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MAY 5, 2012 12:51PM

superhero Assange battles the MATRIX, now full 3 ring circus

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hi all. hows it going? things have been kind of turbulent in my personal life lately. some health issues for nearby cohorts, not my own. employment volatility. persistent quandaries. to make long stories short. sometimes I feel like writing a long blog about it, other times not.

my zeal for this site has noticeably diminished a bit. its like a relationship where the initial zing and sparkle starts to wear off. or as an employee said who I overheard, the "tingle". thats ok. I still like open salon, but I realize Ive probably overdone it in the past. Ive probably pushed it to the limit as far as what I can personally achieve here. initially it seemed like there were lots of possibilities. lately I see the boundaries of the box.

it would be cool if open salon posted traffic statistics. sometimes I think there is less traffic. other times it appears the site is growing. hard to tell.

anyway Ive been collecting lots of links as usual. I like to try to time my blogs with current events. internet surfing is one of my favorite activities. I find it relaxing, engaging, and even energizing. the quality of free material online is really substantial now compared to many years ago.

the internet is especially good for diverse, multihued opinion. when I was young, a teenager, I remember reading the local newspaper Rocky Mtn News and thinking how limited in perspective the editorials were, and thinking that opinions were as diverse as humans, and that maybe someday there might be a way for more people to publicly share their opinion. so zillions of blogs blooming like dandilions in the spring are really a dream come true.

* * *

some of the links Ive been collecting are on Assange. now if you look at my blog you'll notice I had a lot of intense attraction for his quest, his near-jihad. this guy is about the closest we have to a modern day superhero if you ask me. the guy is brave, courageous, near fearless, and maybe a bit foolish. "fools rush in where angels fear to tread".

if you look at history, transformative figures are sometimes the ones that dont have a lot to lose. like that penniless street vendor guy who set himself on fire and started the egyptian revolution. its gruesome, and I dont approve, but its sometimes the downtrodden who can have the most transformative effect. [an old sr citizen in greece recently pulled the same stunt, complete with a dramatic suicide note.]

assange's  on-the-run, near-fugitive childhood of frequent moving and avoiding detection/location by his divorced father seemed to have a big influence on his personality. he has a furtive, secretive, sneaky nature. it borders on near paranoia. strong parallels to the present, where it may be totally justified.

after the rape allegations, it didnt really diminish my opinion of him too much, but the whole situation had escalated to an entirely new level of near madness. I cringed, because assange rotting in jail does nothing for his cause, and he seemed to be inches away from it.

assange has directly challenged the status quo of the Warmachine. that is one of the highest personal risks one can take. there are others who did it in a slightly different way, and they are in prison or dead. assange has chosen to do battle on the level of information warfare, of memes. its a subtle difference in some ways. in some ways it is less dangerous, in other ways it is more dangerous.

the warmachine does not always/merely use physical weapons. it uses information, media-based weaponry. in some ways, its the most crucial. its part of its nervous system, its brain. assange intuitively understands this. this weaponry is well concealed, like a stealth fighter. stealth weaponry is the warmachines favorite mechanism. much more insight can be gleaned from the semifamous document that nobody has read, "silent weapons for quiet wars". I wonder if assange has read it? I wonder what is opinion would be?

assange has found a few kinks in the armor. his ideology of affinity for whistleblowers and whistleblowing is key, and powerful, and fruitful. it will continue to bear fruit. its the right direction. he has to focus on people who have cognitive dissonance between their reality and their actions. there are now MILLIONS of americans with secret security clearances. not all of them are robots. not all of them are amoral. not all of them have no conscience.

so, I have tremendous respect for assange and in many ways what he has done so far is revolutionary, unparalleled, unprecedented. I hope he can pull off more information liberation coups.

assange does not know the weaponry that is laid against him. he is learning of his adversary just as vice versa. you can read about his surprise that visa and mastercard and the electronic transaction infrastructure was derailed, choked off, shut down such that fragile life-sustaining wikipedia donations fell off a cliff. he expressed his surprise, shock, and dismay that the corporation machine and the war machine behaved as if they were one monolithic, connected entity.

surprise! welcome to the Matrix, julian. thanks for taking the red pill. thanks for talking about what its like to take the red pill in front of a large audience.

* * *

so Ive been collecting many links in my web sitting here like a cyber spider. Ive been thinking for a long time that I would write a post when the Manning verdict comes down. Im sure its quite imminent. Im sure it will be quite bad for manning. the evidence arrayed against him is deep. mannings mistake, I would say, is having a conscience, and not being paranoid enough.

I hope that someone outdoes manning with the information that they liberate, possibly in conjunction with assange. I guarantee you that such information exists, and there is information that could possibly have 10x or 100x the psychological impact of what assange has liberated so far. [try to think about that. Im sure you can realize its quite possible.]

but you have to be utterly paranoid. you cannot even trust the hackers around you who also want to liberate that information. you have to do it utterly, entirely alone. you have to figure out how to encrypt and send the data without telling ANYONE. you cannot even tell your close girlfriend, you cannot tell your own mother, you cannot tell your best geek friend. if you want to stay out of jail, you have to keep it secret, and take that secret to the grave with you.

anyway bradley, I salute you, you are a real american hero. and for that you will probably get something like 5-10 years in jail I suspect. if so, keep in mind its actually the Warmachine-Matrix idea of lenience.

* * *

so its been quite awhile since I talked about assange, and he's had an awful lot of adventures in the meantime. I hope someone does a movie about his life sooner or later. the book has already been written. several books. including his originally-authorized, turned-to-unauthorized autobiography.

heres a quick rundown of the latest stuff along with lots of links. hope you enjoy em. the story continues. I think there are at least a few more years of drama coming out of this, if we're a little lucky, and if we're really lucky, assange will stay out of jail and do outrageous, provocative, institution-altering acts the rest of his life. Im looking fwd to that.

  • big news is his new tv interview show "the world tomorrow" with at this point 3 episodes in the can. havent seen em yet. what do you think? take a look at em in the links below. russia today is probably highly partial to putin's views about the world, however, I think putin has some real insight. his long history in the russian intelligence services/circles is not an coincidence or aberration. its absolutly key to understanding his grip on power. but putin is not only about secrecy-- it seems he's also somewhat adept at using the media to selectively disclose insights about his adversaries. which is increasingly, along with julian, the US Warmachine.
  • assange interviewed in rolling stone and forbes. the rolling stone interview was mentioned in the front cover at newsstands. julian the rock star! with sex crazed groupies!
  • "assange claims credit for egyptian revolution". this is a stunning factoid but absolutely, the arab spring demonstrations started in Tunisia, and the Tunisian demostrations were unequivocally significantly triggered by wikileaks revelations about massively corrupt Tunisian government. so you can say that assange taking credit for the Arab spring is massive exaggeration, or you can realize its absolutely grounded in the facts and history. but the world will be slow to remember this. we'll see how it plays out in the history books.
  • assange initially cooperates and then angrily splits with and denounces his own autobiography. it seems like it might have coincided with some lawyers confiscating his book payments as I understand it. the Matrix plays dirty, doesnt it julian? Id say you're lucky not to be in jail or dead. [awlacki didnt really live a life all that different than yours-- he didnt seem to do much with weapons his whole life and was mainly a ideological figure from what I can tell.... and did you know I went to college with him? I saw him in the hallways a few times....]
  • state dept employee faces firing for posting wikipedia link. I think there are similar stories like this about govt workers harassed or intimidated about the wikipedia links. its now official policy that its grounds for disciplinary action or dismissal. radioactive, man! the truth will set you free. or it might put you in prison. its always a tossup sometimes.
  • wikileaks divulges sensitive info on Stratfor. now the media is laughing at or downplaying the significance of Stratfor but its one of those shadowy corporations you can be sure has a significant role in building the Matrix. its just like the CIA cultivates the images of keystone cop bungling, of an ineffective agency that cant tie its shoelaces, while in the meantime it is efficiently vaporizing terrorists with multimillion dollar drones flown in well oiled, tight operations with millimeter precision much more than merely the hardware. for more insight into these types of private agencies & their power role in the Matrix see john perkins "confessions of an economic hit man" books...
  • assange announces he is running for the australian senate. can this saga become any more convoluted? is it officially 3ring circus level yet? I havent heard further on this bid for power, its quite unintuitive in some ways. I cant imagine anything else coming from it, but its great theater. frankly it reminds me a little of the porn star who ran for the govenors office in california when the govenor was recalled. hilarious. or how about jesse ventura successfully winning office? I would like to see jesse ventura and assange team up for something, maybe a tv show or politics.
  • courts are ruling heavily against wikileaks eg by searches of people known to be affiliated with wikileaks, the subpoenas on twitter for people affiliated, email subpoenas, etcetera.
  • the manning trial is in process and looking very bad for manning because the forensic evidence is very strong. they have a computer of his with the sensitive information on the hard drive, but deleted.
  • "jolt in the case-- feds have found a manning-assange cyber chat."
  • ron paul hasnt said much about assange that I know of but he has heralded manning as a "true patriot" and that he would protect manning as a whistleblower. strange bedfellows! ron paul is also in the news because one of his top leutenants said that paul seemed to have doubts or a different opinion about the official story of 911. the Warmachine-Matrix is vast and it has enemies in strange places.
  • one of my favorite writers Hedges wades into the fray talking about manning as a political prisoner, part of the US Gulag.

its not widely publicized any more but assange started out as a teenage hacker, breaking into the US defense computers at one point. "gandalf". so there is a strong affliation with hacker ethics, tactics, etcetera. there has been a lot of commotion by the "anonymous" hacker group, it seemed to be triggered mainly by visa and mastercard shutting off donations. however, Anonymous increasingly seems to be independently targeting the USWarmachine outside of assanges' particular battle. Ive got lots of links on Anonymous & will be writing that up in another blog.



assange-related books


vzn assange saga archives

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Good to see you're posting again Assange and Manning both require our attention.
jesus you are too damn fulla research, v.
how the hell can a good fun lovin oser like me or jmac,
that old beard,
get the time to check this shit out?

assange? is that real?

I have tremendous respect for assange and in many ways what he has done so far is revolutionary, unparalleled, unprecedented. I hope he can pull off more information liberation coups.
u say.


i am gonna stick with this site.
u say
"as an employee said who I overheard, the "tingle". thats ok. I still like open salon, but I realize Ive probably overdone it in the past. Ive probably pushed it to the limit as far as what I can personally achieve here. initially it seemed like there were lots of possibilities. lately I see the boundaries of the box."

boxboy, take out my groceries, said the matron to the
fella. push my damn limits.

g w f hegel destroyed the idea of limits long ago.

"no such thing, for a limit assumes a beyond.'
There is no natural or necessary restriction upon a quantitative limit, and therefore the continuous breaking down in our thought of any assigned limit necessitates the conception of an infinite quantitative progression. In this connection Hegel quotes Zeno, who has put this idea in an enigmatical form: “It is the same to say a thing once, and to say it forever.” Such an infinite series gives, however, a false idea of the true significance of infinity. It is false for the same reason that the qualitatively infinite progression is false, as we have already seen. it is what Spinoza calls the imaginary infinity. As an instance of this conception, Hegel quotes the lines of Hailer:[7] –

“Ich bliufe ungeheure Zahien Gebirge Milionen auf,
Ich setze Zeit aid Zeit Und Welt auf Welt za Hauf,
Und wenn ich von der grausen Hoh’
Mit Schwindel wieder nach Dir seh’,
Ist alle Macht der Zahi Vermehrt zu Tausendnial,
Noch nicht em Theil von Dir."[8]
in english, u ask?
well by gosh my translator says

"I bliufe immense Zahien mountain range millions"
I set time time and world aid to world of za Hauf.
And if I horrified by the Hoh'
With Vertigo again after you see,.
Is all of Zahi power increase to Tausendnial,.
"Still not em part from you."[
Transparency, obongo version: hide all that can be hidden, prosecute true patriots, critics, and whistle-blowers.

Glad to see you posting again. My favorite Wikileaks/Stratfor leak was the one about Osama bin Laden not being buried at sea. We sure haven't heard the end of that one.

I'm glad to see the Russians finally pose an alternative point of view to the US fairy tale, now that Al Jazeera has been totally co-opted.

Even in the 10 years prior to the Soviet collapse, dissidents and whistleblowers who had sensitive information to leak got it out through the embassies of non-aligned Middle East countries. They knew if they took it to the Soviet embassy, the KGB would send it straight to the CIA.
hi all thx much for the "instant" feedback.
hi JME it looks like a lot of work but I surf a lot and it doesnt take me much time [extra] to bookmark interesting articles. the good news is that bookmarking technology is much better than years ago which helps with sorting/organizing & tracking it across multiple computers. as for Hegel I havent read much of his philosophy but Im a big fan of his collaborator Marx =) .. your point is a bit abstract & stream of consciousness but I guess thats your trademark on here :p
SJB thx for feedback. I skimmed some of your online book last nite & think will delve into it deeper at some pt. I read your blog about new zealanders feeling they are now a colony of the US. its hard to escape the borg huh?! also I read your idea that assange may be a CIA plant or disinfo agent. its an intriguing hypothesis & have seen others assert it but I think it just doesnt hold. havent seen a good argument other than a freefloating suspicion that what he has done so far couldnt be possible without some kind of Matrix-like deception going on. I am sure there are many layers of deceptions, but theres also a point where one can get so paranoid that one doubts most of reality... so far I am pretty sure I havent reached that pt, wink
SJB-- wanted to add however-- on the other hand the idea that intelligence agencies tend to run the world & have far more impact/role/control than anyone can realize or discover, I tend to agree with, eg with my comments on Putin above. it seems they really work as adjuncts to the corporatocracy but this is one of the most well kept secrets out there. [again john perkins sheds light on this]. as for al jazeera compromised or coopted, I can certainly imagine them toning down their rhetoric [since the US warmachine called to have them bombed only a short ~5yrs ago or so]....but they still seem to be a thorn in the side of the USWarmachine last I heard.... as for whistleblowers betrayed by intelligence agencies, thats a scenario that Im sure plays out quite often.
Very thorough. A couple of things. First, Russia Today is actually a major hub of information for the Occupy movement, based on an analysis of internet traffic. RT appears to be far more reliable than Iranian state television (Press TV), which appears to be far more dogmatic. By the way, when I want to watch "fair and balanced" on the left side as an antidote to F*x News, I go to Press TV. But then,
BS = BS.

Second, Economic Hitman is perhaps an allegory or stand -in for reality, but do not confuse it with an accurate description of how the world works or the sinister forces that control it. From my personal experiences, when I read parts of Economic Hitman, there were literally multiple ROTFLMAO moments.

Assange, on the other hand is the real McCoy. Having seen his three RT episodes, I can assure you that he delivers a solid journalistic product. Both with the Tunisian president and the head of Hezbollah, there were several moments where Assange asked tough journalistic questions that no other reporter in the world DARED ask of these figures. His weakest episode was #2, where he basically let David Horowitz motormouth way too much. But again, my gold standard of information is finding news you can't get anywhere else, and Assange fits the bill.

I hope he avoids the clink, and I think it would be a gas if he won the Australian Senate seat.

Lastly, please give Bradley Manning all the prayers and support that you can. Poor bastard will need all the help he can get with the way he's being treated by the gummint.
hi OLN. disappointed in your reaction/denigration to Economic Hitman. a book which spent many wks on the NYT bestseller list. what are your objections? its one of my favorite books of recent years. and its amazing how it came out prior to the 2008 crash but was highly relevant/related. I heard perkins lecture personally in boulder CO a few yrs ago to a large audience & found him quite genuine. what parts had you LOL? to me, there are very few books like this. its quite rare. basically, insider whistleblowers that risk a lot. maybe youd like to suggest some kind of alternative? I would compare him favorably to Manning whom you support.... strong similarities.... not sure if you will read my reaction here, but it would be interesting if you wrote a blog on the subj & I will possibly debate you in the comments....
Thanks. You do exhaustive research and share valuable links. Very useful and very informative. Keep up the good work! I'll be visiting your blog often.