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DECEMBER 17, 2010 12:54AM

assange free on ~$400K bail

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the news is fastmoving as usual. assange is now free on a near ~$400K bail after 9 days in jail, some of it paid by michael moore and other wealthy and/or celebrity supporters/admirers. I hope to get a list of that. remember when they were gonna put director Polanski into jail over rape charges? there were many hollywood types who signed that petition. isnt this a far more just cause??

plus, anonymous attacks on Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal for cutting off the payment systems. as Assange states, they appear to be "instruments of US foreign policy". I told you Julian!! the international Warmachine is far more amorphous, connected/unified, and monolithic than you can ever imagine. it stretches into allied countries, into corporations.

oh yeah and Putin complains that the west is unfairly persecuting Assange over free speech issues. stunning!! just a few wks ago it was being reported that Putins secret service was capable of assassinating Assange based on leaks over Russian oligarchs or corruption. I just read in another open salon blog that a russian journalist was roughed up in front of security cameras and literally had his skull cracked merely for reporting on a new highway through [previously!] protected forests [and yes, others are killed over mere reporting esp if it involves corruption in high places]. one wonders if Putin will be so understanding if those russian secrets come out. or maybe its just an act-- what do you think?

it seems the world is upside down and its just the beginning. 

oh yeah and I hear Time magazine reporting on Assange, putting him on  the cover and talking about how he's a real gamechanger. that he's a nonstate actor holding entire governments accountable. funny, I thought thats what the PRESS/MEDIA used to do. what a bunch of @#%& hypocrites. stenographers!!!

the news that assange has revealed wouldnt be so jarring if the media/press had been doing its job instead of the corrupt, enabling, corporatocratic whoring obedience/subservience its now degenerated into. it has appeared to me for awhile the press/media is the modern analogue of the dissolute, mostly useless, much-hated Courtier class seen in the french revolution.

by the way julian, I found your old 2006 blog with its cool ideas and highly recommend that you start a new blog and continue to blog somewhere. it would be fantastic. heck, maybe you could start blogging on open salon. how about a facebook page? it works well for sarah palin, the press fawns all over her soundbite facebook musings. I personally think your ideas would carry a little more weight in cyberspace.

the word is now that maybe in the US Assange is going to be charged with conspiracy possibly instead of the risker Espionage act. supposedly he may have helped Manning directly spill the leaks by providing a special server for him to upload his data.

it would seem that both Manning and Assange have big egos and that may be their undoing or downfall. "hubris" as the greeks used to call it. Manning has been in solitary confinement without charges or trial for 5 months. I figured as much.

I say for those serious whistleblowers who have higher morals and ideals than that, remember an old quote, theres no limit to what someone can accomplish if they dont insist on getting credit.

on the other hand, could julian have built up what he's now built up without the notoriety? the notoriety of the founder while maybe not a consciously planned component appears critical to the increasing "street cred" and corresponding momentum of the site.

despite all the recent white-hot, massive and highly riveting international reverberations and commotion, after about 1.5 decade of studying conspiracy theories on the internet [yes, leaked documents have been around for ages, they date even to xeroxed form, and wikileaks hasnt seemed to have noticed any of those yet, possibly esp because they cant be verified as wikileaks attempts....], at this point I really dont think any *major* US secrets have been spilled, the kind that are protected with an order of magnitude greater security and kept by FBI/CIA/NSA [and the young illustrious upstart DHS] and truly have earth-shattering consequences if they get out. if that happens, I predict an even larger reaction, at least an order of magnitude greater.

see, in my experience, the really "hard core" secret stuff is, while psychologically revolutionary to the point of near paradigm-shattering, almost incompehensible to the layman. its like a foreign language. the layman or Joe Sixpack does not really have the background to interpret it. in fact its the kind of stuff you might dismiss as bizarre/nonsensical/impossible conspiracy theory if you'd actually seen it. that just means the CIA is doing its job-- I would argue we are probably routinely/regularly conditioned by the MSM in exactly this way. 

thats why what assange is doing is so brilliant, subversive, and destablizing as he is working in tandem with real outlets of the MSM. this MSM connection has its pros and cons [yes, it is dealing with the Devil], but now one absolutely cannot deny the intense impact of this strategy. and I am dubious of the success or impact of anyone [such as a competing site now launching] that doesnt employ something similar. john youngs "cryptome" has been around for ~1.5 decade and theres a reason nobody's heard of him.

nevertheless it would seem that Assange has accurately found the Warmachines Achilles Heel, and is still a thorn in its side. the idea seems to scale so far. wikileaks is still online with many mirror sites. he seems to have a inferior but still-functioning payment/donation system in place.

and he now makes Wales' Wikipedia [which the press was 1st freaking out over, and then fawning all over just a few years ago] look like a boring, rusty volkswagon in comparison to a sleek, zooming 007-trick laden black Ferrari. the center of cyberpace momentum has shifted.

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julian assange.. arrested/GUILTY.. of blatant nonmonogamy!

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wikileaks/julian assange--information freedom fighter

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