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JANUARY 23, 2012 10:33PM

GAMECHANGER-- *Occupying* Republicans!

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hi all .. my last installment in this series was about 3mo ago at which point the Occupy msg was starting to resonate across the country. boy has it ever! within the last 2 weeks we saw Romney get dinged bigtime over his comments that he "likes to fire people" and the stunning, disorienting revelation/headline that he has significant cash in offshore bank accounts! holy cow! and then gingrich and perry started to debate against him as a predatory capitalist. and then he just lost the south carolina primary! gadzooks!

so yeah its hard to time this stuff these days, but Im gonna unleash my full load of links in celebration of these latest tumultuous, gamechanging events. I think Ive really never seen anything like it in my life....

Im slowly regaining some faith in the public & political process in this country. of course it will never go as far as it should, but it looks like the american public is finally waking up from a 3-decade long slumber in which they believed that Corporations Are Our Friend. now, Im not saying that Government is any more a friend than Corporations-- I wouldnt want to meet either one in a dark alley-- wait, maybe we *have* met both in a dark alley over the last decade-- but these days Government is actually winning the eternal, quixotic, twisted battle of being the Lesser of Two Evils.

so yeah Ive been collecting links on all this like mad, I can barely keep up. thank goodness for bookmark synchronization in chrome! but geez it got screwed up today just as I was about to build this post, costing me valuable time removing duplicate links. @#%&. the stuff I go through to bring you the freshest up-to-the-second posts possible, you cannot believe....!

anyway, all these links tell the story, but Ive broken it up into sections for your delirious surfing expedition. hope you find this useful & engaging. I know I did. & I think maybe we havent seen anything yet.

[race] -- some early articles about how the political race is being affected. also on obamas new populist, its-not-class-warfare tone. amazing, I swear, its like he was reading my blog when he wrote that. or at least one of his speechwriters. a speech that just a half a year ago was inconceivable.

[tactics] -- various tactics being adopted by the occupy party/movement. you know, the simple/obvious stuff like about raising taxes on the rich, banning exotic derivatives, limiting executive pay/perks via options, funding Occupy, etcetera

[strategy] -- this is the more breathtaking stuff where people are seriously talking about reevaluating the basic structure/dynamics of capitalism as-we-know-it. phenomenal, revolutionary.

[99vs1] -- this is where the media expresses its collective shock in the actual facts that the whole 99% vs 1% msg is based on incontrovertible, incontestable, fundamental trends and statistics (now even being reported by govt agencies! shocker!)

[causes] -- the media then asks the question, whats the cause of this? how could this have possibly happened?

[lies] -- whenever there is a massive paradigm shift as we're now experiencing, the old dogma has to be thrown in the trashheap/dustbin of history.

[occupy] -- on the dynamics of the Occupy party making its way into the mainstream, incl the presidents own rhetoric and now [increasingly] his reelection strategy.

[democracy] -- editorials that (gasp) Occupy is good for democracy & changing the dynamics of it.

[vs.tea] -- contrasting the Occupy party with the tea party which now has paled in comparison & looks like its on life support.

[crackdown] -- coverage of some of the harsh physical crackdown that happened on occupy protesters. I salute you guys. if you wanna make an omelette, you have to break some eggs.

[washington] -- media and public discovering that (gasp) after the zillions of lobbyist dollars rained down by corporations, washington is compromised. voters leaving *both* parties in droves. music to my ears man.

[banking] -- on the banking system as a (gasp) CARTEL. yes I actually heard that word in the media recently. blasphemy! also that stuff about corporations hijacking democracy & attempting to buy it out. did anyone notice that?

[pushback] -- plaintive wails and crocodile tears from the fatcats. I guess we know that we're finally starting to have some effect.


race tactics strategy 99vs1 causes lies occupy democracy vs.tea crackdown washington banking pushback 
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Great post. Very inspiring - almost optimistic. People overcoming their fear.
I rarely have time to keep up with all the activity on the internet; actually I never have enough time, including all the links you provide on many stories. I can imagine how much time you must be spending compiling them.

It's good to know they'll be there when I do find more time to chip away at them, thanks; keep it up.
A great resource! Thanks for doing this. And yes, powerful social movements like Occupy can have and is having profound repercussions on the society. It gives the lie to those who preach that voting is the only real political act that people can engage in. Voting, as I've argued repeatedly, doesn't make public policy. Movements, on the other hand, are where it's at.
Wow vz I was just saying in TimingLogic’s blog that government has to seize control of this runaway freight train called America. In fact I recommend the implementation of a policy of strict political assassination. This would have to be done by some powerful government agency that is equipped to draw up death lists for every bankster and corporatist that has ever interfered or even has the capability to interfere with policy's carried out for the good of the empire as a whole.
hi all thx for the feedback.
DL-- it seems social movements like occupy wall st wouldnt have been nec. if we hadnt taken our eye off the ball as the public. but the politicians we elected for generations have taken this country in increasingly distorted directions. & we see now that we didnt have the same priorities, agenda, goals, values all along. both sides of the spectrum have sold us out repeatedly....
JH your comment seems a bit crazy & out of line until one considers that the executive branch does reserve the right itself for... executions. we're living in an upside-down world.
Thanks so much for your comment on my piece about occupying the economy, and for all these stellar links in your article. I'll be reading all of them!
hey KA so you have a little )( politics in you after all. even if you dont say anything directly about it. :p