i'm not really here

Epictetus was right.
MAY 3, 2011 9:30PM

something that should stay lost

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memory is a frail thing
an old lady made of alabaster
a thin green-leaved vein on well-mortared walls
this waking--
the very nature of a ghost
as if blood ran doubly through the body
as if time had not willingly dissolved
an assemblage of mercurial snapshots and
referential phrases in a crowd

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"referential phrases in a crowd" I can't articulate it but some this line speaks to me. R
A frail thing indeed. We are doubly blessed that see these ghosts.
i don't think you're getting old
I have memories I wish would stay lost. Glad not to be the only one.
Vanessa This is a remarkable poem. It needs wide publication. r.
A precise, concise rendering of a mood. Hopefully, it is a passing mood. You are an exquisite poet. I worry about exquisite poets.
That sudden awareness of what has been present all along, that shock that is somehow also dull...(all of it) and this line:

as if blood ran doubly through the body ~

Once you know, you can't unknow...
I can't imagine life without poetry, but find it hard to comment on. Maybe because reading/hearing a good poem is like a personal experience, even if it's being read aloud in a crowded room; & a "comment" seems so dull after the music of words that is a poem. I've read this poem over & over now, & aloud, & wish I could do it justice with a brilliant & original comment, but instead I offer: Beautiful & moving & true. Like all good poems, it carries a jolt at the end.
"... this waking...."
Oh Vanessa, how much you help us see.
Trudge164: poems tend to do that, lines that grab you but you can't explain why
Scylla: I know. I know.
dianaani: not yet, but soon
Helvetica: a sad thing it takes a lifetime to do away with some of them
Jonathan: you are too kind, truly, thank you for always supporting my work
c&v: check your inbox ;-)
Brassawe: see, you made my day. I thought to myself as I read this on my cell phone earlier in the day, goodness, a beautiful thing to say about someone's work. blushing a deep crimson.
catch-22: exactly! it shook me to the bone
suzie: I am so humbled by this comment. You've no idea. Thank you so much. Deep curtsy.
anna1liese: ah, you think too highly of me.
"an old lady made of alabaster"
"an assemblage of mercurial snapshots"

(That one's from me.)
each word is a treasure, each image is a gift. You are a gift.
Good heavens, how i wish my memory was a frail thing!
Mine is a mercurial mad waterboarder
suffocating me to get the answers,


a 5 yr old continuously asking his mommy "why?"


i love the line:"an assemblage of mercurial snapshots and
referential phrases in a crowd"

too crowded in my head.
too many voices.
aging is a bitch, but the alternative, I guess, is worse. :-) R
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