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FEBRUARY 29, 2012 8:54PM

beautiful women of open salon XXIX, clickable pics

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hi all its been awhile since I last posted this series. 3 whole months. my 3yr anniversary on this site is coming up in early april & I guess Im running out of steam a little bit. yeah Ive got a lot of various writing out of my system I guess. it also amazes me how much turnover there is on this site. phenomenal!

Ive built up an audience over the yrs & thx to everyone for reading here. but boy this cyberspace stuff is sure transitory. it bums me out a little bit sometimes that so many ppl abandon their blogs. oh well. life goes on. as that old greek said, you cant step in the same river twice. even more so in cyberspace.

this is definitely a great site, its one of the best on the internet for blogging, and Ive met some amazing characters on here & read a lot of amazing writing. its not common, but it does stand out.

lately Ive also been busy hooking up a new job. geez its a little crazy but I think the last time I worked more than 1.5yr at a job could have been in college over 20yrs ago. how much transition can a single person take? Im kind of the poster boy for that.

anyway Ive got a big backlog here & its a shame to see it go to waste. I might not post this as frequently but I realize I do still enjoy it. mainly for the dribble of comments that I get & occasional conversations in the comments. so if you feel the slightest amusement or entertainment by all this plz stick around and lets chat in a back-and-forth & see if we cant entertain ourselves further, wink

included, lots of interesting gender-related links that I run across in my copious/sometimes near-epic cybersurfing expeditions, wanderings, & ramblings. again if you see something interesting feel free to comment on it & maybe we might chat about it. I tend to save stuff on evolutionary psychology in particular which is a fascinating field Ive studied for yrs & maybe the public is finally starting to pick up on it slightly lately.

oh yes & I admit the whole thing started out as a bit of a prank or a provocation to see if any of the ladies would actually respond too. I do have about a 1/25 record on that or so I would guess. which easily makes it well worth all the effort, wink




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This is not politically correct. Therefore, rated.
Okay I will play along with you just this once vz. Its difficult to say from just a picture but the eyes have it. I will take the “hedgehogger”, and I like her politics too
I only read posts by ugly women.
haha hey dudes you're all funnier than I am. lets hope the ladies have a good sense of humor too =)
Your community service (links and lovelies), is highly appreciated.
We love you, Rita.
thanks pal. sniff.
There appears to be only one requirement to make this list...
RS believe me I sigh louder & more frequently than anyone when I see this list haha
JLH and whats that?
ps RS try taking off the hat & showing more of your face if you're serious :p .. it is a beautiful hat I guess :p

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All of these women are most certainly attractive... I'm chagrined that I'm too damn old and weary to go chasing after them... what does that mean? Hmmmm...