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APRIL 8, 2010 11:55PM

best writing open salon/elsewhere, wikileaks slaughter video

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hi all. its a very rare occurrence that a video like the wikileaks US military slaughter video makes it out to the public. but, every so often, the truth leaks out, and it can be jarring, startling, shocking, intense. the raw, unvarnished, Military Industrial Complex.


some are comparing this to the Abu Ghraib pictures leaking out, in the effect on the US public & mass consciousness. I would say its somewhat similar.

theres something very strange, but expected/predictable, about the american psyche in which people dont believe stuff unless they see it in a video, or tv. this has always worked against the public when moguls like Murdoch own the "video dissemination apparatus" so to speak [to borrow from that old saying, freedom of the press only belongs to those who can afford to own a press].

violent atrocities on civilians by the US military like that seen in the video has been well-documented for many years [try reading anything by Robert Fiske.. now *theres* a war reporter]. but, rarely so viscerally.

but, in the new internet age, americans tendency to see the world through the eyes of video is slowly starting to work in the favor of the Truth, more frequently. this video also reminds me of the shooting of the young woman in Iran, the "Neda video". its a rare moment when the sanitized version of War is briefly exposed for the Big Lie that it is. oh, its all fun and games when its Iran, one of the 3 stooges axis of evil elements. but its not so fun when the chickens come home to roost.

[which reminds me, did you hear that Frum, the inventor of the "axis of evil" phrase, just got fired from his cushy thinktank job? maybe there really IS a god.... yeah I have his book, "end of evil" or something like that.... what a masterpiece of propaganda if I ever saw one.....see [14] for a masterful, scathing, blistering response to Frum and his rosy-cheeked, dog-loving, white-apron and apple-pie wife.... its critically important to realize that the War Machine chews up into a pulp its supporters/defenders/architects just as much as its opposition....]

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”

--Joeseph Goebels, Hitlers propaganda minister

the Big Lie is really a whole bunch of tightly intertwined lies. such as-- that War is Necessary, War is Required, We Have No Choice, War is Worth It, Smart Bombs, Minimized Civilian Casualties, Fog of War, Rules of Engagement, Collateral Damage, etcetera, Blah Blah Blah ad infinitum ad nauseum. oh yeah and dont forget the icing on the cake, Embedded Reporters.

two key points that video-controlled americans will have trouble grasping

  • there are probably other videos that havent been released, showing similar scenes
  • there are probably similar depraved occurrences that were never filmed

but dont take my word for it. heres some really excellent writing on open salon about the video.[1-5]

[1] talks about american gung-ho machismo & "sheriff is in town"  attitudes around the Bush ("BRING 'EM ON!!") era that can be seen in the video. [2] is by a university professor who has written antiwar books and talks about the military's attempt to control public dissemination of information because it interferes with "opsec" and "infosec", its all in a document that was also leaked and shows the military's true inherent paranoia at its core [against its own populace it is supposedly "defending" aka DEFENSE dept]. [30], a sharp condemnation of "murder".

hence the US military goes on the OFFENSIVE against its own public and its freedoms of speech & press, etcetera.[8,9]

[3] considers the propaganda elements and the CIA, and compares the official versions of the incident with the actual reality of the footage, and finds some strong discrepancy and "cognitive dissonance"... [4] is another summary with images of the destroyed van. [5] has information that one of the wikileaks personel was detained by the US state dept. cites [6]

[12] is another case of the military refusing to release important videos that involve massive civilian casualties. and if you're in the conspirational mood, [11] documents hints that targeting "unapproved" journalists is unspoken pentagon policy. this is based on real information, but exactly the kind that video-narcotized americans will have trouble connecting the dots.

if your eyes start glazing over, maybe theres hope. Ill try to find a youtube video.

[7,9] are good examples of MSM whitewashing and downplaying, with more analysis in [10]. they dont mention Wikileaks in the title and call it a "muckraking" site. oh yeah, this video is "muckraking"? uh huh. it looks like JOURNALISM to me, but the NYT wouldnt know that if it came up and kicked the NYT in the teeth. with a big, fat, scoop. which it DID. take THAT, vile corporatocracy-obedient-subservient, military-industrial-complex-enabling MSM.

the NYT sat on that NSA-domestic-wiretapping story for ages too. but, well-concealed background-- they were with their back against the wall because one of the reporters was about to release a book with the same information. and wouldnt that be embarrassing? one starts to wonder if the NYT is just a sophisticated whitewashing operation at heart. which reminds me of [13], a major story embarrassing to a major owner of the NYT, billionaire carlos slim.

yeah, its a little embarrassing when a little nickel-and-dime web site run by a rag-tag motley crew like wikileaks can outdo a billiondollar corporation with one of those awkward corporate blind spots. or heck, even a lone blogger. but, to quote rumsfield [on the reason iraq was selected over afghanistan at the time], its a target rich environment. those blind spots seem to be everywhere these days. actually it sort of sounds like GUERRILLA JOURNALISM[15] to me. I like the sound of that.

to blithely/indiscriminately mix my metaphors, it looks like with almost a decade of intense international warmongering, maybe we in the US whitewashed ourselves into a blind spot.

* * *

stuff found after my original post. just cant keep up with the onslaught on this one. [16], govt approves "targeted killing" ie assassination of an american cleric. [17], an editorial in response. [18,23] Gates comments on the wikileaks video saying it "wont have lasting impact" and blames wikileaks for releasing the video (of course, who better to Shoot the Messenger than the Military Industrial Complex....) [19,20,21], information about US spying/surveillance on wikileaks. [22], military says it doesnt have a copy of the video itself.

[24], the military is diagnosing soldiers with "personality disorder" prior to entering the military, in some cases even subjecting them to rendition-like tactics, after they are injured, to avoid paying benefits. [25,27], eyewitness accounts by iraqis of the US brutality featured in the above video. [26], the Iraqi family including the 2 children speaks on camera & damands justice for the attack.

[28], gates criticizes wikileaks for posting the video without any "context". [29], US soldiers near to the group involved in the massacre sincerely apologize for the violence, but apparently independently and not under military support. (and in fact risking military retaliation). [31], riveting account of soldier who saved the two kids but was told not to by his commanding officer. he has PTSD and his officer, under a sort of looming hazing-like threat, warned him not to even visit a mental health worker in the army.

[32], arguing the massacre was psychologically similar to video game play by the participating soldiers.

[33], army intelligence analyst arrested and jailed without charge so far in the leak. remarkably, turned in by checkered semi-infamous ex hacker adrian lamo.[33,34,35] in the crosshairs: renewed pursuit of julian assuange (who seems to have gone into semihiding) by the pentagon [36,41] and who apparently has had his passport confiscated.[37]

[38], a long analysis of latest developments [manning incarceration, lamo as informant, poulsen's actual reporter credentials, longstanding lamo-poulsen connection/relationship, etc] by salon's outstanding, indefatigable progressive columnist glenn greenwald who talks about the lamo credibility/entrapment issue, and argues that the pentagon is succeeding in its covert goal of engaging in "information warfare" and dismantling wikileaks, and argues that the site is protecting freedom.

various profiles and interviews on julian assuange incl an excellent, thorough background on him in new yorker [39,41,42]. assuange says he has another major project/release in the works but it could be not as well received because he seems unlikely to re-enter the US to give a press conference (as he did with the original video, in washington, at the national press club) under apparently quite legitimate fears he would be arrested.

the new yorker article describes his operation as "media insurgency" and assuange himself as somewhat paranoid even before the video was released, and other articles suggest he is playing an ongoing cat-and-mouse game with pentagon/cia surveillance. assuange is quoted as saying that despite the manning fiasco, he is still getting many "high calibre" submissions [45].

[43], possibilities on the software-related mechanism/"loophole" by which the information could have leaked.

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hey CA, you are quite the MIC apologist/asskisser and what, I thought you lived in canada..... thats some pretty effective brainwashing there huh..... what do you personally benefit from the US grinding up civilians and reporters into pulp, anyway? and anyone who reads your blog will certainly know whose sanity and grip on reality is in question.
CA, its also so impressive that you pride yourself as an independent thinker, but are about the biggest spouter of groupthink that Ive ever met. if I want the official version of the propaganda, wow!! I dont even have to wait for the generals comments on the evening news that the wikileaks video is "propaganda". I can just write a little on my blog and wait for you to show up and tell me exactly how the CIA and the Pentagon feel about the whole BUM RAP.
"You will see the reaction you get to this video by more mature, adult Amerikans, who have grown out of their diapers...."

americans are kept in their mental diapers by the MIC, protected from the bogeyman and insulated from disturbing videos like the one that wikileaks heroically exposed, and those that remain who dont voluntary sign up for the military afghanistan-meatgrinder-roulette are involuntary fodder for the relentless, all-consuming, all-pervading corporatocracy.
and whats your opinion of the US apparently incarcerating wikileaks contributers/volunteers? the officially declared policy of the Pentagon to attack the site as, essentially, an enemy broadcasting station? gosh, I wonder how much different a blogger like you or me is from a wikileaks volunteer. if they go after wikileaks, who is next? you or me first? personally, I think the military/MIC is stupid and indiscriminate and mindless and random at times, as shown graphically in the video for anyone with half a brain to realize. so therefore, I dont know if it really matters what we write. what does fate or reason or laws or logic have to do with the above video? maybe you will get "disappeared" or "renditioned" into some remote country so they can "question" you. and you can be sure to inform them of what a big supporter of the MIC you have always been, and Im sure those big, hairy, faceless interrogators will be quite happy to take your word for it.
I will just picture CA as the good samaritan who drove up in the van with his two kids to rescue the injured.
naw, thats ridiculous of course. CA wouldnt risk his life for another human soul unless there were some kind of huge [monetary] payoff.
I guess it would be much more realistic to picture CA as an innocent bystander who runs for his life. and then is shot in the back by the soldiers in the helicopter.
well CA, if your wife is 40 pounds overweight, and presumably you arent having sex with her, or at least good sex, I guess I can sort of understand why you take your frustrations out in cyberspace, defending the MIC. that pent-up juice is starting to make you go crazy. its ok, I know the feeling....
CA, you are highly intelligent also, but at heart, a nihilist, and amoral.
hi CA, we dont really have very far to go down the slippery slope. it seems to me the US has been slipping down the slope pretty rapidly ever since 911....
according to this new article, obama has been upping "targeted assassinations", including of american citizen(s).... americans yawn in response

Can Obama Assassinate Americans?
by Nat Hentoff
"And don't play that tired game about....what would happen if you or me were caught up in the rendition/enemy combatant scenario....we have a LONG...long way to go in this society before that happens...it will first happen to a lot of swarthy, Islamic types before it happens to us..."
HAHAHA news bulletin, it already HAS happeend to a lot of "swarthy, islamic types"
at guantanamo..... and elsewhere.... you've heard of Jose Padilla right? american CITIZEN.. went insane at guantanamo.... still incarcerated, last I heard.....
"even in those cases there will be many Supreme Court and ACLU petitions, etc., preventing the worst abuses. "
HAHAHA and how much trust do YOU have in lawsuits mounted by the ACLU to protect your freedoms? something tells me you're not the kind that has much respect for the ACLU.... quite an amusing scenario there dude.....
the ACLU and many other parties have already mounted many lawsuits against the US MIC overreaching and worst abuses in the last decade, most of these lawsuits have been dismissed due to eg state secrets etcetera, they never make it to trial.....moreover, obama has explicitly continued the cases to argue in favor of executive branch wiretapping/surveillance....
"Now, this did NOT have to happen. If the stubborn Iranians would just give in...that's all they have to do....make an accommodation, through some face saving gesture...but no, no, no...they have their pride! All this is over pride!...don't you see? That's the tragedy..."

yeah, those @#$&% iranians, they want to run their own country like they OWN IT OR SOMETHING !!!
"I, on the other hand, grew up in a completely atheistic family, so I just don't care about Iraqis and Iranians...."
this is pretty funny, hahaha.
this reminds me of all the conservative outrage when obama suggested that he wanted a surpreme court justice who exercised EMPATHY along with the law..... whooo, red alert there dude.....
"it will first happen to a lot of swarthy, Islamic types before it happens to us."
yeah, they're always swarthy and islamic in all the official videos of guantanamo.... I wonder if there are any blond-haired blue-eyed white guys.... naaaaahh.. they would have shown up in videos by now right? just like grisly battlefield videos would leak to the press.....
at least I THINK they are swarthy and islamic looking under those hoods... right??? and the hoods are to keep them from seeing outside, right??? they certainly wouldnt be there so that nobody can see the blond-haired, blue-eyed, white-guy prisoners..... you can trust the MIC on that one!!
heck, we're at LEAST as safe as all those people in Germany during WWII that didnt look jewish....!!
hmmmm, that reminds me.. the MIC has successfully argued in court and congress that all the names of prisoners and of course, "renditionees" are classified information... there are not actually any official list....
you ARE part of the problem because your supposedly sophisticated/realistic attitudes, cloaked in the guise of intellectualism, are largely indistinguishable in end result/bottom line from Joe Sixpacks.....
so, isnt it interesting/fascinating, that no matter how smart or dumb you are, everyone comes & arrives to the same conclusion.... to bow down in subservience and obeisance to the almighty Military Industrial Complex....?
in this way it seems to be like a human/anthropological/social version of a Black Hole that has a powerful gravitational field, which nothing can escape.... including light....
the public is mostly apathetic and indifferent.... the protests against the iraq war in the US and around the world were the largest ever seen in history. it would seem that it is not a government of, by, and for the people.
"it is this militancy, aggressivity and martial spirit in the public that makes the MIC possible in America."
your own shadow-side militancy, aggressivity and martial spirit manifested in your comments above is a match for any americans....