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FEBRUARY 19, 2012 4:09AM

Has Anyone here heard from Monsieur Chariot???

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 PS: I have a knot in my belly for I just realized I have seen no posts from the great, the only Monsieur Chariot. Of course, not to be alarmist as he might have simply taken a break. But with internet friendships i sometimes get worried about a dear friend. Anyone????


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Wow, that IS radical change.
What a lovely post. I didn't hear that quote by her Mom, very interesting!
Wonderful to hear WendyO! enjoy India, and of course, write about it.
It's great to hear from you and good to know your 2012 is going so well. Wherever you go, and whatever you do in India, you will find transforming. No doubts about that. I've just recently returned, and am thinking about my next trip. Take lots of pictures... and write!
hi Patrick, thanks, Deborah, love, ritr, true blue, Vivian, yes we must discuss India... But I've someone got you tagged onto this new post because it's really important. I rarely worry about others but I confess and it's happened once before I find M. Chariot's absence worrying. I emailed him but so far nothing. Pit o' belly.