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JULY 13, 2011 10:03PM

injured fatcat murdoch bleeding in int'l MSM! how much more?

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scandalmonger besieged by scandal!
blood in the water! sharks circling a wounded shark!
hi all. well hot damn! weve got a real live, white hot SCANDAL brewing.  

but is it really?

and theres a rare sight to see-- an injured billionaire bleeding in the worldwide media.

but is he really?

this phone hacking scandal has actually been brewing for YEARS. what we really have is that the UK police are finally starting to do their job, apparently.

or are they really?

look, Im feeling like a kid on xmas morning on these revelations. its very exciting for me to see the normally comatose public actually appear to wake up. it just feels a little Too Good to be True right now. I cant believe my eyes.

what the heck triggered it?

the parents of very young girl murder victims in britain had their phone hacked. in another case of milly dowler, teenage murder victim, this led to false hope by the family that the daughter was still alive and had deleted the messages herself. and what exactly was in those messages? was it meaningful? police fear that "evidence may have been destroyed"

so yeah these hacking charges have been known for years but the scope of the operation is just now becoming clear apparently through police leaks. and the charges related to the murder victims are causing intense public outrage.

the situation of murdoch closing up the entire newspaper News of the World related to the affair is astounding and unprecedented. it was a highly profitable corporation according to reports.

so here's where I put on my conspiracy hat.

there are reports that someone in UK govt feels that there is intentionally misleading leaking of the police investigation.

in conspiracy theory you have to really look at shadowy sources. there is rarely merely information as the press reports, to be taken at face value. there are people who leak it, and they have agendas.

it is conceivable that there are people in the police investigation who are just morally outraged at the information they are uncovering and decided to go public with it. in a word, whistleblowers. in this way they would be similar to the espoused ideology of wikileaks.

but the heat on Murdoch is so intense right now, its something Ive never seen in many years. when was the last time you read about a billionaire in the media who was under some kind of serious charges? I cant remember. maybe the Kochs? but they are just under all kinds of clouds of allegations, but they are too clever for any of them to be actually incriminating/illegal. likewise, murdoch has something like close to six decades of experience in playing in this game, and he is likely untouchable also.

oh yeah, ok, it reminds me a little of the toyota quality issues that came up a few years ago and required the toyota executives to testify in front of congress. and I see no conspiracy angle on that-- to paraphrase freud, sometimes a scandal is just a scandal. 

similarly, murdoch is scheduled to testify to the UK parliament shortly.

* * *
however, the UK police have been investigating the hacking charges for years, so one legitimately wonders why this scandal is suddenly "popping" at this moment. because it reminds me of the 911 commissions. the US govt spent tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions on the 911 commission and NIST engineering reports, and they all amounted to nothing but an extremely sophisticated, impervious, 21st century stonewalling, whitewash and coverup.

another scenario is that some other major party in power feels threatened by murdochs encroaching media empire and has finally decided to "take him out". I dont have a lot of evidence for this except that the case of a justice system working correctly to identify powerful perpetrators and bring them to justice seems like such a rare occurrence in this new age we live in of Globalization.

it seems clear to me, global justice has *weakened* since the rise of globalization. so far, globalization is mostly about enhancement of global darwinian capitalism, about maximizing wealth disparity between the winners and losers not only within countries, but between them. creating a global justice system to keep up with this mutating frankenstein has lagged seriously. surprise!

another scenario is that maybe the Murdoch brouhaha is actually a diversion for some other much larger scandal going on, that could catch fire or is sparking or igniting. that is the pattern that I have seen over many years. it is not always so obvious, and I cant remember all the cases of this. 

one big example I noticed from the last few years was the Madoff prosecution and the Spitzer resignation. outright financial criminality was running amuck in the US and the public was calling for heads to roll. the FBI was investigating mortgage fraud, but were there ever any prosecutions? virtually nada. so I think the Spitzer affair and the Madoff prosecution served two key purposes during this time
  • remove Spitzer, a powerful district attorney who had real teeth and an agenda specifically targeting financial fraud.
  • madoff served as a decoy prosecution. a sacrificial lamb thrown to the lions. a scapegoat. yes, madoff was quite guilty, but there were probably at least several other Billionaires who were involved knowingly in outright criminal mortgage fraud.
so the bigger Parasite is unharmed, undamaged, and actually strengthened. that bigger parasite was consolodation and merger of massive financial institutions, now a massive Cartel not called that by anyone in the US.

lets look at the last real estate financial crash in the US in the late 80s, the S&L crises. there were literally *thousands* of prosecutions in that era. in this era, there is close to *nada*. my conclusion is that the financial parasite has strengthened immensely in a quarter century to near-metastasizing proportions, and it is still largely unchecked.

yes, its counterintuitive to the layman, but yes, I think massive scandals are sometimes almost manufactured, mainly as a way of occasionally throwing some real meat to the disquiet, seething, clamoring masses. but this is meat only in the sense that its a sacrificial pawn. a diversion, a decoy, maybe a red herring albeit possibly very large.

these types of conspiracy "honey traps" are quite compelling and I would suspect they ensnare many very highly intelligent and focused conspiracy theorists.

my other major interest in this scandal is the accusation that they tried to hack into 911 victims phones. why? there is not much knowledge here except that maybe they were specifically targeting british victims families. why? merely for a scandalous story? its hard for me to understand this operation right now.

but this only shows how easily distracted and misled the public is. 

in july 2009 I copied this link, and have had it in my blog for over a year-- "NSA Security running amok to plug leaks about 9/11" by wayne madsen. [see below]. this is beyond scandalous, earthshaking information that the massive US intelligence agency is using its full prowess to hide the truth about 9/11. the public and of course MSM didnt even yawn-- that would have been an actual reaction.
hey dorothy! look at that bright shiny object by the side of the road! pay no attention to the man behind the curtain! 

I also include a fantastic link below ["Police Intelligence Analyst Fired For Blowing Whistle On False Flag Terror"] to how british police intelligence analyst Tony Farrell with 12 years experience was fired for concluding both 9/11 and 7/7/2010 events were staged by intelligence organizations. astonishing!!
bombshell!! this is the kind of scandal I could imagine a fake scandal might help deflect.

information warfare and psychological operations are definitely alive and well.

so a big media mogul Murdoch is caught redhanded wiretapping his hapless victims enemies or whatever. to this I say "yawn" and that far more vile black operations have been going on under our nose for years in the massive, sprawling, international intelligence complex.

anyway, I will have more ideas later about what all this means as it develops further. we are still in the early stages of this situation, and I freely admit Im still trying to get a feel for it, a take on it. one things for sure, I dont really trust the public, MSM or even the UK police to really get to the bottom of it. when has that happened in the last few years? why should it happen this time? it seems less likely right now at the beginning of the 21th century than at the end of the 20th.

but, I do have some hope. maybe if some of the corrupt media falls, the truth can eventually be uncovered. except that I assure you that the corruptions runs much deeper than a mere multimilliondollar british tabloid rag folded up in a fortnight.
* * *
addendum. recently I was gonna do a post on how Foxnews may be in a slide. yeah, its the unthinkable. there has been a buzz after the recent Rolling Stone article. but, rupert beat me to it. Ive never really had a thing against Foxnews too much, until I realized it is one of the main warmongering mouthpiece of the internationalists, for the Joe Sixpack crowd [they of course have much more refined and elite stuff for the literati, such as Foreign Policy magazine, or whatever].
anyway, Beck was laid off, probably because his magical mystery tour of truth-bending finally crossed the threshhold into outright lies, maybe esp w.r.t Soros background. if you dont recall, Beck accused his father of aiding nazi's or something like that. it was just close enough to the truth to be a masterful smear!! that is the essence of good demogoguery and propaganda, and Beck is one of the greats. but, his time is up, and he's gonna have to try to generate his massive ~$30M salary somewhere else in the world, assuming its possible.
faux news

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vz, you and me are well aware of what's going on in this country unfortunately it is not the agenda of Open Salon / Open society to expose it, they are part of it. Which brings us to Murdoch, there are actually 2 directions this “New World Order” can take. One is the world wide socialism as espoused by its blue blooded architects in Europe and the other is a Bush style return to feudalism. Obviously Murdoch favors the latter but apparently he has gotten a little carried away with himself and figured he could use J Edgar Hover tactics on their European rivals. Apparently Murdoch did not get the memo that he is not a Bush. Well now their going to have to clarify that for him and he may indeed not be left standing when they are done with him. Enjoy the show vz he's going to bleed like the stuck pig he is and I am going to savoir every moment. Thanks for the links!
Great list of links here and a wealth of info on the disinformation running as more 'news' dear.
Keep on truckin'......
Lots of good information. I always appreciate your meticulous research.
thx all for the feedback! plz dont feel overwhelmed by the links-- my posts tend to be link-heavy sometimes, but just skimming the titles, you'll be more well informed on the subj than many americans. and thats my style with links is that just skimming the titles is valuable...