthood in her state should she be elected Governor of Georgia. Thankfully for you lovely women in Georgia, she lost her 2010 gubernatorial run. She even had Sarah Palin's endorsement but I guess that name doesn't sway the public like it once did.

I learned that Jane Abraham, the general chairman of the Susan B. Anthony List, sits on Komen's Advocacy Alliance Board. For those of you unfamiliar with the Susan B. Anthony List, it is a political action committee that supports pro-life politcal candidates and issues.

 Do any of you smell something funny? Me too. I'll continue.

The founder of the Komen Foundation, Susan Komen's sister Nancy Brinker, was a political appointee of George Bush. She was the U.S. Ambassador to Hungary. We all know that President Bush wasn't thinking of women's welfare when he imposed the infamous Global Gag Rule on his very first business day in office in January, 2001. He was trying to forward his right wing agenda, which Ms. Brinker apparently supports.

 I wasn't surprised to hear Ms. Brinker severed ties with Planned Parenthood once I understood her politcal leanings. What I find surprising, however, is the lengths to which Ms. Brinker is going to hide the truth behind the move. We may never hear Ms. Brinker actually admit to the reason she tried to cut funding to Planned Parenthood. At this point it doesn't even matter all that much, the damage is done.

  The question I have is when are we going to learn that we, (and by "we" I mean women) are a global community? Even George Bush feared us enough to acknowlege that. We all have the ability to make our lives better when we work together and I will concede that the Komen Foundation has, in the past, done an excellent job at doing just that. The same things that brought us together to fight breast cancer should unite us now. We are sisters, mothers, grandmothers daughters, aunts, neices and friends.

My primary concern stems from the Komen Foundation thinking that they can pick and choose which women are worthy and which are not based upon their belief system. I understand that there are women who are opposed to abortion, I support you in beliefs, you have every right to have them, but I cannot in all conscience sit by and watch you deny other women healthcare simply because your political and/or religous views differ from those of the organization providing that crucial healthcare. You are my sister but I disagree.

C'mon Ladies, let's all play nice.  Let's stay together.  We can move mountains if we do. 

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I remember reading somewhere to beware the "pink" items for sale. There is no strict outline for how much of the proceeds from those sales actually goes to the Komen Foundation. It sits as rumor right now because I really can't remember where I read it, but I did delve in and there seemed some truth to it.

Interesting to see so many political activists on the board given the current PP debacle. Waiting to see their next move. And remember, there's always the American Cancer Society.
Yes, let's not forget the American Cancer Society.

I've heard similar things regarding the "buying pink". I'm not sure I ever will again.