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FEBRUARY 16, 2010 9:13PM

breaking conspiracy.. dubai hamas murder by ... MOSSAD?

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hi all. yep, its time for another installment of conspiracy corner.

my model for conspiracies is something similar to what Kuhn described for scientific revolutions. in evolution its called "punctuated equilibrium". the same applies to earthquakes. long periods of stability characterized by brief periods of instability.

conspiracies dont happen every day. you can go weeks, months, sometimes even years without a big conspiracy breaking. but then theres that brief instant of *pow* and it hits. and you can kind of measure it on a richter-like scale. I guess 911 would be a 10 on this scale. or at least a 9, wink.

I do wish I didnt have to write this, but it will probably be millenia before humans begin to tire of executing conspiracies....

and today the operative word is indeed "executing". you wont read a whole lot about this in the US mainstream media, because israel has such an amazing ability to manipulate our country, honed over decades of painstaking infiltration, and its very well concealed.

recently in dubai, an apparent Hamas arms merchant/salesman was murdered by a team of 11 hitmen and one woman!! this is an extraordinary development, and its top headlines overseas in europe, but its not really gaining the headlines here in the US.

this gives us an unusual opportunity to study this little incident. news is breaking.

1st, yesterdays news brought us the item that the dubai police were looking for the 11 suspects and their names were broadcast. phenomenally, today the story is totally different. the identities of the murderers were cases of identity theft. apparently all the victims had recently visited israel, or even still live there. but they all say they have not travelled to dubai, and their passports do not even have stamps.

the british media is immediately implicating the israeli secret service, the Mossad. and it does seem like... ah well lets not jump to any rash conclusions here. lets see, 1st, hmmmmmm, what could possibly be the motive?

who else could pull this mass theft and sophisticated counterfeiting of passports off? who else would have access to the travel documents? as stated in the article, when foreigners apply to enter israel they must submit copies of their passports. oh well now isnt that convenient. there is some smoke circulating that it could have been a rival-to-Hamas terrorist network, but that makes no sense. since when do stateless terrorists have the ability to steal passports? how would they get access?

now, if the US was a serious country, it would have our secretary of state Clinton confront israel over this astonishing breach of international law and security, and possibly even attempt to investigate this brazen crime. but of course, nothing of the sort will happen. the US has probably been doing the virtually same with blackwater agents except in the middle east instead.

and where the @#%& is the british government in all this? its also fascinating that the passports were largely british. wouldnt it be more wise to randomly pick different nationalities? is this an israel revenge also at britain for some reason?

heck, Id like one of the british citizens to sue britain and Israel for fraud, breach of privacy or whatever. you can imagine how far that lawsuit would get in the judicial system--exactly )( that far. but, it would at least be good for a few laughs.

they say nowadays you should be careful what you post on facebook, because future employers might see it. also, airport security is high with the new body scanners. I guess you might also be careful that right after your genitalia are xrayed to the appreciation of the minimum-wage security staff [link on that below], you dont go through some airport where the Mossad is secretly xeroxing your passport for future assassination operations. it could lead to one of those definite awkward moments at a future job interview. esp if the employer hasnt heard of the Mossad. on the other hand, Im sure the mere chance of getting any job interview at all would likely tend to go down for the hapless identity theft victims....

or maybe we could set up a razor-sharp security system where at least they mail you a letter indicating when your passport is being used somewhere in the world, and you're not actually on that plane. Im sure that the crack scientists at the new bush-flavored multizilliondollar Department of Homeland Security are working on it as we speak. your tax dollars at work. er, actually, on 2nd thought, I kinda doubt they can figure it out, but maybe at least someone in dubai would like the idea and might pursue it.

another interesting aspect of this situation is how the dubai police naively posted the identities to the world, apparently taking them at face value. if dubai had a serious intelligence agency, it probably would have figured out quickly that the passports were forged, and would not have publicized the identities of the innocent bystanders. so there's some egg on the face of dubai's government here. 

yet, dubai did indeed loudly blow the whistle. which is much more than could be said for many US cases of detection of israeli spies. it would seem that dubai has a better justice system than the US and is less compromised to israeli infiltration. and they even did it without the world-famous US constitution. [not that it really has much significance any more these days-- its really just been coasting on its historical reputation for awhile now.]

the operation shows a remarkable glimpse into the real world of cloak and dagger, right in front of our eyes. its remarkable that up to 11 agents (possibly more.. why should we assume that dubai identified them all?) were all sent to kill a single (obviously very "high-value") target.

oh, that reminds me. a lot of the 911 terrorists initially identified by the FBI were also said to be "mistaken identities" as real people turned up alive who said they were not involved... I must admit, they had some pretty strong alibis. 

but-- could the 911 hijackers have been using fake passports that hijacked real identities in a similar way? the media did not investigate further the apparent identity theft. I guess identity theft is something that teenage hackers do with your credit cards, not something that state intelligence agencies do with false flag terrorism or state-sponsored execution squads. wink. maybe its kinda like that thing where you pull a little thread on a sweater, and then eventually the whole sweater unravels. I guess its all fun and games as long as its on a beautful woman. but not a femme fatale.

a similar situation happened in Italy a few years ago when CIA operatives were all sent to kill a terrorist, and Italy denied that the person/citizen was a terrorist, and insisted that the operation was a violation of its laws and sovereignty, and convicted the CIA agents in absentia in court. just another case of "mistaken identity" I guess.

in the italian case, it was 23 CIA agents-- more than double the number in the Israeli operation. I thought americans were innovative and efficient compared to other countries.

Q. how many agents does it take to kill a target?

A. it depends. did you offend Israel or the US? and is your lawyer Italian?

what, you didnt year about that? strangely, the roman polanski case was breaking/blaring around the time of the Italian convictions, as I recall. a little funky how apparent media "decoy" events happen like that.. you really do wonder if there is a puppeteer pulling the strings somewhere. it is said that history doesnt repeat itself, but it does rhyme.... it would seem that the puppeteers like to try their hand at poetry as well....

* * *

also in the links below. there are rumors in the conspiracy community (so to speak) that an obama assassination attempt could be made to smear both left/right wing extremists and/or pressure obama into attacking Iran.

now, I dont see much real evidence for that yet, but I cant say that such a thing is preposterous. it really does feel to me like the OKC95 bombing was a way to discredit the rising militia groups in the US, who were getting more mainstream & gaining momentum/members after the randy weaver and david koresh/branch davidian incidents.

and yeah, Iran has been in the neocon crosshairs for probably decades at least. they're always agitating. and Clinton now officially tells us that Iran is run by a Military Dictatorship. over here in the civilized US, we dont have anything so backwards, rickety, and unsophisticated. ours is way more streamlined. its called the Military Industrial Complex.

elsewhere, Newsweek recently covered the whole conspiracy thing and concluded that where there is smoke, there is no fire. a nice scathing/blistering rebuttal by infowars below. turns out it was by some journalist neophyte who just graduated college. nice work dude. you should get a blog. or maybe you already have one. and if you're really ambitious and want to "go places", the CIA wants to talk to you.


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Pretty cool story. This is just business as usual for the Mossad though. The weird thing about it is that it was all made public, right down to the CCTV footage,the pics of the perps in their disguises, the fake passports, etc. Real life is always more interesting than spy novels, but we rarely get an idea of just how interesting.
Gee... I think maybe you should have gone to Al Jazeera for a mite more information...

Might I suggest the following: 6 British, 3 Irish, 1 German, 1 French passport used
Oh and gee... 2 Palestinians have already been arrested in the case...

Oh and lets not forget that the man who was killed was himself using a fake passport. Now tell me please... WHO uses a FAKE passport when their activity is wholly above board?

Might also want to read up on what theJerusalem Post has to say...
thanks for the correction. I am not a journalist, although I sometimes play one in cyberspace, wink. I just changed this sentence "its also fascinating that the passports were all british." to "largely british".
mrs raptor. you have a point. maybe the hamas arms merchant guys true crime was that he didnt work within the official/authorized channels of the International Military Industrial Complex [tm]. you know, kinda like, use only genuine GM parts.
otherwise, your mileage may vary.
exactly. any enemy of my friend [proxy/tentacle] is my own enemy.
israel says, roughly, he was an arms merchant who murdered israeli soldiers many years ago. trust us. and, we can neither confirm nor deny that we killed him.
yep, its evolution alright. both warfare and state assassinations-- its called a red queen race. have you read any matt ridley yet?
CA, youve never alluded to your real occupation, but maybe youve missed your calling... you seem to enjoy real stories of assassins so much, maybe you should consider signing up for an intelligence agency... make sure to tell them you prefer "wet work"... I read your story about the cat-fat-pizza-topping.... Im sure youd be a natural after reading that....
gotta admit, the female on the team was pretty cute.. wonder if she works for mossad full time, or is it just a moonlighting thing for her? am sure, she could play an archivillainess in a porn movie very expertly/convincingly.....