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JANUARY 4, 2010 9:28PM

beautiful women of open salon gallery XI, clickable pics

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hi all!! happy new year. coincidentally, my running collection of beautiful open salon women filled up right here at the new year. maybe I should make an appropriate new yrs resolution. lets see, I resolve to appreciate women even more this year than I did the last one. =)

I sometimes have lots to muse about in these posts, other times not.

cant think of a lot thats relevant this time. oh, I was watching season 5 of the Girls Next Door on DVD. wow, there were some fantastic episodes, although its amazing how uneven it is. I wonder if different people are involved in the planning of the episodes? the one with kendra cleaning out her car-- gag!! whose idea was that?!?! 

The Girls Next Door Season 5 Episode Guide

but then they had a few on the 55th anniversary playmate selection including their photoshoots. oooh lah lah. there were something like 7 girls in the running and 3 finalists. must say, I agreed with hefs selections very much. gorgeous, knockout babes, all of em. and the twins were in there too. are they the new twins that are his gfs?? what a wild life.

was discussing the ladies at length with my significant other, and she had lots of interesting comments and thought the playboy ladies were fabulous also. she criticized the twins as not having a lot of depth. the ukrainian Natasha, wow!! did you see her music video? they only flashed it briefly, but she basically was pretty close to an erotic dancer. she really knows how to party. she was a great choice.

theres that old expression "like a kid in a candy store". actually a kid in a candy store is really like Hefner at his hollywood mansion, wink :p

this is a cute link too. I know that theres actually lots of young impressionable male teenagers reading these posts.. so theres really no better source to find out what women like than to hear it from them, themselves.

just remember, they think they know what they want, but they dont really know what they want, and can sometimes tell you the opposite of what they're interested in, wink.. as long as you outguess 'em, you'll be ok.

dont worry, its generally a fun game, and you can play it your whole life... married or single. its a game as old as time, and it will almost never be over. at least until the sun dies out or whatever. or you guess wrong. =( hahaha

27 Things Men Don't Know About Women
Female celebrities offer relationship secrets and dating advice for the opposite gender. Now maybe they'll learn something.

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did you say you were in your forties or fifties?
Thanks for the welcome on my blog! Kid in a candy store indeed!