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APRIL 27, 2012 3:58PM

Thanks to those few who responded to my arrest tales!

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What you had no  way of knowing, nor did I in entirety, I wrote those while I was undergoing a new drug for type 1 diabetes. I was in extreme excruciasting pain and day before yesterday I  almost died.

This drug is called Victoza and when it works it really extends lives. But when it doesn't work, it can kill.

So just to say I have never in my long life had so much torture and agony, everything that was ever wrong with my body  surfaced and thank god I'm off it now.

I don't know why I wanted to share this, as I don't think many know me here but that is why those posts were my way of getting out of this self onto the writing  and now who knows?

I'm off the pill, still a little woozy but even an earlier death is worth not being in total bodily hell. Thanks for listening. Do not need comments just to say why they were off or too long or whatever. love to everyone here, esp those few who read  the over- long posts. There was a pt 3 but i think I'm done.

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I don't mean to say that the posts were bad, just overlong. And I give thanks to Thoth Erika K, Romantic Poetess and
sophia, Brazen for coming by. You are so sweet to have logged througn maybe interesting but for sure very very long tales.
I am glad to see you found out what was wrong before it was to late! I hope you are feeling much better now.
I wanted to hear the whole thing. It is always good to see you, Wendy. R
Hope you're feeling better now, Wendy. So many hazards out there. It's been quite a few months for many of us. Hope the next ones are calming.
Wendy, love -- I'm a total computer NUDnik. :-( Been long and a lot feeling I was "missing you". Kept trying to check in on comments of yours I'd see on other blogs &/or trying to track down your own home page blog -- mostly without success at actually "finding you" :-(. Been "thinking of you" throughout, cuz I sure did miss our being in touch! Thought maybe you were traveling (again) or too busy working on your book to post on OS.

But hey, if it's "all" (or some, any way) been a matter of diabetes ... well "count me in" (if a bit slow). I don't have Type I but I have Type II, and the "gazillion" other ?"quips and cranks and wanton wiles" of my by now Official Geriatric Condition.

So ... "I'm wif' ya keed"! Hope that the vibes through the ethers really work, because I sure have been sending you a lotta 'em. [Wish I knew the skills of other OS-ers how to show a "heart" image in an posting.....]
P.S. When I ask OS to call up "WendyO", this is the ONLY blog of yours I find. ?! Where/how/why, did you and I lose OS track of each other???