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APRIL 9, 2010 6:36PM

101-Word Stories, Anybody?

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I've re-visited a lot of my old blog entries recently, deleted a slew of them, and rediscovered some I'd more or less forgotten about.

Some of the old memes we played around with were a darned lot of creative fun.

One was a challenge issued by Somyr Perry--whom I dearly wish would come back soon--to write a 101-word story. My entry was true. Others were fiction. A lot of people had a great time playing within the constrictions of the form. Plus, it can be done quickly. No need to get bogged down in endless narrative.

It's been nearly 18 months since the original exercise. That's practically geologic time on OS. So I'm throwing down a 101-word story and I'd be delighted if anybody else feels like playing. (Link to your story in comments if you do!)

By the way, this description of the challenge is now officially 60 words longer than the story is allowed to be.

"This is your partnership corner," says the Persian psychic whose kohl eyeliner refuses to meet at the outer corner, sweeping instead upward on top and outward on the bottom, whispering away at the ends like white condensation trails airplanes leave in the summer sky.

"Place pairs of items here. Only things that come in pairs. "

It's a simple quarter-round wood shelf, full of random belongings that haven't yet found real homes.

"And if I don't?"

She shrugs.

"It is up to you."

For months it remains cluttered with absolutely nothing.

Then, finally, the cleaning.

And creamers.

And sugar bowls.



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I've got a Work Thing tonight that's going to last until at least 8:30, 9:00 ppm, and tomorrow is going to be out-of-the-house busy too, so I won't be around to see others' stories go up "live." But I would dearly love to read any and all, which is why if you do play, you should definitely leave a link.
I think this is a great idea. Due to timing I hope to have something by Sunday. I'll look forward to the 101 word challenge.
I would love to come out and play with you, Denise, but I have to pack for a trip to take my young daughter out to University of Denver tomorrow and should probably look busy before my wife comes home and sees me unpacked and playing at the computer, and where's dinner and all that stuff, have you let the dogs out and I think you love that stupid Open Salon more than you love me, though I will see if I can think of something on the plane. But really, is it possible to tell a story in just 101 words?
hmm thats a lot of words for me lol

i might give it a try. if anyone else needs it, heres a handy tool for counting words:
word count tool
Great idea.

I don't know though, 101 words? Sheesh, I'm a wind bag, so...;)
Well, I'm just about worn out from life and my Holocaust post, but I'll try. Meanwhile, for fun, here's my original one, also true, also containing links to others: 101 Words: Family Compromise (+ 101 POSTS)
Great idea--I'll give it a try!
I'll play. Later tonight, I guess.
okay, okay. ya can't do a decent sex scene in 101 words, so i'll take a break from mooning around about all the lost love and such. give me 'til sunday to think up something and get it posted. good idea, denise.

p.s. i like yours, especially the eyeliner. ;
Rated and thinking . . .
Fun idea. I love writing within limits -- it is really a great exercise (so is editing your work down and down and down....). I'll take a stab at this if I get time this weekend.
Yes! Just what the doctor ordered. (Along with Xanax).
Did it! That was fun! Sorry, but I don't have a clue how to link to my post...
Here ya go. 101 words.
Mine's ready! Like Pavanne, I'm unsure how one posts links in comments. But if you'll click on my name here in this comment, you'll be transported as easily to the spot in question. Hope you enjoy!
And thanks for the challenge!!!! -R-
OK I am playing.
Cool! Now I have something to distract me from housework this weekend!
As many would say..including myself, "SWEET..."
Here's mine:
And here's mine:
Great idea, Denise. I forgot my link:
I love your post and this challenge. I took a swing at it myself. Thanks. Rated.
Here's my link:
i'm hoping this link works. if not, delete the comment and i'll try again.
Femme's 101-word story, "Ashes to Ocean, Dad to Dust"
How fun. I am having a bunch of images come up today - what a great time to try to corral them into a post. Thanks Denise and I loved your example.
Here's mine:

Thanks for a great way to get my mind going on a Saturday!
Love the vapor trail eyeliner. Off to tinker.
Thank god (and lorianne) for that word counter thing! I just wrote it in their text box, putting a word in, taking a word out. This was fun - like working a crossword or some other puzzle. Thanks, Denise. Here's mine: the blues
O.K., Babydoll. I'll play and post Sunday. Hugs!
I remember some great little stories were written 18 months ago. I'm in for round 2! And yours is a great start!
I posted two (allergies and speeding ticket) but here's my favorite:

Thanks for an awesome open call!!
Hey, Denise, always Verbal to me--I did some. We are part of the OS "old guard" now. Kinda weird isn't it? Hey, just cause you got kicked out of Idaho during the holidays doesn't mean you can't visit. I am in Washington state now so you are safe.
I'm back. Finally had an image that stuck.

Happy weekend to you Denise and thank you for the inspiration.
flash fiction with severe limits.
Excellent idea.
I've read quite a few by now and they are excellent.

You've got quite a tight handle on description. A complete short story so well told.
Wow...I am struck by the amount of and subject matter of these stories. Some so difficult to read, others joyful. I had to post again...I am learning so much...
Thank you again for this.
I was wondering where this great idea originated. I've seen some really great writing. Thanks
...and I wasn't even gonna turn on the computer today! thanks for this exercise in cutting to the chase. I have enjoyed all of those submitted, and surprised myself by contributing too (I was heading off for a nap...)
Great idea! I'll attempt it as soon as I get a chance.
Great idea!
Here's mine:
I am having too much fun!!! The dishes are still not put away!
And it's all your fault..... (thanks)
I know, I said Sunday but tomorrow is supposed to be just beautiful outside so I am making this my early Good New Sunday all wrapped into one.
My 101 words:
Leave it to you to start this whole thing and then f*&k off. I'd like to hear 101 words about where you've been since you threw down this gauntlet. Something ain't kosher. Just sayin'.... ;)
Nice challenge and good entry, Denise.
This was too much fun. I couldn't resist doing the flip side.

Here is mine. :)
Denise, as we say in Wisconsin, you've really buttered the popcorn, cheesed up the nachos, and got me to thinking of those scratchy, insect riddled, endless summers up north amidst the stuffed, animated bears playing concertinas.
I am new to Open Salon and I found this entry. I enjoyed your story- excellent flow and visuals, and also a precise and enjoyable sense of voice. I am interested in participating in this, I plan to have my story posted later tommorow (or today, rather). It will be my first post so please feel free to take a look should it strike your fancy.
Thanks for the 101 word challenge, and for linking them. I tried my hand with this. I think this helps me to focus.
Your partner story: loved the sugar bowl with the creamer!
What cartouche said.
Where are you?????

Okay, I did it with a twist. Maybe people will take me up on the challenge:

And my other half wrote this one:
I have written my 101 word flash fiction piece and have posted it to my OS blog. This is my first blog entry, so thank you for giving me the idea. The link to the story is below.
Here is my second attempt at your challenge.

Addiction (a story in 101 words)
Thank you, each and every one, for your links. I've visited each one, I believe, and I suspect others may have slipped through the cracks without posting. I'll keep looking for "101" in the sidebar and the feed.

I apologize for not being able to come back until this very moment. This weekend the Real World walked up to me, looked me in the eyes, and invited me to dance. And so we did.

Someday, I hope, I'll write about it. The story is just beginning.

But until then: Hey, Wind! I just hurled an armload of Caution at you.

Sorry to keep spamming your blog, but I am on a kick now with this 101 thing. You have really inspired me. Here's another link to my latest story in 101 words.

Family Ties (a story in 101 words)
I just wanted to let you know that I have been linking this challenge your blog all over the place. You have inspired me so much with this challenge, I am extremely gracious.
Better super late than never, right?
I wondered where this started when I gamely jumped in on Saturday--so I started working backwards. Thanks--that was such fun-and really turned on the creativity button.
Add this to the soup: