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Wayne Gallant

Wayne Gallant
Morriston, Florida,
April 09
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I am six feet two inches of rippling muscle, wavy blond hair, sparkling wit and two-fisted defense of Family Values and the American way of life. (I did say that I write fantasy fiction, didn't I?) Addendum for the benefit of the humorless and/or brain-dead - The above was meant to be satirical. The parenthetical (that's the part between the curved vertical lines) should have alerted you to that intent.


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NOVEMBER 29, 2009 3:46PM

Turkey Tetrazini - skc thanksgiving

Turkey Tetrazini
Turkey Tetrazini has long been a favorite at my house, but especially just after Thanksgiving. You'll find this version both easy and delicious.

* 1 (16 ounce) package uncooked/… Read full post »
NOVEMBER 9, 2009 10:36PM

Skilleteers Easy Red flannel hash

red flannel hash
Easy Red Flannel hash

This is easy, since you will be using canned ingredients, but feel free to try this with potatoes, beets and corned beef you prepared yourself. This makes a hearty breakfast and will fuel a man for an entire morning of/…

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OCTOBER 4, 2009 2:05PM

Meet the Buddha



If you meet the Buddha on the road, kill him.” ninth-century Buddhist master Lin Chi.

I met the Buddha out on the road, so I killed him.
I pulled out my trusty old 44 mag and I drilled him.
And all the love and compassion flowed/… Read full post »

JULY 22, 2009 10:49PM

Marshall McLuhan killed OS...


... at least for me.
... at least partially.

His famous dictum, "The medium is the message", finally sunk in, and is the reason why I have decided not to post much on OS in future. At least I won't be posting any more works of fiction,… Read full post »

JUNE 20, 2009 1:25PM

My favorite ex-favorites

I have just completed removing EVERYONE from my favorites list. Like many things on OS, it was an unnecessarily tedious task. You can't remove a favorite from the confines of you own blog, oh no, you have to visit the blog… Read full post »
JUNE 16, 2009 1:18AM

Foodie Tuesday - Lobster Stew


Lobster Stew

Which of the following is true?
. Lobster stew is quick and easy to prepair
. It is expensive, rich, and satisfying
. It is a near cert to get you laid
./… Read full post »



* This is a recreation of a post I published five months ago. It is revised and updated.

Seems like some "writers" here are desperate to have their pearls of wisdom and literary accumen read by as many people as they can possibly entice into/… Read full post »

APRIL 9, 2009 2:37PM

Torch Song - flash fiction



I was watching the house through the spotter scope when the garage suddenly burst into flame like some gigantic firework, a great yellow-orange ball, growing swiftly. It reminded me of films I'd seen of the atom bomb tests. I shuddered, and held my breath for several seconds before… Read full post »




Beer Butt Chicken is a whole chicken, shoved over a can of beer, then placed on a grill and roasted until tender. This results in superior flavor and a moist, never dried-out bird. Beer Butt Chicken tastes better than the usual chicken parts grilled over coals./… Read full post »

APRIL 2, 2009 6:05PM

Radio & Race Relations

old radio
The second half of the 20th century saw great strides forward in race relations in the United States, and while "a perfect union" is still to be acheived, we've come a long way.

Advances in the… Read full post »
APRIL 1, 2009 11:38AM

People Like the Sky




"What color is the sky?", I asked.
"Blue" the child replied.

"That's right" I said.
That's right... sometimes.

This morning I looked into the eastern sky
as Sol arose from his cold Atlantic bed.
The gray predawn was pushed westward
and yellow gold became the sky's primary color.

The… Read full post »

MARCH 26, 2009 2:06PM

On Writing - Maeve Binchy

Maeve Binchy: Writing for a Changing World - Time 2:47

"The whole art of life is knowing the right time to say things."

"I like to concentrate on the bit part players, the supporting cast as well as the… Read full post »
MARCH 25, 2009 4:35AM

Behind the Veil


There was a Door to which I found no Key:
There was a Veil past which I could not see:
Some little Talk awhile of ME and THEE
There seemed--and then no more of THEE and ME.

*The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam", Stanza XXXII

Old tailor of tents, old weaver of words,
You lure/… Read full post »

MARCH 24, 2009 8:51AM

On Writing - Stephen King


Advice from Stephen King - Time 1:12

"Only enemies speak the truth; friends and lovers lie endlessly, caught in the web of duty. "

"Talent is cheaper than table salt. What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."

"I watched/… Read full post »

MARCH 22, 2009 2:46PM

On Writing - William Shatner


Shatner On: The Subtleties Of Language In Writing


"The basic quality that any great story must have is a story that illustrates the human condition. "

"Acting is easier - writing is more creative. The lazy man vies with the industrious."

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Seattle Wiley - Writing Tip - Choosing Words - Time 6:00


"Good writing rests on two things: content and structure. Content - knowing what it is you want to say - comes first. Just as important, though, is structure: the words you choose… Read full post »


Many time Hugo and Nebula Awards winner Harlan Ellison is co-author of I, Robot (with Isaac Asimov) as well as the critically acclaimed I Have No Mouth, and I Must Scream, and The Beast that Shouted Love at the Heart of the World. During his first day as/… Read full post »

Since CNN cancelled DL Hughley Breaks the News, I thought this interview with "former Republican" Frank Schaeffer might be of interest. While not a "writing lesson", as the previous videos were, I suspect that it may contain some wisdom which you could impart to your pages.… Read full post »



Coming down from the ridge, we could see the Canadian convoy, circled next to a large outcropping of rock just north of the Kandahar-Kabul highway, which protected them from fire from that direction. But their southern flank was wide open to Taliban fire, and they were being… Read full post »

MARCH 8, 2009 2:52PM

On Writing - lyrical exercize



We depart from our series of Video lectures to explore some great writing expressed as song lyrics.

First, a tragically romantic evocation from the pen of tragic romantic Billy Strayhorn:

They say into your early life romance came
And in this heart
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Editor’s Pick
MARCH 6, 2009 12:29PM

That is NOT Haiku!


Haiku - what it is, and isn't

As a writer who is quite interested in Haiku and also quite informed as to what constitutes Haiku and related forms, such as Senryu, I read every blog post I see which has the word Haiku in the title. … Read full post »
Broc o'chicken

Broc O'Chicken Alfredo with penne pasta

1 head of broccoli or 1 bag frozen brocolli florets
2 medium chicken breasts (with skin and ribs)
1 box (16 oz.) penne rigate pasta
1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 clove garlic
1 jar (15 oz.) Classico Alfredo sauce
1 bay leaf
1 whole/… Read full post »
FEBRUARY 24, 2009 10:30AM

On Writing - Eddie Izzard


What can a writer learn by watching a standup comic? Lots. The techniques employed in standup are quite transferable to the printed page.  The fast segue, the juxtapositioning of seemingly disparate ideas, the introduction of the incongruous thought, all those weapoms from the c… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 23, 2009 8:25AM

On Writing - Phillip K. Dick


Phillip K. Dick interview Time 3:47

"I want to write about people I love, and put them into a fictional world spun out of my own mind, not the world we actually have, because the world we actually have does not meet/… Read full post »

FEBRUARY 22, 2009 12:53PM

On Writing - Frank McCourt


Frank McCourt - Writing About Poverty Time 4:22

"You have to study and learn so that you can make up your own mind about history and everything else but you can’t make up an empty mind. Stock your mind, stock your mind. It… Read full post »

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