Virginia Hoge

Virginia Hoge
Pasadena, California, US
June 03
Virginia Olive Hoge is an artist and writer living in Pasadena, California. She was first introduced to Topix when a serious of hostile threads and polls were built on the Pasadena Topix forums which attacked her and her liberal blog. The Topix threads built on Topix for Virginia/Ginny/Olive, now number in the hundreds. She has become one of the most trolled posters ever on Topix, stalked the entire time and is well-known there. A fighter, she has fought back on Topix, defending herself and others there. She jumped onto the National Topix forums to understand better what was going on around the entire Country and beyond, and became familiar with the raw, brutal, coarse, dramatic, violent, and mythical world that is Welcome to the outer-limits of free speech, the Wild, Wild West of Citizen Journalism. She was on Topix for four years. What a odyssey it was.


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JULY 14, 2010 10:26PM

Topix nightmare in Logan, West Virginia. Updated

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UPDATED: see update at the bottom of this post.

I have written about the abusive troll practice of building attack forums on Topix to persecute an individual here:

Something way funky is going on over at!

The problem is out of control. People in towns and cities across America are being persecuted on these forums, they are easy to build, Topix takes its time in deleting them, if at all, the trolls have the full protection of anonymity when building them, it is next to impossible for victims to get the identities of their persecutors from Topix, they are ripping apart the fabric of communities across America and causing deep pain, this is evident in the town of Logan, West Virginia which is a tiny town, population 2000.

Logan, West Virginia

Yet its Topix threads are loaded with trolls and there are hundreds of attack forums on them, persecuting individuals by name. Its one thing to trash someone in a big city, its another to trash someone in a small town where reputations and entire lives can be ruined. Take a look at this, and it is only a sampling:









check this one out:

Kate Gosselin Needs a Psychologist?


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Well, Topix being Topix, of course sent a troll out to address this article. Take a look at these exchanges with the troll jiminy crickett:

Exchange One:

I'd be happy to answer your questions, troll.

jiminy crickett wrote: Its only libel if you can prove in a court of law the allegations are false and the false allegations have caused a loss in income to the party libeled.
Nope. Libel is something that Happens - you are saying it didn't happen until it is proven in court, take a look at the multiple forums persecuting an individual - thats proof right there.
jiminy crickett wrote: Do you know the people these topics are about
Yes, they are attacking individuals.
jiminy crickett wrote: and do you have evidence these "trolls" are making false claims?
jiminy crickett wrote: If not, are you not "trolling" the "trolls" with false allegations of libel?
their claims are false.
jiminy crickett wrote: And, if they are being paid by topix, as you suggest in your link in that article, would your false allegations of libel of said "trolls" leave you yourself open to a libel suit?
you wish, Topix.
jiminy crickett wrote: See, it can work both ways.
Nope, not when it comes to human rights.
jiminy crickett wrote: And who's to say they are talking about john smith that smokes weed with his seven and nine year old kids from Omar and not John smith who smokes crack with his eight and ten year old kids in shamrock? Both places are in logan county wv.
stop wasting my time with more libel, troll.
jiminy crickett wrote: The point is, there is more than one person in this world with the same name as you.
If John smith sees his neighbors talking about how he uses his kid as an ashtray and cps is doing nothing about it, and it really is happening, and it makes him fear street justice, and he decides to change before he gets a carton of dorals shoved up his ass, is this not a good thing?
I said, troll, to STOP wasting my time with more libel of human beings, how dare you.
jiminy crickett wrote: Or are you so brainwashed by the politically correct sh!tstorm our country has become
are you kidding me? is THIS your politics, troll? that is ok to persecute people, to put them in the stocks on Topix, and let the trolls swipe at them? because this is exactly what attack forums so, put people in stocks, like in Colonial America. have we gone that far backward?
jiminy crickett wrote: I have never libeled anyones name on here, I am a troll, and I can piss people off to the point of dyslexia on here without using real names.
Yes you have troll, and yes, you are a troll, duh?
jiminy crickett wrote: My weapon is the truth.....
No, it is not. your weapon is lies.
jiminy crickett wrote: And welfare and pills.


Exchange Two: 

oh look here, more questions from the cricket

jiminy crickett wrote: Well then prove to the posters of the Logan forum that the posts you claim libelous are false. Evidence that "John smith doesn't like to masturbate in his living room window with a carrot shoved up his ass with "Du Hast" playing on his stereo while his wife is mowing the lawn an outfit made from a north Korean flag. And prove that These posts are decreasing the amount of foodstamps he receives each month and how.
I told you to STOP it with the libel, troll, how dare you and who gives a crap about what YOU, think about anyone.
jiminy crickett wrote: You do not know if these claims are true or not. You calling us trolls liars, is heresay. It could easily be proven that you are lying, it could easily be proven that many topics that you claim is libel is public record, as in, court documents, police reports, jail admission reports.
they are not true, and even if they were, public published media of trash about people, neighbors even, is amoral and illegal.
jiminy crickett wrote: And if I am getting paid by topix to troll these boards, and your lies effects the amount of clicks that see the advertisements In the threads I post in, which would be detrimental to my alleged income, would I not have a libel suit against you?
Incredible. You are sooooo arrogant, you say, "Yes, I'm a paid Topix troll, and you are affecting my income". wow. utter dumbness.
jiminy crickett wrote: A recap:
it can easily be proven you are lying about trolls. Libel
your lies negatively effect our incomes (if topix is really paying us) libel.
give be a break, crybaby. awwwwwwhhhhh, are your troll takings being halted? thief.
jiminy crickett wrote: Yes, freedom of speech is a bitch,
Freedom of Speech is not without limits, and the biggest one, is speech that harms someone. Not to mention, when people are bullied on Topix, it is taking AWAY their right to free speech.
jiminy crickett wrote: and so is not knowing WTF your talking about, and the icing on the cake?
I know wtf I'm talking about, its you who are full of lies.
jiminy crickett wrote: You made it your mission to call out libelous posts, and you haven't even looked up the legalese of libel to understand hiw it works, or how hard it is to prove in civil courts.

how easy for Topix, this makes it, right? This still doesn't mask the Truth that these forums are indeed, Libelous, not to mention, dead-wrong.

(seriously, Logan, West Virginia, can you believe this troll?? the troll is saying they are paid by Topix to bully and persecute commentators on the Logan Topix threads, and I am affecting his income. Yikes!!) 

Exchange Three:  

oh look, the cricket again, I would be happy to answer your questions.

jiminy crickett wrote: You are insane.
name-calling troll? trying to avoid the issues?
jiminy crickett wrote: Libelous claims are held in civil court, and it is the person who is claiming they have been libeled to prove the claims are false and their income has been effected by the alleged false claims.
Nope. Libel is a wrong that has been imposed on thousands of Americans across the Country on Topix.
jiminy crickett wrote: Topix makes us trolls take a class on the litigations of slander/libel. You think we are idiots?
jiminy crickett wrote: Something cannot be defamation, if it is plastered in newspapers, or put in the public.
it sure can and is.
jiminy crickett wrote: I.e. Billy bob gets convicted for molesting small animals, if we decide to have a discussion about how exactly is it physically possible for him to rape a squirrel, then it is our right.
dumb Topix troll, you cannot stop ruining any semblance of an argument you have, by continuing your libel and slander.
jiminy crickett wrote: If you don't want people talking crap about your lifestyle, and it embarrasses you or offends you, shouldn't you reevaluate your life choices?
NO!! hardly! no one should re-evaluate their life based on the slander and crap some lousy Topix troll puts out.
jiminy crickett wrote: Now, you go away,
jiminy crickett wrote: you have impeded my clicks enough.
too bad.





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