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APRIL 27, 2012 8:41AM

Network Installation

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As I commented the other day, I installed Arch Linux on an old laptop that had left at home. The result of this experience at least I can explain you the basic steps to install Arch Linux base system, all accompanied by a descriptive image:. Download an image using bittorent (recommended) from the download page is the fastest and most agile, once you download, you can leave your client open a little longer to allow others to do. If you have downloaded the disk image the following would burn a CD or USB flash drive to prepare the image. I suppose you know burn a CD from a disk image, but you get the steps to be performed using Braseo (default program in Gnome). If you use a flash drive as network installation medium, since Linux can run this command, erasing all the contents of the flash drive in it and recording the contents of the disk image. The base installation of ArchLinux results in a system without a graphical environment. You will have a console until you install a graphical environment. We can wait to enter or just to start the process. After loading the necessary files to start the installation we will see a console like this:. The first step is to load the Spanish keyboard layout. So we've run the command km. We will see a dialog like this, where we select qwerty / es.map.gz and give the Description of work to do for the Installation of the Network of Climate, distribution, machinery and equipment, and also controls the execution of tasks and materials used. Consider placing the pipe may be hot or cold water of the Thermal Power Plants. This pipe should be covered with corrosion resistant paint. When an entire sector (plan, section, etc..) Complete all network installation, you can place the elements of control and security. Stakeout: Verify that marks the route of the pipeline, the situation of singular points, and the situation of the elements of the Central Machinery. Description of work for the installation of individual heating in a dwelling within a building and installation of gas. Verification of the correct location of the radiators, distribution pipe and location of the boiler, according to project plans. Place brackets radiators once made the wall before painting. Once the paint is generally radiators hanging brackets. Before installation, reconsider the location of all the radiators, the placement of the boiler and the route of the pipeline, so that the plans conform to the reality of the work. It restated the installation, place the mounting template from the boiler, which specifies the inlet and outlet pipes to the boiler, these tasks require the joint action of three installers:. The heater, based on the template assembly of the boiler, pipes begins to pull sobresalidas leaving the ends on the floor or wall, at each point where you place a radiator. After the painting of the house, placed the radiators, connecting them to the ends of pipes left and installs double check valve (or single tube), the holder and the trap for each radiator. If the thermostat has been installed, the power line that connects the thermostat to the boiler, is embedded in a groove in the wall before it is plastered. The thermostat is placed after painting the wall and is attached to the electrical connection of the left pipe. If your installation has thermostat should be placed in 75% of the radiators, thermostatic valves that replace the dual setting (or those of monotube). Tightness test pipe and radiators, at a pressure of 1.5 of the working and at least 400 kg/cm2 and KP 4 24 hours. Test that indicates whether the amount of heat in each room meets the standard. To do this, in the center of the room, 1.5 m. soil, it checks the temperature of the room. We should begin by placing the mounting template from the boiler. This work is directed to both the plumber, the heating and also for the gas installer. Pipes: Copper or black steel, sheathed in corrugated PVC pipe as chemical and mechanical protection. Copper pipes may be coated with an insulating base shells. All materials involved in the heating system, such as boilers, pipes and radiators must come from approved manufacturers and respond to current regulations in all that it requires. Similarly, the heating installer must comply with current regulations on heating, dealing with the heating project and its licensors. He was one of the first commitments torn by the new neighborhood council of the City of Llanes Celorio. After several meetings, which addressed issues relating to cleanliness, lighting and maintenance of the infrastructure of the town, this week ended the installation of the safety net of the sports. A cleaning of some areas of the town followed the withdrawal of the fenced playground (presumably to be replaced by a new one), and this week the installation of a safety net in the sports, although there are many promises to fulfill still much work to do the hard work of the neighborhood. Javi Gavito, a member of the neighborhood, held several meetings with officials and municipal workers, until on Friday accompanied the councilman Jose Balmori to supervise the finishing touches to the installation of the network. The network's objective is to prevent the ball jump off the track to the playground, the aparacamiento or highway, with consequent danger to vehicles, children and pedestrians. I'm happy for the work of the neighborhood council. we see there are other ways of doing things and work up, which is what matters to people.

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