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Wayne Gallant
Morriston, Florida,
April 09
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I am six feet two inches of rippling muscle, wavy blond hair, sparkling wit and two-fisted defense of Family Values and the American way of life. (I did say that I write fantasy fiction, didn't I?) Addendum for the benefit of the humorless and/or brain-dead - The above was meant to be satirical. The parenthetical (that's the part between the curved vertical lines) should have alerted you to that intent.


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OCTOBER 4, 2009 2:05PM

Meet the Buddha

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If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.” ninth-century Buddhist master Lin Chi.

I met the Buddha out on the road, so I killed him.
I pulled out my trusty old 44 mag and I drilled him.
And all the love and compassion flowed out which had formerly filled him
As the cold hand of death reached in and finally chilled him.

Now I practice the Dharma and my own form of meditation.
I gave up the booze and transcendental medication.
I raised myself up to a higher spiritual station,
And I'm speaking to Larry King and the United Nations.

So if you meet the Buddha remember he's not like he feels.
Don't let him sell you no bells or them spinning prayer wheels.
His saffron robes and his sandals look so down at the heels,
He's all out of offers and beyond Scientology deals.

Now the Buddha's got nothing to do with any religion,
He just wants you to lift your standard of ethics a smidgen.
So be mindful of meditation and the worlds that you're bridgin'
And your spirit may soar on the innocent wings of a pigeon.


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poetry, buddha

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I like it. Your sentiments and the manner of expression. (and the pix!

As someone who does ritual poetry in triplets, I appreciate your finding rhymes in fours!
Thanks Myriad,

This was intended to be a light-hearted expression of the serious thought that even an ignorant lout can receive the Buddha's teachings, and a reminder that he never intended them to be a religion.
I'll follow Myriad anywhere!
Myriad need three bulldog?
Body guards and sweet pets!

A rot welder plumber to protect her?
A collie and poppy-bagels with locks?
A poodle who will sit on Myriad's lap?
love Ya.
W.Gallant deserves to be rich pet chauffeur!
That's to insist:`Open Salon needs to pay Ya!
Ya can be a common sense OS'er physicians!
This thing is a gas. Whammo final pic, too.
I thought this was brilliant. Thank you.

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