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JULY 2, 2011 12:06PM

beautiful women of open salon XXVI, clickable pics

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hi all. happy 4th of july. Im glad I live in a free country where I can write and express myself about whatever I want [esp in a public forum]; its a freedom Ive been exercising my whole life, even as a pre-teen.

based on the recent ongoing flamewar/melee here on opensalon between linda seccaspina & trig, some have been calling for stronger restrictions on anonymous posting. obviously this hits close to home. I liked rw005g's response a lot. you can also see one of my blogs linked on the left refer to famous anonymous bloggers.  if you are against anonymous blogging [an apparently minority opinion but with vocal backers] try reading that post for a new perspective. [you wont be alone, its one of my highest read posts currently at ~12K hits. I guess the search engines discovered it somehow.]

work has been very eventful, we deployed our web site code in weblogic that we've been working on for many months. its a big deal. the overall project has been going close to 8 months or so, and Im about 4 months into it. its amazing how much code Ive written in such a short time. but, I have a little extra time to surf the internet now & collect various exotic links. somehow I am always coming across fascinating gender related stuff which of course is the written topic of these posts.

Im trying a new link format here, hope you like it. for years Ive included the URL but that partly had to do with how I collected them and also, thought it might be helpful to see the sites. but in most browsers you can hover over the links to see the web site name, and this is definitely a much more readable format.

fyi these are just in the order that I collected them. click on the pics to go to their blogs.

as usual, although Im thinking I ought to announce this every time, Id be interested to chat with anyone about any of the contents of the articles in extended comments. I generally pick these articles for their unorthodox, contrarian, surprising, or counterintuitive contents. culled from my favorite sites I visit regularly. with their implications for biases involving either gender. think you will find them interesting at the least. as the japanese have a saying, "the reverse side also has a reverse side". nowhere is that more true than with gender.

beautiful OS women gallery archives 

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C Berg

Mary Stanik


Carmen Havens

Rory Lewis

Tootsie Boudoir

Amber Erling


Natalie Shure

Tessa Janelle Focht

K. L. Adams


Jayni Stearns


June Gage


Lucy Hancock

vanessa seijo

Jen Padgett Bohle






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First off, I'd like to say that the only thing surprising about Shirley MacLaine's confession is that it was only three. And that they all were men.

Second, I would like to know how you go about rounding up all these beautiful women. I assume that you don't go to Search and key in "beautiful women." Whatever your method, it can't be simple.
hey authur, enjoy your writing. the method is indeed really quite simple. I surf blogs all the time mainly the front page and "recent" column from the home page. reading, commenting. then I basically just bookmark em as I find em as a diversion.
which reminds me of a quote by Newton:
"I do not know what I may appear to the world, but to myself I seem to have been only like a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself in now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me."
oh, that and my highly evolved/finetuned/optimized male brain. [but which admittedly is subj to the various traps of false positives, negatives, and spambots etc]
I don't believe that Einstein played on the beach very much, which may be why he one-upped Newton.
You should PM vz and tell them they made your list
the only method for rounding up lovely lasses is to
do your
research with all good fatuous faith in the mercy of

which i assume vzn has

makes not a whit of difference to one as depraved
as i.

what i do care about is
einsteinian physics.
all being relative, i ask who the hell gives a shit?
luckily in slow slow time
all reactions still have an action,

per newton.

three laws unto thee, saieth he.
blah, said the wild old jew.

blah blah
and ha ha.

and oops.

(see alfred north whitehead's more manly version of
bertrand russell couldnt counter him,
and that old hippie committed the sin of
lusting after al's wife)

google or wiki him.

i couldnt actually care less if he was accurate,
he was right.
i like coming here to learn about what's going on around here. flame war, what? and which link are you talking about regarding anonymous posting? thanks, vzn.
I'd like to hear more about coding. I may sound ignorant and it may be none of my business, but are you a hacker? I've been reading the Stieg Larsson series (Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is the first) and really dig the main character who is a hacker.
P.S. What is the flame war?
hi lovely ladies thx for visiting. rw005g is a great progressive lawyer writer. his post on anonymity is here
"flamewar" is an old term for "heated back-and-forth argument" from Usenet, an internet bulletin board system from many yrs ago.
am I a hacker? years ago I might have fit that description as far as "dinking around with the security of systems"
here are some cyber-related essays Ive written on the left bar. [yes I do write code. but no I havent written much about that on the blog, have I? what a gaping hole there]

-is cyberspace messing with our heads?
-3 way coolest games & toys for budding [software?] engineers
-BIG Brains--artificial intelligence, singularity, or skynet?